Donald Trump is Right


Our leftist media is still spinning lies about Donald Trump. Yet another sign that he is the genuine article and not one of their progressive club members.

I am of course referring to the comments made by Donald Trump about the judge being biased that is hearing the Trump University case.

The media and Trump naysayers are shouting that Trump is racist. However nothing could be further from the truth.

The judge in question is a member of the Hispanic National Bar Association. This organization called for a boycott of all of Donald Trump’s business interests and operations in a press release in July of 2015.

The judge did not object to this press release. He did not resign from the organization. And he did not recuse himself from hearing the case against Trump University.

The facts show that this judge does have a clear and present biased against Donald Trump. Who rightly pointed this out to the world. This judge should be removed from this case immediately.

Workplace Violence


“Workplace violence” is what the US government is calling the cold blooded murder of 13 soldiers at Fort Hood by Major Nidal Hasan. A confirmed Islamist who has renounced his US citizenship, repudiated his Army oath to the Constitution and calls himself a “Soldier of Allah”.

This is not workplace violence. This is premeditated murder and an act of terrorism. And it should be treated as such. 13 US soldiers lost their lives to this Islamic terrorist and 32 others were wounded in an attempt to murder them.

Hasan has called Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed in 2011 by a drone strike, a teacher, mentor and a friend. You are the company you keep. And if al-Awlaki was these things to Hasan, it is only rightly to define Hasan as a terrorist.

Since Hasan has renounced his US Citizenship and has turned his back on the oath he took as a US solider. Then by all means he should be treated as such. An enemy combatant without rights other than those imposed by the Geneva Convention. Ship him to Gitmo and forget about him. Or better yet, execute him for his crimes against the United States and the murder of 13 servicemen.

Justice is Served


Like it or not. The Justice system of these United States has spoken. Around 9pm Saturday night (Central Time), the jury in the George Zimmerman murder trial reached its verdict. George Zimmerman was found “not guilty” on the charges brought against him. This was based on the evidence, the testimony of witnesses presented by both the prosecutors and the defense teams.

I know this verdict will have strong emotions on both sides. But it does not erase the fact that Trayvon Martin is dead and his parents and family mourn their loss. At this point we may never know the answers to some questions. Keep the Martin family in your prayers, they need them.

And this will profoundly affect George Zimmerman for the rest of his life as well. Within Florida law he was been found not guilty and the use of deadly force was justified. But that does not change the fact that he did shoot and kill a young man. Ask any soldier if they are affected by knowing that they have shot and killed someone, or ask any police officer who has shot and killed another human being. George Zimmerman also needs your prayers too.

Some may think that that justice system we have is broken because of the outcome of this trial. And I will admitt that sometimes our justice system fails. Sometimes the guilty are set free. Sometimes the innocent are sent to prison. But most of the time, it works the way it should work. Which is this outcome? That is for the individual to decide.

What we do know will define us as a people. Taking the law into your own hands because you believed the system has failed is not the right thing to do. Gloating about the victory of George Zimmerman is not the right thing to do. Trying to “get even” is not the right thing to do either. The right thing to do is pray for the those involved and bring peace to the shattered community of Sanford Florida.

Zimmerman Trial


As George Zimmerman’s trial for murder wraps up. The world waits and watches. But make no mistake, this trial is not about gun rights. The right to self-defence. No this trial is purely racially motivated. Prior to President Obama stepping into the picture. The local police department considered it a non-incident. No charges were filed. It was a simple open and shut case of self-defence.

But because Mr Martin was a young black man. And Mr Zimmerman was not. It becomes as racial issue. Had Mr Zimmerman been a black man defending himself from a white young thug. Then this would not have gone to trial. The President would not have said a word about it. Other than commending the blackman for defending himself and his neighborehood agaisnt thugs. And no trial would not be ending with the world sitting on the edge of their seats.

As this trials final remarks are made and the jury goes to cast its verdict. The outcome will be far reaching. Racially and also affecting gun ownership as well. And it doesn’t matter which way it ends either … riots will errupt if George Zimmerman is found to be innocent of the charges. And if he is guilty it opens up the path for thugs of all races to attack neighorhood watches without worrying about being shot and killed.