We can, but let’s not


Leftist memes all have one thing in common. A deliberate noted false premise or conclusion. So in this article we will examine another one from Social Media and expose the fraud within it.

This particular one has a lot of incorrect language usages. This is a tactic of the Left. They change the meanings of words to control the thoughts and minds of the common people. We will correct some of these first before diving into the meme as a whole.

Healthcare is not the same thing as health insurance. Unfortunately these two terms are used interchangeably due to the manipulation by the Left. Healthcare is receiving medical attention when required due to illness or injury. While health insurance is the usual method used for payment of the healthcare that was received.

So with that correction to the language lets expose the Leftist fraud presented in the meme.

Other countries, places that don’t have the same values or culture, have socialist and non-socialist aspects. Among these aspects are universal health insurance, this is taxpayer funded without the private sector. Instead of a board of directors determining the payouts to medical professionals the legislature determines what the payouts will be to them. And even who gets care as its not worth the taxpayer’s money to fund a transplant to an elderly patient. This has happened in these other countries that have universal health insurance.

I am opposed because I don’t want my taxes used to fund the poor health and lifestyle choices of someone else. It was their choices that lead to events of poor health or injury. They need to pay it themselves.

Higher education, aka “college”, which isn’t always necessary in some industries is again paid through taxation in the “free college” of other countries. This means that little Jimmy down the road gets to go to whatever college he wants to attend and my tax money pays for it. Even if I don’t have children. Why am I paying for his education?

The other 3 points on this meme are misleading. In the United States we have paid vacations, paid maternity leave, and multiple political parties. Why are they here? To mislead the reader in thinking that they don’t exist and the Left is always out to divide and conquer.

The amount of time and qualifications for paid vacations and maternity leave are determined by your employer. This is based on a ton of different factors that generally are unknown to the average person who doesn’t run a business. And if you don’t like what your employer is offering then you can do something about that. You can attempt to negotiate to a more desired outcome, you can get another employer that offers the desired benefits, or even go into business yourself and set your own terms.

As to the multiple political parties. We have those already. Now the United States has what some call a 2 party system but that is misleading. We have, by tradition, only 2 major parties. And we have had them since the beginning but we aren’t limited to those parties

They have come and gone and that can be an article of its own at a future date. But multiple parties exist. If you favor one over the majors by all means support it. Run for office under it. Get it out there so it can grow. Maybe it will become more mainstream that way. It takes work, time, and people to grow a political party. Create the momentum and see what you can do with it.

And lastly we aren’t propagandized or convinced that we can’t have socialist aspects here. We already have many of them and just don’t want any more. Socialism doesn’t work. History is the best teacher of this fact. Every other country that has embraced socialism has caused the death of its own people. Lowered the standard of living and created poverty on wide scale. It crushed individual freedoms and liberty.

There is a reason why the United States is the richest and most powerful nation on Earth. We have avoided most aspects of socialism instead of embracing them. Let’s keep it that way.

The Bernfire


During the 2016 election cycle, Senator Bernie Sanders had quite a following. But he didn’t get the Democratic Party nomination because of the power and corruption of the Clinton’s.

Four years later, Senator Bernie Sanders is again surging in popularity among the useful idiots. Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist and has no business being in the government, let alone the White House. But he has a greater chance at getting the 2020 Democratic nomination.

Time will tell if his popularity increases after the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire Primary. If Senator Sanders wins both of these contests but doesn’t get the nomination. Then there may still be some hope for the Democratic Party. It will also mean that the corruption within the party runs very deep.

If Senator Bernie Sanders is the nominee for the Democratic Party then it will be an interesting Presidential election cycle. And a strong contrast between capitalism and socialism.

In the end though President Donald Trump will be re-elected in a landslide victory. Winning both the popular vote and the Electoral College by wide margins. And we will have four more years to save the Republic.

The Debates


During the second Democratic Debate we keep hearing over and over again by the candidates the same theme and message. Whichever one of them gets the nomination needs to be bold and new with the Leftist ideals of the party.

These “bold” and “new” plans are nothing bold or new. They have been tried before across the globe and have all failed.

Taxing the hell out of the rich. Well France tried that and the rich all left France.

Free giveaways. Free education, free medical care, free universal wages, ect. Every socialist nation has done that. How did it work out for Greece, Venezuela, and the Soviet Union.

Price fixing. Well look at Cuba, Venezuela, the Soviet Union, and North Korea. This never works. It doesn’t create jobs and never rises anyone out of poverty.

If you want the US economy to become like the economy of those examples. Then the Democratic Party is the way to go in 2020. But if you want to keep the US economy strong. Vote for Trump’s second term or find a viable 3rd candidate.

On the subjects of science these candidates say they support science. Except when if goes against Leftist ideology.

Democratic candidates do not support the science of genetics at all. There are only two sexes, male or female. XX or XY chromosomal pairs. This is a scientific fact. Yet it is not supported by any of the Democratic candidates.

Likewise genetic science has proven that there is no difference, other than cosmetic variations, between the peoples of the Earth. There is only one race. Human. Skin color is a cosmetic variation only. There is no black race. There is no white race.

Yet every single Democratic candidate divides the people of the United States by skin color to further their agenda. They are the true party of science deniers.

But every Democratic candidate enthusiastically supports any science that promotes governmental control over the population. Because it’s not about the science, it’s about control.

The Socialism Scareword


The internet is full of Leftist memes that are completely bogus or misleading so the uneducated or low information voter will fall victim to the false teachings with in them. I love exposing them.

I will start with the obvious here. This quote is attributed to President Truman. I haven’t fact checked it to see if he really said this or not. But let’s for the sake of argument say that he did in fact say this quote. There is the other fact that President Truman was a socialist, just as FDR was before him. Of course he is going to speak fondly of it. The Devil speaks fondly of Hell too.

The first statement is incorrect. Socialism is NOT a scareword that the unammed “they” have hurled at so-called advancements made between 1932 and 1952. Socialism is a warning word, that our Liberties, freedoms, and Republic are in danger of loosing because of these so-called advancements.

Public Power, I don’t know anywhere that has public power. All power is generated by a corporation, yes sometimes that corporation maybe owned by a municipality, but it is still for profit. If there is any power that is public an freely given to the people, then that is in fact socialism at work. And it should be abolished.

Social Security. This is socialism alright. The government should not be the one’s looking out for someone’s retirement years. Take personal responsibility and look out for yourself. I would like to have all of my FICA tax back thank you and never be charged it again.

Farm Price Supports. These are indeed socialist. Like all things socialist they should be abolished. A free and open market, despite its problems, is the best economic solution.

Bank Deposit Insurance. This was created after the Great Depression when banks closed because of poor practices and economic collapse that happened in that time period. What makes this socialist is that it is ran by the government. There again the government doing things it should not be doing. With the proper insurance company you can get anything insured, including your bank deposit with the free market.

The Growth of Free and Independent Labor Organizations. That is joke right? Every labor organization is controlled by the Democratic Party and their Leftist ideas. They are nothing but propaganda and funding sources for the Democratic Party elite.

And then there is that mysterious “their” again. Calling socialism a name for anything that helps all people. That too is also false. Socialism has never helped all people. History has repeatedly shown us this fact. Socialism widens the gap between rich and poor. Socialism brings everyone down to the same level and never allows anyone to rise above. Socialism has been tried, even in the original settlements of the American colonies. And it was abandoned then because it does not work.

So in conclusion here, the 1st and last statements are completely false and misleading. It also has the “them” and “their” as an invisible bad guy. The rest of it is accurate. Those things are all socialist and need to be abolished.

Lowering the Voting Age


The Democratic Party idea about lowering the voting age is insane. Even if this was just for national level elections. Most 16 year olds lack maturity and haven’t been through any kind of course in government or civics. They are very ignorant when it comes to the hows and whys of the political systems of the United States and the world.

Truth be told here, if any change to the voting age was to be made. It should be raised, not lowered. I would be for raising it up to 21 for all citizens. With exceptions given to any active duty personal in our armed forces. If you sign that paper and take that oath. You can vote, drink, rent a car, and do a lot of other age restricted activities.

But the real truth on this subject isn’t that the Democratic Party believes that 16 year olds are mature and educated enough to intelligently vote. No, they are hoping for just the opposite.

With the strong Leftist control over our educational system, the Democratic Party is hoping for an increase in their voter rolls. Since they haven’t figured out a way to have foreign national non-citizens vote in our elections, they are turning to manipulable children to vote for Democratic and socialist candidates.

That is the plan. And it must not be allowed to happen.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


If you’ve been watching the Left lately, you’ve probably noticed they’ve been trying to make socialism sexy again. If you haven’t, consider yourselves lucky because…well, they’re trying to make socialism sexy again. What started with the Bern Outs in 2016 has been reborn in 2018 thanks to new Leftist “it girl” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beating out a Democrat stalwart in a House race in New York. Granted, both Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are couching their pro-socialism talk by supporting what they call “democratic socialism”, but it’s still socialism.

As a result, Leftists are putting a new coat of paint on an old ideology in the hopes of attracting new people to their cause. In the meantime, let’s traipse into the world of socialism.


What the Left thinks it means – a social system where everyone pitches in to help each other

What it really means – a socioeconomic system where everyone is encouraged to be mediocre

One of the Left’s primary talking points when talking about socialism is to try to separate the social element of it from the economic element. For that, they bring up communism as the economic side of socialism, which is of course complete bunk. Socialism and communism are ideological cousins of the kissing variety, if you know what I mean. They really can’t be separated effectively because they have the same basic tenets: government control of all aspects of an economy and its societal counterpart. There are slight differences, I grant you, but those difference revolve around how much force is used to attain the equality they both claim to want to achieve. Socialists tend to rely on a call to community unity, while communists rely on a call to arms. Put another way, socialism is communism on pot, and communism is socialism on PCP.

Even so, socialism is attractive to people because it seems so friendly. Bernie Sanders wasn’t on the stump telling people to tear down the ruling class. He looked too much like your grandpa or crazy uncle you occasionally see at family reunions. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t look like a female Che Guevara; she looks like someone you might have gone to school with or saw in a coffee shop. Even some of our best-known celebrities say socialism is okay, and we can trust celebrities, right?

That’s one of the great historical ironies about socialism. It’s an idea that curries favor with the wealthy, but it’s rarely acted upon by those same people. Socialism is easy if you never intend to be held to its standards, but for those who went along with it and weren’t rich enough to live behind the gilded gates of private communities, it sucks.

And that’s a dirty little secret behind socialism: there is a class structure within it that negates what it stands for. The former Soviet Union is a prime example of this. (And before any Leftists say the Soviets weren’t real socialists, see my earlier comparison of communism and socialism.) Although the average Russian communist was living hand to mouth, government officials had far more luxuries (and, oddly enough, freedoms) than their proletariat brethren. Socialism runs on the same principles as communism and the results are the same. There will always be the haves and have-nots, thus making socialism as realistic as James Comey’s excuses for why he didn’t prosecute Hillary Clinton.

Leftists pushing socialism like to point at Europe and some of our own government programs as proof socialism isn’t scary. Why, we could just look to the Swedish model of socialism and use that (at least according to Bern Outs). The problem? Sweden isn’t really socialist. They are capitalist economically and statist socially, meaning…they’re ultimately capitalist because they have to be. Money doesn’t come out of thin air, and in Sweden it comes from…wait for it…high taxes. The minute the haves decide to move away to a country that doesn’t tax them for being rich, there is no backup plan and their socialism-lite goes the way of Crystal Pepsi and New Coke. For socialism to truly exist, there has to be an income source that can be drawn upon. In other words, socialism doesn’t work unless there is wealth to be distributed.

Then again, socialism doesn’t work, period. But we’ll get to that later.

But what about our government programs, like Medicare and Medicaid? Surely they are examples of socialism working, right? Annnnnnnd no. These programs aren’t actually socialist either because they take mainly from the working class instead of the rich and give to the non-working class and poor. In short, if you put in any significant amount of time at a job, you’re a have. Doesn’t matter if you make the poor on Skid Row look like Bill Gates. You are a source of income to socialists because you have what others don’t.

Really makes you wonder why anyone would back socialism, doesn’t it?

And here’s the kicker. There can never be true socialism because humans aren’t uniform and many have  a desire to excel. Granted, some people want to be good at Xbox, but it’s still a desire that cannot be taken away. When you have that, you will always have people who are better than average and others who are worse than average. Try building a society based around equality when you can’t even find two people who are equal across the board and share the same interests at the same level. You’ll have better luck finding a Kardashian with actual marketable skills.

The way socialism deals with the problem is to treat everyone as though they were exactly the same. It works great if you suck at your job because you get paid as much as the ones who are doing just enough to get by. On the other hand, it sucks if you’re great at your job because you have no incentive to do more than you have to since you’re getting paid the same. That tends to make everyone mediocre at best. It also tends to stop innovation because you aren’t rewarded for it. Capitalism isn’t perfect, but you’re more likely to get rewarded for hard work and being good at a job than you are under socialism.

So, why is socialism so popular today? That’s a good question. I think it’s due to a combination of factors from a lack of historical and economic knowledge to trying to protect kids from experiencing failure by celebrating even minimal effort to making the marginally passable into the excellence of today. (I’m looking at you, Starbucks. Five bucks for coffee made from beans more burnt than my skin after falling asleep on the sun?) At the core of it all, however, is the elevation of laziness as a virtue and the downgrading of excellence to a vice.

No matter whether it’s someone who looks like your grandpa or your college roommate telling you socialism is the wave of the future, remember we’ve tried socialism before in America. It’s called the Mayflower Compact, and it didn’t work out so well for the Pilgrims. And if it didn’t work when there were far fewer people in the country, there’s no way it works with today’s America.

In Defense of Capitalism


In the past couple of years, we’ve seen young men and women rethinking their positions on capitalism and socialism, and…well, let’s just say capitalism is faring worse than Bill Clinton at an abstinence only rally put on by Playboy Playmates. More and more, young people think socialism is the way to go. After all, on paper, it’s the most fair system out there.

Unfortunately, that paper and $3.50 will get you a cup of coffee-flavored steamed milk at Starbucks.

Where did we go wrong that socialism is faring better than capitalism in the United States, the bastion of capitalism? There are so many culprits, it’s hard to point fingers at them all, but let’s start with one that we might have overlooked.

Us. We, the people, failed to make the case to the young skulls full of free range soy based granola that capitalism is the best socioeconomic system out there, bar none. Oh, sure, we lived like we believed it, but somewhere along the line we decided capitalism didn’t require excellence. We settled on the mediocre, and in some cases the below average, because it was easier than demanding more. Why do you think Starbucks can charge $3.50 for a cup of coffee-flavored steamed milk instead of making a good cup of coffee with only a little milk? Because it was just too hard to demand more, so we swallowed our pride (and a lot of burnt coffee beans) and settled.

But that’s not capitalism is about. Capitalism gives you a choice because there will always be a market for a product or service other people and companies don’t offer. In America, if you don’t like Starbucks, you can go to Caribou Coffee or Seattle’s Best or Dunkin Donuts or any number of other places to get a cup of java (or at least a cup of java with less steamed milk in it). It’s not like you have to get Starbucks, kids.

In a socialist economy, choice isn’t one of the options on the menu. You may want a triple mocha espresso with a shot of butterscotch, but what you get…is watery sewer sludge in a broken cup, and that’s if you’re lucky! As neat as socialism seems to look, the reality is far less rosy.

Let’s say there’s a Justin Bieber song you really like. (Granted, that may be impossible, but play along for the sake of an example, k?) You grow to love that song, no matter how many times you play it and no matter how many friends and family members you drive away with it. Then, after a while, you get tired of that Justin Bieber song and you want to listen to something else. You know, like Gordon Lightfoot, Triumph, Rush, or even William Shatner.

Under socialism, you really don’t get to skip ahead on the “Canada’s Greatest Musical Acts” CD. You wouldn’t even get to listen to Anne Murray! You have to keep listening to the same Justin Bieber song over and over again. (Provided, Amnesty International hasn’t determined such a feat would be considered torture.) Yes, kids, socialism is just like listening to a Justin Bieber song only with more rhythm.

At least with capitalism, you get to push the Skip button on your CD player or MP3 player and find another song. And if you don’t like the next song, you can move to a different one until you find one you like. Capitalism, for all of its faults and misuse today, treats you like an adult and assumes you can make good choices for yourself. Socialism not only treats you like a child, but assumes you can’t make good choices for yourself. Then again, if you think socialism is still viable in the 21st Century, the socialists might be onto something.

Two of the words that keep getting thrown about by socialists are “free” and “equal,” such as “free college for students” and “equal pay for equal work.” When you really think about it, these words have psychological power over us. America was built on the high-minded concepts of freedom and equality (even though some of the slaves in the Colonies might disagree). Yet, these aren’t the same concepts socialists use. When they want something to be free, they mean free for them. They don’t want to pay out of pocket for what they want; they simply want it.

If any of you reading this are parents of young children, you’ve seen this concept in action.

As far as equality is concerned, socialists see it in terms of tearing down the rich and powerful and propping up the poor and powerless. I’m sure a number of you wouldn’t mind Bill Gates dropping off a few hundred grand to your doorstep, but it doesn’t mean you’re equal. He will still be Bill Gates, and you will still be you. And not even a few hundred grand will change that.

And where does that leave people in the middle, neither rich nor poor, neither powerful nor powerless? Right where they are. Don’t try to excel; just skate by like Dorothy Hamill on truck stop speed. At least socialism guarantees equal doses of pain for everyone, so there’s that.

Listen. Thanks to people like Bernie Sanders, socialism may seem to be the next big thing, but it’s really the socioeconomic equivalent of the man bun. Not only does it make you look stupid, but it is harmful in ways you don’t comprehend yet. But, in America, you are free to believe socialism is the cure for all of our ills. I won’t stop you. After all, the more socialists there are out there, the more people I get to mock relentlessly.

Capitalism, as imperfect as it may be, still grants people a lot of leeway, including whether to be a socialist. Try being a capitalist in socialist society and see how that turns out for you. Spoiler Alert: I hope you enjoy your new prison cell because there’s a chance you’ll be in there for a while.

This is not to say capitalism can’t use a bit of sprucing up by any means. When we have people like George Soros, Donald Trump, and Michael Bloomberg raking in the cash through various means, the moral core of capitalism gets overlooked a lot. But, without a moral core, capitalism can easily be the worst idea in the world. Yes, even worse than letting Hillary Clinton store our nuclear codes on her home server. If we let the want of stuff overtake the want of a better future, we run the risk of letting stuff become the entirety of our being.

And, no, that’s not unfettered and unregulated capitalism leads to, folks. That kind of behavior results from greed. Capitalism with a moral core comes from enlightened self-interest. For example, how many times have you heard the Left complain about lumber companies ruining forests through their desire to cut down every tree? Any lumber company worth its sawdust will tell you they wouldn’t engage in that kind of behavior. Why? Because if there are no more trees, the lumber industry goes the way of the third season of “I Am Cait.” (Too soon?)

Even if you’re not big on capitalism and aren’t seeing how bringing up the bad parts about socialism actually defends capitalism, there is one element to consider. Under a capitalist system, we get to be governed. (Not well these days, I grant you, but still governed.) Under a socialist system, we get to be ruled. There is a big, big difference, folks.

In closing, I have to say socialism and its various related movements may have already given up Lenin’s ghost when it comes to their ideology. The fact you can buy a Che Guevara t-shirt, take a selfie of yourself wearing it using your iPhone, and post it to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #socialismrocks makes the best argument for capitalism ever.