With Allies Like These


Our relationship with the United Nations is, to put it mildly, complicated (to use the Facebook term). We go from being their whipping boy to being the ones to bail them out of situations they get into. In short, they’re our little brothers.

For years, people from across the right side of the aisle (including your humble correspondent) have asked why we’re still in the UN. The Left, of course, disagrees, saying our involvement in the UN is necessary for world peace. (Actual results may vary.) Frankly, I think the Left wants us to stay in the UN because their approach to American diplomacy is always having to say we’re sorry.

Enter President Donald Trump and Nikki Haley. It started with President Trump officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. You would think he put a puppy through a chipper shredder the way the Left reacted. The UN, being the masters of leading from behind, then had its Security Council vote on a resolution reversing the President’s decision.

Okay, take a moment to let that sink in. The United Nations, an international group with only the power we allow it to have and with zero power in our government, thought it could pass a resolution and reverse a US President’s decision, one that has been previously supported by our legislative body as late as last year. Yeah, that’s not how it works. Pass all the resolutions you want. You may convince the Leftist muttonheads, but you’ll turn off those of us who bother to pay attention.

Trump and Haley doubled down on their decision, stating they would be taking names of those who came out against us on this issue. As you might expect, there are already countries lining up to be first on the list because they think we’re being disrespectful. Then, there was the recent vote by the UN General Assembly approving a resolution declaring President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol. It wasn’t even close. The vote in favor of the resolution was 128 in favor, 9 against, and 35 abstentions. And the Left and the majority of the world cheered in victory, having put America and Donald Trump in their places (at least in their minds).

Yeah, you might want to rethink that vote.

First of all, we pay 22% of the UN’s budget through our dues and 28% of the UN budget to keep the peace around the world, as of 2015. And as we see in the Middle East, the UN is doing a bang-up job of peacekeeping. If we withdraw from the UN, that money goes away, and the other UN countries will have to make up the difference. That means you have to decide between having hurt fee-fees and having less in your government coffers. Let’s just say the prospect of losing a significant chunk of money might just buy these countries a thicker skin.

Along with the financial burden that will face the UN if we leave, there will also be a military burden. After all, we supply a lot of military personnel and hardware so the UN can fail worse than the Cleveland Browns. If the US leaves the UN, that would leave the peacekeeping efforts to the military power that is France.

I’ll give you the next hour or so to stop laughing before you continue reading.

Perhaps the best reason for the US to leave the UN is the fact one of these parties has a lousy track record with human rights, sexual assault, hatred and racism, and rampant corruption. And the other is the United States. Granted, we can do better, but the UN is the platinum standard of cruddiness, and they have no intention of getting better. The Left says our world reputation will be ruined if we leave the UN, but I would argue it would be worse if we stay.

Trump and Haley’s position may not be the most popular with some Americans, but it is ultimately the right decision. We need to get out of the UN because they don’t appreciate what we bring to the table. In this case, our absence will make the UN’s heart grow fonder.

UN attacks on American Sovereignty



Three experts on Human Rights at the UN say racism and xenophobia are rising at an alarming rate in the United States. They issued this latest condemnation after racist groups clashed in Charlottesville, VA.

These so-called experts put the United States on a short list of so-called like minded nations, most of which are in the Middle East and have a long history of Human Rights abuses.

Now this isn’t the first time that the UN has issued or condemned the United States on Human Rights issues. They have in fact done this several times before. They issued such proclamations at least 2 times under the Obama Administration where President Obama went to the UN to protest such statements in our domestic affairs. And the UN has issued other similar statements under other previous administrations as well.

But lets be clear. The United Nations is in no way a pro-American organization. It is actually extremely anti-American and would like to see an end to American Exceptionalism and American Liberties including our views of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, Freedom of Religion, and most troubling to the UN, our right to keep and bear arms.

As these stand in the way of the UN exorcising direct control over the United States. The UN’s platform is one of democratic socialism and seeks to be the only governmental body spanning the entire globe. While UN military forces become the police in the streets of America.

This has been known for years by many Conservative and Liberty loving Patriots. It is time now to get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US. It is time to send these degenerate socialists packing

Brexit Stage Left


By now you’ve heard England has decided to leave the European Union, and if you have, I’m sure you’ve heard Leftists wringing their hands in anguish. England leaving the EU? That’s worse than Hitler, George W. Bush, and the all-female “Ghostbusters” combined! England will rip itself apart! There will be mass starvation! Economic turmoil! Human sacrifices! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!

While the Left has been fearmongering, sober souls (both figurative and literal) have been giving Brexit some serious thought. As complex as the issue seems, it can be boiled down into a few simple ideas.

Obviously, there is a nationalist angle to consider here. After all, if England stayed in the EU, it would become a cog in the big EU machine. Imagine if America decided to give the United Nations power over its everyday operations. (More than we already do, that is.) If that were to happen, our national identity would be more worthless than singing lessons from Kanye West. Not to mention, countries like China and Russia would have the ability to derail anything we would want for self-improvement.

If England stayed in the EU, they would face that very situation. The EU is the ultimate poster child for collectivism. Not only is it overly large and full of bureaucratic red tape that would make the tax code look like a leaflet written by Joe Biden, the people who would be making the decisions for the betterment of the EU are unelected. That means what might be good for England could get vetoed by other EU members if it meant England’s decision would not be in the EU’s best interests.

Although nationalism is the easiest explanation of the Brexit vote, it’s not necessarily the right explanation. England hasn’t always been an EU member and for the better part of the EU’s existence has actively fought against being in the EU. Only by the grace of Leftists did England get into the EU, and it hasn’t been that great for England. Consider the fact England has pretty much been funding the EU and has gotten little, if anything, out of it. (Just like America and the UN.)

To put it mildly, England is in dire economic straits, and the EU just keeps asking for money. If this were a relationship between two people, it would be toxic and more than a little codependent. Think dating Lindsey Lohan, but with fewer mugshots. In this kind of situation, England owed it to itself to break with the EU.

This is one reason the Left hated the Brexit idea. If England would leave the EU, the EU would lose its sugar daddy, and if there’s anything that scares Leftists, it’s the thought of losing a stream of easy cash.

A related point is how the EU has used the money it’s received from its member nations. Remember when Greece was undergoing an economic China Syndrome? It received a lot of money to keep from going under. Yet, other countries in the EU were in similar straits and didn’t get the same attention.

A country like…oh, I don’t know…England, maybe?

Perhaps the most compelling reason I see for Brexit is how similar it was to our own founding. Back in the day, we were the ones looking for independence from a government that had its own best interests in mind and had no time for people who complained about a lack of freedom. Today, it’s England trying (and ultimately succeeding) to forge its own path free from the constraints of corrupt governance. As someone who has benefited greatly from the hard-fought freedoms gained from our independence, I wish England the best of luck in its new world without the EU.

By the way, we’d like you to take back Piers Morgan. We’ll owe you one, man. Thanks.