Lawless Barbarians


We have seen a lot of violence, property destruction, rioting, looting, trespassing, arson, some some cases pending far worse crimes. These are things that every civilized society condemns. Such things are criminal and immoral.

But these crimes are repeated every time a judgement or election results in favor of the political and moral right. The leftist liberals go on a rampage. This is not civil disobedience, it is anarchy.

We have seen it in Florida, Missouri, in the Dakotas, and across the nation after the election results of November 8th. The people involved in these heinous acts need to be taken off the streets. They need to be arrested and charged for their crimes and if found guilty, they should be punished accordingly.

There is the stark difference between the left and right within our nation. When the right lost to the left in two presidential elections in a row. There were no riots. No property damage. No arson. No assaults.

The right sighed in disbelief but accepted the will of the people and the electorate. And worked hard over the last eight years to win back the hearts and minds of the people.

So where do you stand? In anarchy or under the rule of law?

Riots in Missouri


The race riots happening in Ferguson this past week and more since the shooting death of a black teen have been handled poorly by the state officials. This should have been handled by the county sheriff.

Most of those being arrested and causing the unrest and aggitation in Ferguson are from out of state. These people should simply be arrested once. Charged with inciting to riot and fined accordingly. And also be ordered out of the county. If these outside aggitators do not leave the area and are again arrested for rioting charges. Then they should be held without bond with a multitude of charges against them awaiting their trial in the county court.

Quit slapping their hands like wayward toddlers. These people are criminals and have come to the area to incite a riot, to make the situation worse than the locals believe it to be, and to bring attention to themselves. Remove them.