The Earth Has a Fever, and the Only Prescription Is Less Bullcrap

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Happy Earth Day, kids! I’m sure you all spent the day separating your plastics from your paper, watching episodes of “Captain Planet,” and watching “An Inconvenient Truth.”


I don’t have an issue with being environmentally conscious. After all, we haven’t figure out a way to set up shop on Mars or the Moon yet, so we kinda have to keep our own backyard clean. However, Earth Day has become Green Kwanzaa, a made-up holiday few people actually celebrate and designed to make other people feel bad. And when it comes down to it, I care as much about Earth Day as I do about a Paris Hilton biography.

Actually, I take that back. The Paris Hilton biography is bound to be more factual.

Let’s take a moment to really think about what the current environmentalist movement believes. Humanity is causing global climate problems, so we’re the only ones who can fix it, unless it’s too late (which is probably is, or may not be, but may soon be). Got that? I hope so because there will be a quiz later.

In the word salad posted above, you get a sense of just how absurd the current environmental movement is these days. For a movement that claims to be rooted in science and knowledge to rely on such illogic is staggering. Where logic fails, faith prevails, and the movement has become more cult-like since the 90s. If you thought Galileo went through a lot in his day in the name of science, imagine being a climate scientist who doesn’t agree with the prevailing hypothesis of man-made global climate change.

But here’s the twist. Science is starting to prove the environmental movement isn’t being factual. Things may have changed a bit from when I was in school, but last I knew, you needed to have the facts on your side if you’re going to use science. From the “pause” in global temperatures to the infamous Climategate emails to the oft-discredited “hockey stick graph” created by Michael Mann and promoted by Al Gore as factual, it’s getting harder for those who believe in man-made global climate change to be credible.

But when you’re making money hand over fist in a con, credibility isn’t that big of a concern until it goes completely south on you. We’re not there yet, but we can see the South Pole from here.

What we really need more than anything at this point is an honest debate about the climate and what effect we actually have on it. Are we causing massive hurricanes, flooding, droughts, high temperatures, low temperatures, higher than normal rainfall/snowfall, lower than normal rainfall/snowfall, and Michael Bay movies? Let’s drill down and find out. Of course, that would require the environmentalist movement to be honest and willing to admit past sins, which won’t happen anytime soon. Until then, let’s do our own homework and learn the science necessary to defend the truth.

And stay away from Michael Bay movies, would ya?

Author: Thomas

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