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There are 16 states that have already passed legislation to steal the votes of the people of their respective states. Additionally 10 other states are considering similar legislation in a move that will alter the voice of those states as well. This should not be allowed to continue.

When our nation’s Founding Fathers gathered to create our government form. There was a clean slate. They could have created anything. There was talk about crowning George Washington as King. But the wisdom of our Founding Fathers gave us a Republic under the Rule of Law.

Our Founding Fathers knew of the dangers of a democracy. Many of them hated the very concept. For democracies do not promote the freedom of Liberty that was hard fought for in our War of Independence from the British Crown.

In our Constitution, the Founding Fathers created the Electoral College. Thus destroying any attempt at having a popular vote of of urban populations dictating policy towards rural populations. It made the states of the United States all equal. It also made possible that importance of the first in the nation Iowa Caucuses.

But since 2006 there has been an established effort to circumvent the protections of the Constitution and the Electoral Collage without rewriting the Constitution. The legislative effort is called “The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact”.

Under this legislation, once passed and enforced, will grant the state’s electoral votes to whomever wins the national popular election. Even if that means the people of the state had a majority vote for someone else.

This legislation, if allowed to continue, will destroy the Republic. We will fully become a Democracy and enter the violent twilight years of our nations history. Some will say it is to protect our “democracy” but there is no democracy to protect in the first place.

To put somethings into perspective. There is no danger to our Republic if a Presidential election results in a President winning the Electoral College vote but losing the national popular vote. This means it is working at the Founding Fathers designed it to work.

This event has only happened 5 times since the founding of the Republic. There have been 58 presidential elections since that time. So 8% of them. Hardly a sign of trouble. This is an invented crisis.

The Electoral College is based on the total number of Senators and Representatives in Congress. Most states give all of their electoral votes to whomever wins the popular election in that state. Which ever candidate gets more than 270 electoral votes wins the election.

There are 2 proper ways to reform the Electoral College. One is to have each state give a proportional electoral vote. So it is no longer winner take all. This makes it harder to get to 270 votes. It also means that the Presidential election could be determined by the House of Representatives instead of the peoples vote.

The 2nd method is to increase the number of Representatives in each state. This will raise the threshold above 270 while still keeping the winner take all on the electoral votes.

But the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact doesn’t go into effect until there are enough states that have passed the legislation to reach 270 electoral votes. At this time the total is 196 electoral votes from the 16 states. The state of Virginia is close to passing this legislation which if it does will bring the electoral vote total to 209.

Even if this legislation does pass to 270 electoral votes. It will be challenged. As it violates Article I, Section 10, Clause 3 of the US Constitution which reads in part:

No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, … enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact requires the consent of Congress to enact. And Congress should not grant that consent which would destroy the Republic.

Author: bynw

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