Kneeling is not always disrespectful


Colin Kaepernick and other American athletes that follow his lead are disrespecting the American Flag and the National Anthem by kneeling.

The act of kneeling is not always disrespectful. It is proper to kneel before Almighty God and Christ Jesus, the Savior of mankind. It is proper for a man to kneel before a woman when asking her hand in marriage. It is proper for a subject to kneel before their sovereign monarch. All of these are times and places when kneeling is a sign of respect and veneration. But is it not the proper behavior during the National Anthem.

Title 36 Section 301 of the US Code, that is US Federal Law, states what a person is to do during the playing of the National Anthem. Which is very simple for those who are not in uniform.

all present except those in uniform should stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart;

The language of the law is “should” because there are acceptable exceptions. Such as those who are wheelchair bound. They of course are to place their right hand over their heart but otherwise sitting is fine for them. Likewise because we have the 1st Amendment which guarantees the Freedom of Religion, a Jehovah’s Witness is exempt from the law as well, because their religious practice forbids them from participating in any civil action.

But those are the only exceptions. Everyone else is to stand and face the flag or source of the music in the absence of the flag. There should be no running to get your concessions during the National Anthem and TV cameras should be focused solely on the flag itself until the National Anthem is complete. If one finds themselves elsewhere during the National Anthem. Stop. Stand at attention where you are at and wait for the National Anthem to complete before conducting your transaction or business.

Any and all other actions are disrespectful. Including kneeling.

Colin Kaepernick states he kneels in protest against racial injustice. He has the right to protest, it is part of his guaranteed Freedom of Speech. But during the National Anthem is not the proper time or place. Also I don’t believe for a minute that is his real motivation. He is kneeling because it puts the spot light on him. It is for personal gain and glory.

The facts speak for themselves on this matter. Mr. Kaepernick doesn’t protest anywhere else. Any place where there might be racial injustice he is not there protesting against it. His activism begins and ends on the football field during the National Anthem. A place he knows will have TV cameras and coverage to watch his every move being a football player.

Take away the cameras and he wouldn’t be kneeling. His only other activism on this subject, and it’s taken 2 years to complete, is his donation of a Million Dollar Pledge to organizations working in oppressed communities that have matched funds by celebrities. Not much of a donation when you wont donate without celebrities matching the funds.

What grants has Mr. Kaepernick established to help serve those impacted by racial injustice? What funding programs has Mr. Kaepernick established or donated to with his celebrity status? Why isn’t he in these oppressed communities and working to make them better?

The answers are simple. He is a fraud. He is wasn’t ever kneeling due to racial injustice. He was kneeling for his 15 minutes of fame alone.