The Right to Remain Equal…ly Miserable


In case you missed it, scientists have finally figured out what will stop global climate change, and it was right in front of us the whole time. Brace yourselves, because this is a major scientific breakthrough that will help generations to come. To fight global climate change, we need…equality.

Are you as shocked as I am? Of course, by “shocked” I mean “absolutely gobsmacked at the insanity.”

If you’ve read my previous posts on this subject, you know I’m a skeptical about the whole global climate change thing because the real science doesn’t back up the ohmygoddesswearegonnadie rhetoric. To be fair, though, the people who have pushed the latter narrative have only been wrong for the past, oh, 50 years, so maybe we need to give them a chance.

Then, they came out with this equality-as-a-climate-change-solution idea. At this point, they’ve burnt their last chance with me. Anyone who still blindly follows these nozzleheads will get mocked into the Stone Age.

Which is exactly where the eco-Left wants to take us. These folks tell us just about everything from eating meat to wearing clothes contributes to our carbon footprint, so it stands to reason they want us to devolve. Not them, of course. Just us. You see, the eco-Left is soooooo smart that they don’t need to follow the dictates they demand others follow. They’re the “Party of Science,” after all!

So, what does science have to do with equality? About as much as the eco-Left does with either.

Equality isn’t a term that appears in the hard sciences, but occurs more frequently in the social sciences because it’s more of a social concept. Also complicating matters is the fact equality is subjective. Let’s not forget people in this country believe white men have more privilege than anyone else, all while ignoring the advantages given to minorities (and majorities, in the case of women) over white men because of the assumption of privilege. Okay, I’m going to have to sit down for a bit after writing that last sentence. It was a real mind-bender to write.

Okay, I’m back. The point I’m trying to make here is the Left is now using social science to solve what they’ve maintained to date is a hard science problem. Although this may sound plausible on the surface because they’re both scientific disciplines, it’s hard to see how it would work in practice. If I drive a diesel fuel guzzling semi truck 6 days a week, but pay my wife the same amount of money for taking care of the books that I make driving, my carbon footprint doesn’t change, the rate and intensity of climate change isn’t impacted, and the problem equality was supposed to fix remains. No matter how many times this is repeated, the result is the same: nothing concrete gets accomplished. You may feel better about it, but the status quo will be maintained.

What’s the next step? Make things more equal? Give more to those perceived as having less?

Actually, that last one is the ultimate goal of the eco-Left. Hidden within any of their solutions to climate change is an economic component where the rich are expected to take on the lion’s share of the efforts to fix climate problems, whether it be through higher tax rates or out and out wealth confiscation. Why else do you think the eco-Left thinks America should be the one to change its economic system to combat a problem we’re already leading the world in addressing while other countries with less vibrant economies are allow to continue polluting without so much as a sideways glance from the eco-Left? They would rather make everyone equally miserable in the name of trying to control nature than to let anyone try to better themselves and succeed.

At the core of the “equality as climate change solution” notion is an emotional argument using “science” as a strengthening agent. By clinging to an idea Americans in particular hold dear (equality) and connecting it to an idea they’ve been trying to get off the ground for generations (manmade climate change), the eco-Left are hoping you overlook the inherent flaws in the argument and just submit. It’s the same play they’ve been running since the 90s, and they always seem to find new suckers to join their ranks using it.

The thing is scientists can be wrong and/or dishonest. Case in point: most of the scientists and non-scientists peddling the manmade climate change canard. Think about it for a moment. Out of all the dire predictions the eco-Left made, none have happened. And they know it. That’s one reason why they cook their own books, so to speak, to make it seem like they’ve been right all along. Just look at the lengths manmade global climate change guru Dr. Michael Mann have taken to avoid letting others scrutinize his work, even when ordered by a court to allow it. This begs the question of why. If climate change is real, dangerous, and occurring as we speak, the facts should back it up.

Spoiler Alert: They don’t.

And the eco-Left is scared people will find out.

Spoiler Alert: We know, which is why we doubt you.

And now with the new “solution” of equality, we have even more reason to doubt you. Oh, and laugh at you derisively.


The Debates


During the second Democratic Debate we keep hearing over and over again by the candidates the same theme and message. Whichever one of them gets the nomination needs to be bold and new with the Leftist ideals of the party.

These “bold” and “new” plans are nothing bold or new. They have been tried before across the globe and have all failed.

Taxing the hell out of the rich. Well France tried that and the rich all left France.

Free giveaways. Free education, free medical care, free universal wages, ect. Every socialist nation has done that. How did it work out for Greece, Venezuela, and the Soviet Union.

Price fixing. Well look at Cuba, Venezuela, the Soviet Union, and North Korea. This never works. It doesn’t create jobs and never rises anyone out of poverty.

If you want the US economy to become like the economy of those examples. Then the Democratic Party is the way to go in 2020. But if you want to keep the US economy strong. Vote for Trump’s second term or find a viable 3rd candidate.

On the subjects of science these candidates say they support science. Except when if goes against Leftist ideology.

Democratic candidates do not support the science of genetics at all. There are only two sexes, male or female. XX or XY chromosomal pairs. This is a scientific fact. Yet it is not supported by any of the Democratic candidates.

Likewise genetic science has proven that there is no difference, other than cosmetic variations, between the peoples of the Earth. There is only one race. Human. Skin color is a cosmetic variation only. There is no black race. There is no white race.

Yet every single Democratic candidate divides the people of the United States by skin color to further their agenda. They are the true party of science deniers.

But every Democratic candidate enthusiastically supports any science that promotes governmental control over the population. Because it’s not about the science, it’s about control.

Transgender Military


Transgender, gender dysphoria, gender fluid, or any other term one wants to give to this and related thought processes are a mental illness.

Diagnosable, certifiable, and properly treatable. Anyone who is mentally ill should not be allowed to serve in the military. To deny their service is an act of kindness and love, not one of hate or oppression.

The facts are simple. No matter how many hormones or drugs someone takes will not change one’s gender.

Cosmetic surgical mutilation cannot change one’s gender.

And no matter how one feels about their gender, this will never alter it either.

Some of these may introduce temporary and even permanent changes to outward appearance but it does not ever change the gender of the individual. Even a court order will not change the actual gender, it might change current documentation but that is only an illusion.

Gender is determined at the moment of conception. The mother’s egg provides an X sex chromosome. The father’s sperm provides the 2nd sex chromosome in the linked pair. An XX pair is female. An XY pair is male. This is basic biology and undisputed scientific fact. There are mutations to this but those are rare.

No amount of chemicals or surgery will alter this scientific based chromosomal pair. And this pairing can easily be discovered with a simple blood test no matter what documentation, feelings, surgery, or hormones have attempted to disguise.

Stop promoting and enabling this mental illness under the guise of equality. There is nothing equal about preventing someone from getting professional treatment for a mental illness. Transgender Rights, there is no such thing since being transgender is a mental illness.



Oil. It drives the economy of the world. We use it every day to propel vehicles, to heat buildings, and to produce electricity. It is the raw material that creates plastics, polyurethane, solvents, and hundreds of other goods. Currently it’s about $56 per barrel of crude oil and the US alone uses over 90 million barrels of oil every single day.

Oil is a hydrocarbon, as are many of its refined substances. We are taught in school that these hydrocarbon deposits of oil and natural gas were once plants and animals that died millions of years ago. And under the right conditions of heat, pressure, and time, formed into these substances. We are told that oil is dirty and unnatural that is why spills of oil are so bad. Even though it comes from decayed plants and animals there is a finite amount available and we are using it up quickly.

All of these things that we have been taught are lies. Perpetuated by big oil companies for profit, by governments to control, regulate, and tax. And by environmentalists to also control our behavior and to profit off our ignorance.

Just to be clear. Oil is not, and never has been, a fossil fuel and in finite supply. This is total bunk and garbage that goes along with the false global warming/climate change agenda.

Oil and other hydrocarbons are made of the 2 most abundant elements in all of creation. Hydrogen and Carbon. How and where these elements combine create the various hydrocarbons we use every single day.

The creation of oil and other related compounds is a natural chemical process that starts deep within the earth and they are constantly renewing themselves.

Look at the fossil record of the earth to see this truth. No fossils have ever been found deeper than about 16,000 feet. Yet oil deposits have been found as deep at 40,000 feet below the surface. How would fossil fuels exist when there are no fossils that deep?

Has the surface of the earth changed that much? Science already tells us that it hasn’t. Yes, we know that mountains rose, and seas fell. And land masses drifted apart. How could we have oil wells deep below the floor of the ocean when algae, a listed source of the fossil fuel myth, grows on the surface of bodies of water. Not deep below it.

Scientists in the Soviet Union worked to make Russia oil independent during the cold war. Their scientists discovered that oil was plentiful renewable resource. During the 1950’s they published many papers on their discoveries including a paper by Vladimir Porfir’yev who announced that “crude oil and natural gas have no intrinsic connection with biological matter originating near the surface of the earth. They are primordial materials which have erupted from great depths.”

Of course the West wasn’t interested in this research. There was the cold war going on against the Soviet Union and the Western world. The papers still exist, published in Russian, translated by a few. That are generally discredited as Soviet propaganda and not factual because it doesn’t fit the fossil fuel theory and the industry built on it.

If you are still not convinced. Take a look at the recent information from NASA. Due to the technology that we have today we know that Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, has a dense atmosphere and land masses and bodies of liquid lakes. Titan doesn’t have a water cycle like we have on Earth. Titan has a methane cycle where it rains methane down from its skies. And the lakes are hydrocarbon lakes of oil and other substances.

Petroleum lakes and rain would have to come from the decayed life if the fossil fuel theory is true. But no life has ever existed on Titan to create these huge lakes and other sources of hydrocarbons. So they cannot be fossil in origin. Logic dictates this clearly and without a shred of doubt.

Deep within Titan’s core, these hydrocarbons are produced. Just as they are produced within Earth’s core. We have yet to learn the secrets of how they are produced. Mainly because we cling to the false belief that these compounds are limited and came from biological matter over millions of years. And whole industries would have to fundamentally change their business practices once this myth is shattered.

I do want to add a side note here. I am not against a free market that capitalism provides. I am against corruption of that free market. Profit should not be based on fear of a resource that is truly abundant but presented as finite as is done with oil.

Christianity in Science


It has been said that Christianity is anti-science. This is a false narrative stated for political gain. Christianity is very pro-science as some of the greatest scientists were also priests.

The Christian Faith is not against science. Some Church leaders have been anti-intellectual but that is just part of the fallen nature of man and not the doctrine of the Faith.

With out these scientist priests seeking the mysteries of God’s creation our sciences today would be missing crystallography by the work of Rene Just Hauy. We would be without the Big Bang and expanding universe by George Lemaitre. The works of Gregor Mendel, the father of genetics, would be lost to us. Astrophysics and atomic theory wouldn’t be the same without Roger Joseph Boscovich.

Francesco Maria Grimaldi discovered diffraction of light and also worked with the free fall of objects and measured the height of lunar mountains. Even our modern scientific outlook was first formulated by a Priest named Pierre Gassedi. And flight was made possible by the mathematics of aeronautics by Jesuit Priest Francesco Lana de Terzi.

In the 17th Century Jean Picard accurately calculated the size of the Earth. He also developed the standard method for determining right ascension. And Nicolas Steno contributed to the theory of evolution, the start of geology, and modern stratigraphy.

These are just a handful of Priest Scientists who have contributed to science. There are many more that quietly work in the background even today advancing man’s knowledge of Creation and all the wonders that God has given it.

Christianity is not in opposition to science. In fact time and time again science proves the truths of Creation as described in the Christian Faith and holy Word.

It is the sinful nature of man that seeks to corrupt this data and connection. Dating information is inaccurate making the earth appear older than it truly is since God spoke and the whole of the universe was formed at His command. It is man who has pushed Christianity out of science and created the false division between them.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


This past weekend, the Left gathered for yet another anti-Trump march, this time in the name of science. For the past few decades, the Left has tried to paint itself as pro-science by trying to tackle scientific issues, such as global warming/global climate change/global climate disruption/whatever name the Left wants to use this week to hide the fact they were wrong. And if you disagree with them, you’re painted as anti-science and, thus, not intelligent enough to talk to about science. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to read up on the Left’s use of science.


What the Left believes it means – an unassailable series of conclusions based on facts and reason

What it really means – an imperfect way to describe what we don’t understand

When you look at the Left’s reverence towards science, it takes on more of a religious experience. Part of this is personal; they want to portray themselves as intellectually superior to everyone else, so they cling to what they think makes them intellectually superior like a baby with a stuffed animal. Another part of this stems from their desire to change reality to whatever they want it to be at a given time.

Let’s take a look at the whole gender issue for a moment. To the average person, there are two genders, male and female. To the Left, gender is fluid and can change by the hour. Their argument? SCIENCE! (All apologies to Thomas Dolby.)

Here’s the problem. Science identifies two genders, while acknowledging there are times when a person is born with extra body parts or with an identity that doesn’t match their gender. That doesn’t make gender fluid or create more than one gender. Those are exceptions to the rule. Sure, they’re deserving of the same rights and considerations we are, but that doesn’t mean we throw away actual science to protect someone’s feelings.

Of course, that’s just one of the ways the “party of science” defies science when it suits their needs. From calling babies in the womb “clumps of cells” to avoid giving them personhood to using flawed computer models as proof of global climate change, the Left has a pretty long track record of being on the wrong side of actual science. So what do they do? They create figures on their side who agree with their ideology.

And the Gaiafather of them all is Al Gore. To hear the Left speak of him, he is ahead of the curve on global climate change. The only way Gore can be considered ahead of the curve is if you grade on one. While he may sound like he knows what he’s talking about, it’s a facade. He relies on the work of others without having any real scientific knowledge to speak of. Remember, kids, this is a guy who couldn’t hack it in divinity school, but he’s going to lecture us on how to be good stewards of the Earth?

There are others, ranging from actual scientists like Neil DeGrasse Tyson to people who act like scientists like Bill Nye. They’ve figured out what L. Ron Hubbard did: if you want to make the big bucks, start a religion. And the Left is knee-deep in the hoopla, looking to convert people to their faith under any circumstances. Think of it like a really pushy Amway salesman, but with less useful products.

In true Leftist fashion, they are also seeking to change the language to fit their narrative. If you disagree with their position on global climate change, you’re a “climate denier.” Really, who denies there is climate? The issue isn’t that we don’t acknowledge the planet’s changing temperatures; it’s that we don’t agree with your conclusions because the data doesn’t match what you’re saying is happening.

Of course, their stated logic doesn’t apply to themselves. Try calling them “life deniers” if they support abortion on demand and see how well it works. (Spoiler Alert: They take to it worse than a Berkeley student takes to conservative thought.)

Here’s the problem the Left has with actual science: it relies heavily on data and the ability to review what has been done before to see if it still applies. In other words, you have to show your work because it may be wrong. Yeah, that’s going to be a problem because the Left believes their Bizarro version of science is the first, last, and only word. They claim the science is settled when science is never settled. Why? Because humans are fallible.

We make mistakes, sometimes on a small level (like going 125 in a 25 MPH zone), sometimes on a major scale (like flipping off the cops as you go 125 in a 25 MPH zone). When it comes to science, mistakes can mean the difference between a new discovery and being the laughingstock of the scientific community. Scientists are human, too, and they are motivated by the same wants, needs, and motivations non-scientists do. In academia, conformance means cash. If you don’t follow the Leftist line, you find funding, job opportunities, and credibility come in shorter supply than alcohol at the Kennedy Compound. So, to keep the coffers full and to keep being seen as credible, scientists can (and often do) ignore their teaching to conform to the ideology-of-the-month.

And that’s where we find ourselves, post-March For Science. We have people pretending to be scientists taking up signs in a march that has little to do with actual science and more to do with being anti-Donald Trump. After all, according to these geniuses, Trump hates science, so it’s up to the same people who marched for women, gays, albino midgets with speech impediments, and whatever cause they wanted to take up for a weekend to keep science alive.

Here’s the thing. Science existed long before the March For Science, and it will exist long after the marchers have posted on Twitter about how they were marching for science. Sir Issac Newton didn’t need a hashtag and a placard to discover gravity; he just did it. If even 1% of the marchers were serious about the subject they allegedly marched above, they would realize what a layman like me figured out in a few seconds: science doesn’t require a march to exist. It requires people with the curiosity and drive to learn. And, no, learning chants doesn’t apply. If you were truly serious about science, you’d be too busy to march in the first place.

Given who you Leftists idolize, however, I’m guessing you’re not that into science.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


Recently, Hillary Clinton tweeted the following:

We’ve got to stand up against climate deniers.
There isn’t a problem we can’t solve if we put our minds to it.
The first problem Hillary needs to address is her bad grammar. But this week’s installment doesn’t have anything to do with English, but rather a concept behind Hillary’s tweet: science. Democrats and Leftists like to portray themselves as the Party of Science, as opposed to the Party of Superstition (according to them, of course). But how much does the Left actually know about science? Let’s find out!


What the Left believes it means: a system of proving phenomena in nature in a way that cannot be refuted

What it really means: a system of proving phenomena in nature in a way that can be manipulated by Leftists

The Left loves to throw out science to support their ideological positions as though it were the ultimate shield. Polar bears dying off due to climate change? There’s a scientist for that! GMOs causing human mutations that make the family from the original “The Hills Have Eyes” look like the Von Trapp family? Grab a scientist! Want to prove gun ownership kills more people than Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and playing Led Zeppelin backwards? Look, there’s a scientist!

Or so we’re lead to believe. With climate change alone (a topic I may or may not have covered yet, but I’m too lazy to look right now), we have a number of people with impressive-sounding credentials pushing the notion man is responsible for global warming. Here’s a short list of them.

Neil Degrasse Tyson – Probably the most sciencey of the group, Degrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist and cosmologist, as well as a “science communicator.” And if you’ve read his Twitter feed, he’s also someone who posts more weird crap than Tommy Chong smoking some high grade weed.

Bill Nye – Best known for his 90s TV show “Bill Nye, the Science Guy”, Nye has attempted to beef up his scientific street cred by talking about global climate change. And he has the cred, what with his vast backgr…wait. Nye has a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering. Although he worked for Boeing for a time, he has more screen credits than academic credits when it comes to science.

Michael Mann – Mann may rival Degrasse Tyson in academia, but he’s not as well known. Probably for the best, considering he’s one of the masterminds behind the now-discredited “hockey stick graph” and is currently in litigation against Mark Steyn because Mr. Steyn dared to question his scientific prowess.

Al Gore – Yes, Al Gore is considered by the Left to be one of the scientific geniuses because he made global warming/global climate change a thing in Leftist circles. And much of his efforts have been in conjunction with the aforementioned Mann and, thus, have been mocked mercilessly by people who understand real science.

Of course, Leftists will throw out the accusation anyone who disagrees with them is a) ignorant, b) too controversial to be believed, c) dishonest, or d) bought off. You know why? Because Leftists scientists are all of the above.

See, what the Left doesn’t want you to know is their scientists are on the take. Grants from wealthy donors don’t go to scientists who don’t say “the right things.” (Meaning, who don’t subscribe to the Left’s doom and gloom predictions.) And when you get big money from donors, you tend to want to keep it flowing, so you will do whatever they want.

Of course, the Left doesn’t see the problem in this, unless scientists who are more concerned with facts than financial gain start disputing the findings. And it’s not fair that the scientists disputing them are using actual science!

The Left has cornered the intellectual market on science due to its ties to academia. Yet, with all of that firepower, the Left knows next to nothing about science.

Take the Left’s opposition to genetically modified organisms, for example. To listen to the Left, GMOs are an abomination, a step towards the misuse of science out of Mary Shelley’s worst nightmares. Yet, they overlook one simple fact: most crops today are genetically modified. Whether it’s to make plants more disease resistant or to allow them to grow in various conditions, there are ways plants can be modified for the betterment of mankind. So, instead of worrying about Frankenstein’s Farm, the anti-GMO crowd could be learning more about the ways GMOs can be good for people.

Ah, but that would take away from their feels, and when it comes to Leftists, fee-fees trump facts. So, what happens when the facts don’t match up to the fee-fees?

The Left makes up the results it wants. And with the star power (if you’ll pardon the pun) of people like the four people referenced above, it gets harder to overcome.

The thing about science, though, is facts always find a way to win out in the end. Remember cold fusion? Neat idea until no one could reproduce the experiment. It may take a while, but science finds a way to overcome even the brightest smile and the neatest graphs.

And then people like Degrasse Tyson, Nye, Mann, and Gore can get real jobs instead of pretending to be smart.