The Great Ragequit of 2016

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As I write this, we are a week and a half removed from Donald Trump winning the Presidency over Hillary Clinton. (And, yes, it still feels weird for me to type that.) In that week and a half, we have seen protests, walk-outs at schools, and even the time honored tradition of riots after Clinton lost. I’m sure you remember the 2012 riots in the aftermath of Mitt Romney losing. I mean, it was all over the news. Angry mobs fueled by too much buttermilk and non-alcoholic eggnog storming every family restaurant they could find.

In watching the various forms of expression from the Left, it came to me I’d seen this type of thing before. In video gaming, there is a term for when a player gets so angry and frustrated at not playing well that he or she will throw a temper tantrum so bad it makes the meltdown at Chernobyl look like a mild annoyance. Usually, this temper tantrum involves yelling, the throwing of a game controller, and the immediate quitting of the game being played. That term is known as ragequit.

The Left is undergoing a major ragequit right now for the entire world to see, and it’s both humorous and frightening to me. It’s frightening because so many people had their hearts and minds wrapped up in the notion Donald Trump could never beat Hillary Clinton, even though it was clearly evident Clinton was a dud as a candidate. The Democrats could have run Pat Paulsen and had a better shot at winning the Presidency, and when you consider Clinton’s alternate was Bernie Sanders, they might have nominated a suitable facsimile.

Consider what we’ve already seen in the past week and a half. Rioting, vandalism, acts of violence against Trump supporters, threats of violence against Trump and his family, and a slew of other events that are on the wrong side of legitimate protest. And we’re only going to see more because the people doing this crap are letting their emotions overrule their intelligence.

On the other hand, it’s precisely the fact they’re letting their emotions overrule their intelligence that makes this situation humorous. Watching the Left lose their marbles has been enjoyable. Watching young people crying on YouTube and demanding people fix the situation because they don’t want Trump to be President (while ignoring the fact they had the ability to change their future by, you know, voting) is comical. In fact, there was at least one young person wanting to impeach Trump…before he was even President. That’s weapons grade stupid right there.

If you want to see one of the funniest people with a severe case of ragequit, check out the Twitter feed of one Laci Green. For those of you who don’t know her, count your blessings. In short, she is a sex-positive feminist whose SJW (Social Justice Warrior) credentials are pretty solid. On Election Night, Ms. Green tweeted a message about coming together after the election. It should be pointed out she did this before Trump was the projected winner.

After Trump won, though, Ms. Green tweeted a rather hateful, divisive, and expletive-filled message.

That turn around was so fast, it gave me whiplash.

There is a German term that means deriving enjoyment from the sorrow of others. That term is schadenfreude. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t having a schadenfreudepalooza right now, but it’s measured with a sense of fear and sadness. And maybe hunger. Possibly melancholy. Definitely whimsy.

In any case, what we’re seeing is the political equivalent of ragequit, and it will be interesting to see how long it is before the ragequitters throw their controllers.

Author: Thomas

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