No Party


A few high profile #neverTrump groupies have publicly tweeted out that they have left the Republican Party. They send this out on social media to call attention to themselves. And it makes them look foolish.

Here’s a newsflash for those attention whores. People change party affiliation all the time. Some do it at every primary election. Others when their views change from the party mainline. And others in protest of party actions.

But the biggest newsflash for those wishing to publicize their party affiliation change is that no one cares at all. Your party affiliation only matters at primary or caucus elections, and if you want to be involved in party business. It matters on which block of political mail and phone calls you want to receive. Being “No Party” may give you everything or nothing at all.

Now if you are running for public office. Then it really matters. Otherwise no one cares about your party affiliation. Go change it if you feel you must. Just don’t bother the rest of us with it. We don’t care that you changed your party affiliation any more than we care about what you had for breakfast. So don’t go posting that on social media either.