Bathroom Mania 2


President Trump has reversed the transgender bathroom order imposed by President Obama. This has caused hysteria on the Left and more crying about non-existent rights. And using really bad comparisons in an attempt to justify their agenda.

You don’t have the right to use whatever restroom/bathroom you feel like using at the time you need to go. That isn’t a right. Society has rules in place to protect others privacy. Your rights end when they come into conflict with others.

Public restrooms are one of four types, depending on the space available to the facility that built them:

Men – these restrooms are for Males.
Women – these restrooms are for Females.
Unisex – these restrooms are for anyone, one at a time.
Family – these restrooms are for family use, usually a parent with                              young children in tow.

Biologically speaking there are only two genders for the human species. Male, which is identified by having an XY chromosome pair. And Female, which is identified by having an XX chromosome pair. Any other combination is a genetic anomaly and mutation. Science agrees with Nature and Nature’s God. Gender is binary, there are only two sexes and there is no escaping it.

No matter what clothes one wears. No matter how much makeup one uses or doesn’t use. No matter what kinds of drugs and hormones one takes. No matter how many mutilation surgeries one undergoes. You cannot change nature. Male will still be identified as XY and female will be identified as XX in a simple blood testing. Something that has been done during the Olympic games to prove gender and test for steroid use.

Most places that offer public restrooms will only have the two basic types available. One for each gender. Use one of them and don’t make a mountain out of the mole hill. Just like everyone did before Obama was President.

But please don’t try to compare public restrooms to our home bathrooms. They are very different. A home bathroom is indeed a “unisex” location. But just like the public restroom variety, it has a locked door and only one person is using it at a time. You wouldn’t let your daughter or wife use the bathroom with another male in the household, let alone someone who isn’t part of the family. That doesn’t happen. No parent or spouse says that is OK.

The same thing applies to outdoor port-a-johns. These are everywhere at outdoor events that need additional restroom facilities due to large crowds. Only one person is in these little plastic restrooms at a time. There would be all kinds of questions raised if two people entered one.

But with most public restrooms, there are groups of people in them at any given time. Only a small thin stall door separates you from the crowd. This is why there is strong opposition to allowing anyone to use any restroom on demand.

There are predators who have taken advantage of the Obama order that has been rescinded. This isn’t to punish anyone, but to protect the majority.

Restrooms Redux


Gender for the most part is binary. There are some genetic mutations that will result in something other than XY (male) or XX (female) combinations. But these are rare.

Gender neutral restroom have existed for a long time. Some smaller businesses just create unisex restrooms with a locking door. A couple of these and the restroom situation is solved. More public facing institutions have “family” restrooms in addition to the traditional male/female pair. This too resolves the issues of restrooms. I’ve used these family/unisex restrooms myself when I didn’t feel like using the larger shared and crowded men’s room. It’s nice to get a little privacy now and again.

The problems arise between the transgender groups who want to use one restroom over another and conservative groups due to several false perceptions.

  • A transgender person is going to attack, rape, or otherwise assault a member of their new sex.

There is no case of this ever happening. And I don’t think it ever will happen. It is far more likely that the transgender individual will be assaulted when using the restroom associated with their birth gender. Which they fear may happen to them.

  • Transgender, transvestite, cross-dresser, drag queen, and transsexual are all the same.

This isn’t true at all. A cross-dresser, drag queen, and transvestite are indeed similar. But they are not the same as a transgender, transsexual person at all.

The first group, all share the commonality of dressing like the opposite sex. Including false breasts if a man is dressing like a woman. But at the end of the day they are still their birth gender and use the same restroom as their birth gender dictates. And do not think they belong to the other gender. It’s just a fancy dress-up party.

I have know a couple of cross-dressers that I have met through work. One did it only when going out to clubs. While the other one did dress-up all day long, even at work. They were both male who dressed as women. And they both used the men’s room because they were men.

A transgender or transsexual person believes that they have been wrongly born in the incorrect sex. And seek to change that through hormonal therapy, behavior modification, dress, and surgery. Including having their sex designations changed on official documentation such as their drivers licence and even their birth certificates.

  • People wont lie about being transgender to take advantage of “open” restroom policies in order to sexually prey on members of the opposite sex.

Not all the fallacies come from the conservative side. This one is not really addresses by the transgender side of the equation. And this is why men need to use the men’s room and women need to use the ladies room. These kinds of attacks have already happened with the start of this argument of needing gender neutral facilities.

But trans restrooms or even unisex/family restrooms should not be forced on businesses and institutions. In some there just isn’t the space for a third restroom. The cost of rerouting the plumbing and construction vs the small fraction of the population that is truly transgender just doesn’t justify that kind of cost in money, time, or manpower.