The Resistance

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I saw this tweet in my Twitter feed during the inauguration of President Trump.

It’s from the liberal #NeverTrump crowd that is made up of snowflake Democrat Liberals and former moles within the Republican Party that left after Donald Trump got the nomination.

But when I looked at the hashtags, one of them stood out from the others. #Starfleet was right there at the end. It is a reference to the Star Trek franchise. Starfleet is the military arm of the United Federation of Planets.

And it is very fitting that this group feels kinship with this organization. As Starfleet and the UFP is very communist in outlook. And the #NeverTrump movement is as well.

Do you need proof? It’s right here on this link:

Author: bynw

Chris aka "bynw" is the site owner and primary post author. A life-long conservative Constitutionalist when it comes to politics. A believer and follower of Jesus Christ. A Linux enthusiast. And a gamer.

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  1. Chris is right, he sent me the information which I viewed. In this case, truth is the same as fiction.

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