Truth in Trump Tax

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Some of President Trump’s tax information has been leaked to the press. That is a bad thing because that information should remain private unless the President personally decides to release and share it.

But of course, like everything else the Left has lied about, this too is blowing up in their faces.

The tax return information shows that President Trump has no links or ties to the Russians or any other 3rd party that could influence the President and compromise American security. Nor does it show that the President hasn’t paid any taxes either. It, in fact, shows just the opposite. That President Donald Trump has paid more in taxes that the Obama’s or the Clinton’s. And pays one of the highest tax brackets, if not the highest, in the United States. Clearing paying his share and more.

Maybe someone should investigate the donations to the Clinton Foundation by foreign nationals and governments. And then see who met with Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State to see if there is a correlation and influence of foreign governments.

But that wont be done because she can do no wrong and is above being investigated for any crime. And even suggesting it will demonize me as anti-woman. Although I believe while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, the office was for sale to the highest donor.

Author: bynw

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