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It’s funny how the Left thinks that Voter ID laws are unconstitutional. They falsely claim it is a poll tax but it is clearly not one at all.

Voter ID laws are to cut down on voter fraud. And as we have been shown recently, thanks to several undercover investigations, voter fraud is very real. People are bused in from out of State to vote. Dead people vote. Non-citizens vote. People vote more than once. And the list goes on.

Proving one’s identity is a part of every day life. You must have a valid ID to open a bank account, to board a plane, to get a loan, or to cash a check. You need that valid ID to rent property, to get a job, to drive a vehicle, and to obtain insurance. These are just some of things that an ID is required to prove one’s identity. It is required to purchase tobacco and alcohol as well.

To claim it is unfair to require an ID to vote is absurd. Everyone has an ID. Even illegal aliens generally have a drivers license. And if for some twist of fate you do not have an ID. Then the Voter ID laws take that into account and have the Secretary of State’s office issue one to you without cost when you register to vote.

There are additional reforms needed to cut down voter fraud as well but these are subjects for another and much larger post. But Voter ID should be supported by everyone who believes in our Republic and wants to keep it free.

Author: bynw

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