The President We Deserve

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If current events are any indication of future outcomes, we are looking at Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the Presidential nominees for the Republican and Democrat Parties respectively. People on both sides of the aisle are salivating at this possibility of these two titans locking horns in November.

On the one hand, we have a man who isn’t known for his tact being the head of the diplomatic corps of the most powerful country in the world. On the other hand, we have a woman who isn’t known for her integrity having the ability to sic the power of the federal government on anyone who dares oppose her. And when these two forces clash, we could be seeing a bloody political war that will make Thunderdome look like a church picnic.

There was a time when Trump and Clinton wouldn’t even be elected assistant to the assistant to the dog catcher, let alone to the most powerful position in the country. But here we are on the verge of electing either one of them.

Is anyone else really scared right now? As we prepare for the first post-Obama Presidency, we have to be careful not to give in to our worst instincts and elect someone unprepared for the gravity of the position. With both Trump and Clinton, I’m not sure either one is ready to be President. After nearly 8 years of an unprepared and unwilling student as President, we can’t make a mistake this time.

Trump could turn out to be a Republican Obama, and Hillary could be Obama’s third term. Neither one appeals to me all that much. But unless something major happens to one or both campaigns, we’re looking at the possibility one or the other happening.

And then we’ll get the President we deserve.

Author: Thomas

I'm a small town boy living in the heart of Iowa watching the world go by with my wife and dog.

2 thoughts on “The President We Deserve”

  1. Having been involved with politics since I was in high school. I know a thing or two about the 2 potential nominees and the next President of the United States. First of all, yes we could do better, if we didn’t have 8 years of Obama. Go back to 2004 and elect McCain over Obama and we would have a different set of circumstance and candidates in 2016. Even if we elected Romney in 2008 we would have had only 1 term of Obama. And again our circumstance would be different even to the point of who is running for the office let alone who gets elected to it. But that is hindsight and it is always 20/20.

    Hillary Clinton is not her husband. She lacks his tact, his manners, his Charisma. She doesn’t even have Bill’s people skills. She would be a horrible President. And Obama’s “3rd term” would begin. She is just as much as a socialist/communist as her opponent Bernie Sanders. She is a liar, a murderer, and truly an evil person. She would appoint Obama to the US Supreme Court as one of her Justice appointments. She would be very bad for our Republic. But she has a chance of winning if the GOP voters stay home.

    Donald Trump isn’t what everyone wants in a President. But he is what we need. Someone with a backbone that wont apologize for 200 years of American history. Yes he has supported progressives in the past. He has also supported conservatives as well. Even Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz has admitted Trump has given him money. I know for a fact that he has given other conservative groups in Iowa money as well. He has been cheered at the Family Leader’s Summit 2 years in a row. Donald Trump has a loving family, his children adore him. His wife loves him. Even his ex-wife campaigns for him. Donald Trump takes responsibility for his actions, the buck stops with him. He listens to his advisers and takes their advise.

    Donald Trump does indeed have his faults. But everyone has faults. Cast the stone if you are without sin by all means. And don’t forget to check out the faults of the greatest hero’s ever to live. Those found in God’s Word. I will agree that Donald Trump is probably a “Sunday Christian” and doesn’t know what being a Christian really is about. But that is the norm here in America in this day and age. He could also be very new in his walk with Christ. We are not to judge that, only to provide the seed and pray for him. Just as we are to pray for Obama. Imagine for a moment the day when Donald Trump shows the signs of someone who is a born again believer. And what he could do as President.

    I do plan on voting for Donald Trump if he is indeed the GOP nominee. I have supported him since the Iowa Caucus and he has always been on my short list. I like him. Other skeptics of him have also turned to like him as well. Iowa’s own Sam Clovis, Sarah Huckabee, Mike Huckabee’s daughter. Even Mike Huckabee speaks fondly of Donald Trump. And he is a true conservative evangelical pastor.

    If by some odd twist of fate and Donald Trump isn’t the GOP nominee. I will still support whomever the nominee becomes. This election will have long term consequences. You cannot stay home and not vote for Donald Trump because of personal pride. Doing so will give the election to Hillary Clinton.

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  2. ….Thank you Chris for always verbalizing so eloquently my thoughts for what I am not able to do myself

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