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Welcome back, my friends, to the blog series that never ends…

I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving, especially if you had to spend it with Left-leaning relatives. I know they mean well, but hearing diatribes on the current rise white nationalism in America over Grandma’s stuffing is enough to ruin just about anyone’s appetites.

The Left has figured out a way to turn a holiday meant to celebrate the good things in our lives and turn it into a Whine-A-Palooza where everything is problematic, political and ideological stands must be taken, and the worst possible thing you can do is spend time with family who might have different beliefs than you do. It’s almost as if they can’t count their blessings because they don’t see them (while simultaneously being able to see white privilege everywhere even when it doesn’t exist). Why does the Left hate Thanksgiving so much? I’m glad you asked!


What the Left thinks it means – a racist holiday based on the subjugation and near extinction of Native Americans at the hands of white people

What it really means – a holiday based at least in part on the fact socialism sucks

We’re going to go into a bit of history here, kids, so make sure you have a beverage and some truck stop speed for this one. After the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock (and exchanged insurance information afterwards), they had an idea. They decided to share everything they had and produced on their own. This idea was codified in the Mayflower Compact, and it worked great for a while. Then, winter came, along with numerous illnesses, and the Pilgrims had to make a choice: continue to live in abject starvation and limp through, or change their approach. Considering we still have stories about Pilgrims today, I think we can safely assume they chose the latter.

The Thanksgiving tradition came about after that rough first year and was meant to commemorate their survival and to acknowledge the divine providence that helped them survive and keep the peace with Native American tribes. Not to mention the Dallas Cowboys played the Green Bay Packers that year, so a good time was had by all.

Since that time, whites and Native Americans haven’t always been the best of friends, due in part to bad treaties, worse diplomacy, and the wholesale slaughter of people on both sides of that divide. These events are a part of our history and should be acknowledged. Having said that, Thanksgiving just isn’t the time to bring up that sort of history, mainly and especially because the Pilgrims had nothing really to do with what their descendants did generations later.

So, why do Leftists bring up the entire sorted history at Thanksgiving? Grievance politics and white-knighting, to put it simply.

The first is easy to understand when you think like a Leftist (not that I recommend it, mind you). A Leftist is in a constant state of outrage, depression, and general bad spirits because they see the world as unfair due to powers well beyond their control. So, when they see something that causes offense, they feel they have to speak up about it, whether it be through marching and wearing ridiculous hats that look like female genitalia or screaming at the tops of their lungs or destroying public and private property because reasons. To them, the fact they’re upset overrules any and all other perspectives. In other words, Leftists act like toddlers.

As for the white-knighting, that stems from the aforementioned grievance politics and gets mixed with a major superiority/savior complex to create the idea only Leftists can speak for Native Americans. And, by extension, they are the only ones who can take offense on behalf of Native Americans. Remember the controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins a few years ago? Guess who were primarily the ones taking offense. That’s right: white Leftists. Sure, there were some Native Americans who parroted the Left’s talking points, but they were outnumbered by whites trying to “help” them. Hmmm…isn’t that what got Native Americans and whites to hate each other in the first place?

With the current political environment, we may not be able to stop people from putting white people on trial every Thanksgiving, but we can do a few things to lessen the stress these folks bring to the holiday. First, make sure you know the facts. Leftist arguments work primarily on emotional reactions, so if you stick to the facts, you won’t be persuaded. Second, decide on how you want to respond. If your family enjoys healthy discussion over cranberries, don’t be afraid to speak up. If not, let the Leftist in the family speak his or her mind and look like the asshole. Finally, stick to your plan, no matter what. Leftists will try to rattle you so you’ll engage and make mistakes because you let your feelings run away with you. The easiest way to counter that is…just ignore them. Leftists hate when they’re ignored almost as much as they hate being mocked. By refusing to fall for their bait, you deny them your emotional response to their emotional tirades and you ultimately win by not playing their game at all.

In the meantime, enjoy your leftovers!

Happy Thanksgiving Day


On this Thanksgiving Day remember that its not about the games on TV or the shopping opportunities over the weekend. It is a day of giving Thanks for all that you have been blessed with the past year through the Grace of God.

Some of us have many blessings and others only a few. But there is one blessing that is available to all. No matter where you live. No matter your circumstances. And it is the only real blessing that you need.

That blessing is eternal life found in believing that the Son of God, Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose from the grave. His blood washing away your sins. That is the greatest thing to be Thankful for in the entire world.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week SPECIAL EDITION!


Your eyes are not deceiving you. You are getting an extra Leftist Lexicon this week because, darn it, I like you.

Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together and be thankful for what we have. Oh, and to eat food, watch football, and try not to bring up politics. Oh, but the Left just has to ruin that, too. To them, Thanksgiving is a time to talk about politics (mainly, why theirs is superior) and how much white people suck. Oh, and how we should be concerned about the hungry and how dangerous and barbaric football is. You know, being total killjoys.

Well, I won’t stand for it. In fact, I’m sitting as I write this just to show you how committed I am to fighting back against the Leftist assault on Thanksgiving.


What the Left believes it means – a holiday that celebrates religious bigotry, violence against Native Americans, and patriarchy

What it really means – a holiday to remind us to be thankful for the bounty we have

The Thanksgiving story has gone through more changes than Madonna’s image, but the gist of it is the Pilgrims went through a harsh winter before meeting up with some Native Americans who helped them. To celebrate, the Pilgrims had a feast where they could count their blessings at having survived the year before. Now, to most people, this is a fine enough story, but to the Left, it’s not good enough because it didn’t have enough tofu, white guilt, and acknowledgement of the rights of the native people to live without being subjected to cultural appropriation and any number of other Leftist bugaboos they’re offended by this week.

Why, it’s almost as if the Left hates for people to be happy. Maybe it’s because…they hate for people to be happy!

As a recovering Leftist, one of the things I still can’t get my head around is why Leftists get so bothered by other people being happy. Whether they have a permanent case of schadenfreude or they are just big jerkheads, it’s not like there is a finite amount of joy in the world. It is possible for more than one person to be happy at a time, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time for people to be happy by recognizing what we have in our lives to be happy about. Family, friends, health, not being Al Franken right now…or ever, and many, many more sources of gratefulness.

I do think a big part of the Left’s problem with Thanksgiving is how steeped it is in tradition. To them, anything related to tradition is automatically conservative and, therefore, EVIL! Traditions in and of themselves aren’t necessarily evil. Getting together with family to share a meal and good times is a good tradition to have. Getting together with family to sacrifice a virgin to the Aztec gods? Not so much. As with all things, you have to put things into perspective. Just because you have a wishbone up your backside because you think Thanksgiving represents white genocide of Native Americans doesn’t mean it’s a good thing to bring up around turkey and mashed potatoes. Then again, the Left isn’t exactly known for thinking things through.

Which brings us to another relatively recent phenomenon: talking politics at Thanksgiving. Within the past few years, the Left has come up with the great idea of creating talking points to try to win over family members to the Leftist point of view. Remember Pajama Boy, the guy used to promote discussion of Obamacare over the holidays? Not only did he ruin red checkered pajamas for a generation of hipsters, but he made Leonard Hofstadler look like Chuck Norris. And what happened? Obamacare further tanked in the polls. Of course, that might be chalked up to Obamacare sucking harder than Chelsea Handler trying to get another series, but the point remains the Left thought Pajama Boy would be the poster boy for getting people to sign up for one of the worst health insurance scams since I got that policy from Uncle Shifty’s Fly-By-Night Insurance Company and Collection Agency. But at least I got to keep the pen, so win-win.

There seems to be two lines of thought behind bringing up politics during the holiday season. First, in accordance with Leftist thinking documented above, it’s to make everyone miserable. Second, and this one is just as likely, Leftists want to weed out people from their Christmas card/gift lists before Black Friday or Cyber Monday. After all, if you get most of your family miffed at you for spouting ideological drivel, you can save money or buy the family members who agree with you better presents. Well, at least better by Leftist standard. Imagine getting along with Cousin Moonbeam and getting a certificate stating a tree was planted in the Amazon rainforest in your honor. That makes Grandma’s wool socks look like a black American Express card.

But that second point has an ulterior motive: it helps break down families, which is a central tenet of communism and, surprise surprise, Leftist ideology. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this time of year brings people together in significant ways. And when there’s togetherness, there’s booze…I mean connecting. (Although you could also connect through booze…) When people get together in the spirit of harmony, it creates strong bonds, bonds that can exist outside of political, racial, spiritual, and sexual boundaries. Now, consider the fact the Left has based its entire existence today on emphasizing our differences. Yeah, it’s a good bet the Left has a vested interest in keeping people at each other’s throats.

This is why it’s important not to lose focus of what makes Thanksgiving so special. Not only will it make the Left into angry little trolls…scratch that, it will remind them there is something stronger than their ideology that will trump them at every turn: love.

Either that or booze.