Really Setting the Record Straight


I don’t want my taxes to pay for your health care and poor life/health choices. Everyone’s taxes will pay for any wars or violence your government engages in. You don’t have a choice in the matter. That is just an ignorant statement.

The prices of basic needs is determined by the marketplace, not government which will always make a bigger mess of things if it gets involved. Negotiate with your employer for the wages you want and need. Have skills that are in demand and needed. If you aren’t skilled in anything your wages and opportunities will be limited.

Your vote always counts. Cast your ballot in local elections as they often get ignored. Real change begins at the local levels of government. In the presidential election, the Electoral College ensures that your vote counts. Otherwise the major population centers would elect the president and the “fly over” part of the country would be ignored and unheard. This is how a Republic works we are not a democracy for good reasons.

Businesses are ran by people. And people will be involved in the regulatory and political processes. Over regulation is a burden and harmful to smaller businesses. Without input from the business sector some smaller business would be out of business or wouldn’t be able to be created in the first place. This would then increase the costs of goods and services and be ran by monopoly giants.

What is wealthy? Where is the line, at what measurement is being used? The term is relative in the extreme. The United States has the worlds wealthiest poor. But going off income and I’m not sure who is wealthy and who isn’t. But if we eliminated the Income Tax and implemented the Fair Tax this would solve the perceived problem as most see it. Everyone would pay their fair share.

Entering a country unlawfully is a crime. Age is not a factor, it is still a crime. To enter Mexico illegally can result in up to a 2 year felony prison term and up to 5,000 peso fine. Some other countries will imprison the illegal alien and sentence them to hard labor for decades. Even if the entry was accidental.

The United States is extremely negligent in it’s current immigration policy. In some cases not even enforcing the current immigration laws already in place. This is dangerous to our sovereignty as a nation and to our national security.

There are a number of ideas for granting the “Dreamers” and other illegal aliens citizenship. But it shouldn’t be free of consequences or easy. That isn’t fair or right to those who immigrated to the United States and waited years to get all the approvals to become a naturalized citizen.

Additionally if one comes to the United States waiving the banner of one’s homeland and shouting anti American slogans. These people should be denied access. I don’t waive the banners of my ancestor’s homelands. I don’t speak the languages of my ancestor’s homelands. I raise Old Glory and speak American English and so should any immigrant.

Leftist Memes


Social Media is full of memes from the Left that just prove the stupidity and ignorance of their half baked ideas. So lets dive into this one.

I don’t want my taxes to pay for your healthcare. You pay for your health issues and I pay for mine. And also if the country goes to war. Your taxes are going to help pay for it. No matter how you may feel about it. Everything the government does is paid for by taxation. You don’t have a choice in that.

Everyone wants the opportunity for a good paying job. The question is what are you willing to do to earn one. Good paying jobs aren’t just handed to everyone. You have to have skills that are in demand. This takes some form of education. Be it college, apprenticeships, or trade skills. Even skilled manual labor can pay well. If you don’t have these skills or any skills at all you wont get a good paying job.

Everyone’s vote does count. Use your voting rights to make your voice heard. Don’t stay home for any reason unless you don’t care what the outcome is of a particular vote. Local elections are exteremely important. Know the issues and candidates. Locally and nationally. Become one yourself if you don’t like how things are going. Remember that we live in a Representative Federal Constitutional Repubic. Notice there is no “democracy” in that description. Nor does the word exisit in the US Constitution or in any State constitution. We are not a democracy.

Elected representatives represent all of the people of their particular area. Be it a city, a county, a precinct, a state, or the nation as a whole. Within those people are business owners both large and small. They have the right to fight for not only their individual issues but also for the issues that face their business. This includes regulations and other statutes. To deny them that right is to deny them representation. Regulations and statutes that impact businesses can be devistating to the bottom line of a business. It could mean the difference to being out of business or providing good paying jobs to the community.

Everyone should pay their fair share. This is the cry of the financially uneducated. But there is a lesson here that needs to be exposed. The current Income Tax code is the product of Marxist Socialism and does not ever level the playing field no matter how high or low the percentage of taxes that are paid. It will eventually become so high that the producers will remove themselves completely from the country. This has already happened in several European countries that have practiced this Socialist tax plan.

What is needed here is the abolishment of the income tax and the implementation of the Fair Tax. This puts more money in the pockets of the people where it belongs. And then everyone pays their fair share with a national sales tax. The rich buy expensive items and pay a higher tax than the middle class and even the poorest of Americans.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


It’s April 15th, the Leftists’ version of Christmas because that’s when federal taxes are usually due. To those who actually work for a living, it isn’t our favorite day for the same reason it’s the Left’s favorite day.

Actually, let me take that back a bit. Working Americans may not necessarily hate April 15th or paying taxes, but it’s certainly not a good day because it reminds us of a few things, most of which are not happy memories. Tax Day is like your mother-in-law moving in with you after you had a root canal without anesthesia while listening to death metal done by the Ray Coniff Singers turned up to 11 (because it’s, like, one higher) and having your fingernails and toenails removed by the Marquis de Sade…and then replaced.

Let’s take a look at taxes in greater detail.


What the Left thinks it means – a necessary good to ensure America can fund important programs

What it really means – a necessary evil that needs to be curtailed and or changed

I will give the Left credit for being correct on one point. Taxes are necessary to pay for important programs. Where we part company is what is constitutes important. Under the Constitution (which the Left simultaneously defend and reject, depending on the situation), tax dollars are supposed to be spent on items that benefit us as a country, such as national defense and infrastructure. Leftists have taken that concept to a whole new level, suggesting arts funding, research on shrimps using treadmills, and hammers more expensive than the MC of the same name are beneficial to our country. I believe there is an argument to be made for these items and many more on the Leftist Wish List.

But they never try to make the argument, mainly because they don’t have to. Leftists still swing a pretty big hammer when it comes to spending our tax dollars. And that’s why a lot of people like your humble correspondent have a problem with Tax Day. The problems with our country’s budgeting is a blog post in and of itself, but I will delve into it a little because taxes and budgeting are so closely related.

Taxes are revenue sources for the government, and like any good capitalist they try to find ways to keep the revenue coming in. In business, there is a saying: you have to spend money to make money. Well, the Left has taken that saying, pumped it full of steroids, and made it the guiding principle for government. And how does the government increase revenue sources? By increasing itself. The more government there is, the more money can be made, and the greater incentive there is to make government as big and as absolutely necessary as possible.

It’s the Circle of Bureaucratic Life, kids. Now if only we could get Elton John and Tim Rice to work on that song.

Another pain point when it comes to taxes is how much is taken out every day without us realizing it. When was the last time you filled up your gas tank? Unless you’re driving a hybrid (and, really, why would you if you have a shred of dignity), it probably cost you a pretty penny. Now, the Left wants you to believe oil companies are making money hand over fist when you fill your tank, which they do. But the taxes you pay for even a gallon of gas dwarfs what oil companies make, and it’s pure profit. The government doesn’t have people working at refineries, drilling for oil, or transporting the gas across the country. All they have to do is sit back and watch the money roll in.

Tax Day wouldn’t be such an issue for many if we knew the money wasn’t going to fund stupid programs, programs that could be better handled privately or at a lower level of government, or government pensions for people who work fewer hours than truant officer at Hedonism who moonlights as a Maytag repairman. Of course, we wouldn’t mind paying less, but that runs counter to the Left’s ideas about government. If you get to keep more of your own money, it means the government has to do with less. Why else do Leftists scream about how bad tax cuts are?

“But what’s the answer, Thomas?” you may be asking. Fortunately, I have an answer or two. My more realistic answer is to revert to a flat tax with few to no exemptions. Not only does it make the rich pay their ”fair share” that the Left wants, but it also makes sure everyone has a skin in the game, which is was the Right wants. Of course, since it makes sense, few people want to support it. But I’m thinking my more abstract answer will garner much more support.

Tax the stupid.

Gun Taxation


I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Our nation’s founders knew all to well what happens when free men can no longer be armed. They loose their freedoms. And the 2nd Amendment was put in place to assure that our free republic could be kept.

But we have those that hate our freedoms. They constantly seek to redefine what our founders wrote. Making unjust claim after claim. Attempting to legislate our freedoms away one by one. And they are succeeding.

That 2nd Amendment keeps coming up. The progressive hate it the most. An armed citizenry can abolish a government, by force, if it becomes a destructive to the liberties it was ordained to protect.

So how does the progressive liberal deal with such an issue? They turn to their favored weapon. Taxation. If they cannot outlaw guns, they will tax them out of existence.

Taxation only has two functions. The first is to raise revenue. And the second is to control behavior. We see this used more and more by the liberal agenda. From taxes on candy, soda pop, tobacco. To the speed and red light cameras that are springing up everywhere in our nation.

Now there are those taking the advise that Hillary Clinton gave back in 1993. She purposed that instead of outlawing gun ownership, which violates the Constitution. That there be steep taxes placed on firearms and fees on gun dealers instead.

The Emerald City, Seattle WA, was the first to enact taxation as a means of gun control. Imposing a $25 tax on all guns in the city. And imposing a tax of 2-5 cents on every round of ammunition. This tax went into effect at the first of the year. It has already caused at least one gun dealer to leave the city.

And earlier this month the Governor of the US Territory of the Northern Marian Islands announced their new gun tax law that went into effect. It imposes a $1000 tax on guns. And the governor stated how it should be the “role model” for all states.

Lastly, we have Cook County, IL. The home of Chicago, and one of the most corrupt jurisdictions in the Union. Has also passed a taxation on guns and ammunition similar to that passed by the City of Seattle. Cook County’s tax goes into effect at the first of June.

These will may be the first to walk down this path. But they will not be the last. The liberal agenda calls for an unarmed citizenry. And since it cannot be enacted by banning guns due to the Constitution. It can be circumvented in the way of taxes. Making guns unaffordable to the general population of law abiding citizens.

Dr. Strangetax (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bernie Sanders)


Earlier this week, Bernie Sanders released his 2014 tax returns and it turns out he has a net worth of $205,000 and paid $27,653, creating an effective tax rate of…13.5%. Damn the 1%!

For the progressive populist who rails against the rich not paying their fair share to pay an effective tax rate that low, it’s going to cost his some street cred with his followers. Oh, who am I kidding? That fact won’t matter a bit to them. He could fleece a rich person on 5th Avenue and his supporters would still support him. But before those of us to the right of him start yelling “hypocrisy,” let me offer an alternative viewpoint.

I say it’s good for Sanders to pay such a low tax rate because he’s using the current system to his advantage. He’s no different than the “evil rich” who pay around that same effective tax rate, like Mitt Romney. That’s not cheating the system; that’s playing by the rules as written. Good for him! We should not begrudge Sanders for that.

Where we can begrudge him is in thinking people like Romney aren’t paying their fair share. When you break down the percentages, the top 10% pay over 90% of the tax burden. Meanwhile, the bottom 50% pay less than 5% of the tax burden. Some of this has to do with the amount of income they make, but the larger part of this is the current tax system, the same one Sanders is both using and lambasting.

Now, here’s the funny part. Sanders is making a great case for a flat tax without even knowing it. Imagine a system where the rich pay more in taxes from a monetary standpoint while paying the same percentage as the lower and middle classes. That’s what a flat tax will accomplish in short order. That way both the Left and the Right can get what they want without advancing the notion the rich or poor are gaming the system.

Of course, that’s not going to satisfy the Left because, well, they’re always pissed off about something. But it’s the most logical approach to the problems Sanders says are out there. Until we get a President with the guts to insist upon a flat tax, we should all be free to use the system we have without fear or guilt.

So, thank you, Bernie Sanders, for giving us the best case for a flat tax!

Enough Rope


It looks like the Liberals have finally given themselves enough rope to hang themselves with it. Of course they would always be opposed to the idea of the GOP changing the Senate rules to a simple majority. But when the Liberals do it, then it’s OK because that is just making it “fair”.

I greatest prayer right now is that the Liberals continue to change the rules of the Senate from a two-thirds majority rule to a simple majority rule. Then their only obstacle in passing any legislation will be the Republican controlled House. And with enough bullying tactics, that too can be overcome.

Once all of these rules are changed in the Senate, the Liberals will be happilly pushing the rest of the evils of their agenda through the legislature and on to President Obama’s desk to become law. Thinking all along that come the mid-term elections of 2014, that they will gain control of the House and nothing can stop them.

But that is just dead wrong. So much about their forced agenda is not liked by the American public who are finally beginning to speak out. Conservatives will run in the mid-term elections, and history will repeat itself. The conservative movement will sweep both chambers of Congress. Retain control of the House and gain control of the Senate.

And then they will have the simple majority rules in place, thanks to the Liberals. And the defunding and total repeal of ObamaCare and the rest of the laws that are destroying our Christian nation and culture can be swept away up until the 2016 elections for a conservative President.

But none of this can happen if the moderates and Republican establishment candidates gain the nominations. If that happens, then there will be no change and our country will continue its decline like that of ancient Rome.

The Cost of the Affordable Care Act


The Affordable Care Act is coming into play for 2014 when the law goes into full effect. Unless you are an Obama crony and have been exempted. I am not and must abide by the laws as they are written. Fortunately for 2014, I can still get health insurance though my employer.

Every year, with inflation, I accept a slight increase in the cost of this health insurance. There is dental insurance, vision insurance and medical insurance. And this year, since it is the “open enrollment” period I find myself looking at this coming costs for 2014.

Across the board of all 3 insurance sets. Deductibles have increased as have out of pocket costs for co-pays and any other expenses the consumer has to pay that the insurance will not cover.

But here are the numbers for those that want to know just how the increases break down, many thanks to the “Affordable Care Act”.

My vision insurance has an 8% increase in cost per month of coverage. My dental insurance has a 23% increase in cost per month of coverage. And my medical insurance has a 109% increase in cost per month of coverage. Plus the increase in the deductible and the increase in co-pays.

So overall, my insurance costs have gone up by 97%.

Tell me, how is this supposed to be “affordable” again? I’m confused.

The Unaffordable Care Act


With this horrible piece of legislation coming into full force on Jan 1st. It is long past time to scrap it. This is not the answer to the health care question in the United States. This is another large grab by the Government to take our hard earned monies and to further control and influence our lives. The Founding Fathers would be appalled at our general attitude of apathy on this issue alone.

Health care in the United States needs to be reformed. The Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare is not the answer. As the health care exchanges come active, more and more people are experiencing what was said about it. The prices are HIGH and not affordable by many of the poor. And even the notion that the Federal Government demands that every citizen have health insurance is a gross violations of our freedoms.

Those in favor of this Constitutional violation, repeat the line about we are mandated to have Car Insurance. And yes we are, if we own and drive a car. But if we don’t then we are not mandated to carry car insurance. This was not the intent of the commerce clause, and this abuse can be taken further now that it’s been opened.

Here are two simple things that can be done to change health care in America.

1) Using the commerce clause, the Congress can pass legislation allowing insurance companies to operate across state lines. So that message of “not available in all states” becomes a thing of the past. This allows a bigger pool of people to draw upon and thus lowers rates.

2) Medical billing needs to be changed. Right now it is the only thing we purchase without knowing the cost of it in advance. There is no comparison shopping and no price negotiations. Bring medical costs into the free market place. It will drive the cost down or the hospitals and doctors that overcharge will simply go out of business.

Scrap “ObamaCare” and implement these 2 changes and watch health care become affordable to all without exchanges, government mandates, and higher taxes. Then we can go about getting down to real business.

IRS Troubles


With all the news about the IRS targeting conservative groups and some conservative individuals coming forward indicating that they too have been targets of audits and other issues with the IRS. Can this now be the time that the IRS is given its death nail?

This is the time to take the momentum forward with the hearts of the people and abolish this immoral taxation policy. To completely remove the IRS from our language, our government, and way of life. To repeal the 16th amendment and end income tax forever. Replacing it with the Fair Tax which is truly fair to all income earners and non-earners alike. Where definitions of rich, poor and middle class are not redefined because the government needs more of your money.

Take the action. Call your representatives in Congress and the Senate and demand the end of the IRS, the appeal of the 16th amendment, and call for the beginning of the Fair Tax. Thus forever ending any political party the ability to misuse the powers granted currently to the IRS under any administration. Republican and Democrat alike. And best of all. Take home all of the money you work so hard to earn.