Troubles with Twitter

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Normally every post on this blog is sent to Twitter which should also automatically sent it to Facebook. However some time ago Facebook made a change and that broke the connection to Twitter.

We have attempted to regain that link but it is not working at this time. And requests to Twitter have basically been ignored by Twitter. Perhaps because the majority of posts from this blog are conservative in nature and Twitter is known to silence conservative voices.

For right now we do not have a workable solution to get the posts automatically to Facebook. But we will attempt to get them now to Instagram which is a popular social media outlet. And one that is increasing in popularity as well.

Maybe this will help with our circulation and we can have more readers to our site.


Author: bynw

Chris aka "bynw" is the site owner and primary post author. A Constitutionalist when it comes to politics. A believer and follower of Jesus Christ. A Linux enthusiast. And a gamer.

One thought on “Troubles with Twitter”

  1. Well turns out that Instagram is not API friendly and auto posting isn’t available without a lot of work arounds. Something that I’m just not going to bother with at this point in time. However I will still working on getting the link back to Facebook and there will always be the automatic Twitter feed.

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