Oil. It drives the economy of the world. We use it every day to propel vehicles, to heat buildings, and to produce electricity. It is the raw material that creates plastics, polyurethane, solvents, and hundreds of other goods. Currently it’s about $56 per barrel of crude oil and the US alone uses over 90 million barrels of oil every single day.

Oil is a hydrocarbon, as are many of its refined substances. We are taught in school that these hydrocarbon deposits of oil and natural gas were once plants and animals that died millions of years ago. And under the right conditions of heat, pressure, and time, formed into these substances. We are told that oil is dirty and unnatural that is why spills of oil are so bad. Even though it comes from decayed plants and animals there is a finite amount available and we are using it up quickly.

All of these things that we have been taught are lies. Perpetuated by big oil companies for profit, by governments to control, regulate, and tax. And by environmentalists to also control our behavior and to profit off our ignorance.

Just to be clear. Oil is not, and never has been, a fossil fuel and in finite supply. This is total bunk and garbage that goes along with the false global warming/climate change agenda.

Oil and other hydrocarbons are made of the 2 most abundant elements in all of creation. Hydrogen and Carbon. How and where these elements combine create the various hydrocarbons we use every single day.

The creation of oil and other related compounds is a natural chemical process that starts deep within the earth and they are constantly renewing themselves.

Look at the fossil record of the earth to see this truth. No fossils have ever been found deeper than about 16,000 feet. Yet oil deposits have been found as deep at 40,000 feet below the surface. How would fossil fuels exist when there are no fossils that deep?

Has the surface of the earth changed that much? Science already tells us that it hasn’t. Yes, we know that mountains rose, and seas fell. And land masses drifted apart. How could we have oil wells deep below the floor of the ocean when algae, a listed source of the fossil fuel myth, grows on the surface of bodies of water. Not deep below it.

Scientists in the Soviet Union worked to make Russia oil independent during the cold war. Their scientists discovered that oil was plentiful renewable resource. During the 1950’s they published many papers on their discoveries including a paper by Vladimir Porfir’yev who announced that “crude oil and natural gas have no intrinsic connection with biological matter originating near the surface of the earth. They are primordial materials which have erupted from great depths.”

Of course the West wasn’t interested in this research. There was the cold war going on against the Soviet Union and the Western world. The papers still exist, published in Russian, translated by a few. That are generally discredited as Soviet propaganda and not factual because it doesn’t fit the fossil fuel theory and the industry built on it.

If you are still not convinced. Take a look at the recent information from NASA. Due to the technology that we have today we know that Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, has a dense atmosphere and land masses and bodies of liquid lakes. Titan doesn’t have a water cycle like we have on Earth. Titan has a methane cycle where it rains methane down from its skies. And the lakes are hydrocarbon lakes of oil and other substances.

Petroleum lakes and rain would have to come from the decayed life if the fossil fuel theory is true. But no life has ever existed on Titan to create these huge lakes and other sources of hydrocarbons. So they cannot be fossil in origin. Logic dictates this clearly and without a shred of doubt.

Deep within Titan’s core, these hydrocarbons are produced. Just as they are produced within Earth’s core. We have yet to learn the secrets of how they are produced. Mainly because we cling to the false belief that these compounds are limited and came from biological matter over millions of years. And whole industries would have to fundamentally change their business practices once this myth is shattered.

I do want to add a side note here. I am not against a free market that capitalism provides. I am against corruption of that free market. Profit should not be based on fear of a resource that is truly abundant but presented as finite as is done with oil.