The Long Shadow

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The Left is in mourning at the announcement of the death of Fidel Castro. Calling him a great leader, a friend, an example for others, and even a spiritual beacon. None of those titles are true.

Fidel Castro was an oppressive Marxist dictator of the small island nation of Cuba for nearly half a century. He is responsible for the imprisonment and death of tens of thousands of his own countrymen. Many who have died fleeing Cuba on makeshift rafts.

The Cuban exiles currently in Florida are the ones getting it right. They are celebrating his death. The long shadow of Fidel Castro is giving way to the light of day. And there is yet renewed hope that his regime will fall and a government truly of and by the people can rise up and restore freedom to Cuba and her people.

There is still a lot to be done in Cuba. It is still a Communist nation with a one party government. And another Castro still rules the nation as his private property. But now that the founder of the Revolution has died. The Revolution itself can also be laid to rest. And Cuba can be freed.

Author: bynw

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  1. My brother went on vacation to cuba before the revolution – with my father.

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