It’s (Not) Dead, Jim!


If you haven’t noticed from all the death of the Republic talk going on out there, the impending acquittal of President Donald Trump is going to signal the end of the Republic as we know it and usher in an age of authoritarianism. You know, like the totalitarianism the President has already put in place, only much bigger and scarier?

A Facebook friend of mine and I had a civil discussion about the end of the Republic. While she was lamenting the end of our great experiment, I posted a YouTube video of the scene from “Ghostbusters” (the good one, not the 2016 “woke” version) where the guys were talking about the apocalypse coming if they didn’t stop Gozer, the part that talks about “human sacrifices, dogs and cats living together, MASS HYSTERIA!” She asked me to indulge her, which I did.

But for the rest of you Leftists, I won’t. Not anymore.

For as much as you lament about the impending Senate vote proving your fears to be justified, you ignore one of the obvious duplicities of your arguments. On the one hand, you claim Donald Trump is an idiot. On the other hand, you say he’s heading up a cabal of villainy worthy of a James Bond movie. I haven’t heard that strange dichotomy since…why, it was George W. Bush! Same plays, same playbook, same overreaction, different President. It’s almost as if you guys are recycling your squawking points! And it composts quite well.

But here’s the thing, and it’s something I pointed out to my Facebook friend. The President didn’t cause the current alleged weakness in the Republic; he’s just the easy scapegoat. Since the turn of the century, we’ve seen any number of threats to the Republic coming from our elected officials. The PATRIOT Act, although passed with good intent, contained a lot of mandates that undercut individual freedom and privacy. The Arab Spring? That remains an existential threat on a global scale. Using the IRS to go after political opponents? Certainly not innocuous to the Republic when you consider the incredible (and law-defying) power they have.

And where were you Leftists when this and other actual threats to the Republic were being rolled out? With the exception of the PATRIOT Act, you were scarcer than the food at an all-you-can-eat buffet after Rosie O’Donnell and Michael Moore leave. And even with the PATRIOT Act, your opposition was targeted at the wrong parts.

That’s how I know your current freak-out is faked. You don’t give one-one hundredth of a damn about the health of the Republic. If you did, you wouldn’t be Leftists. Instead, you’re breaking out the American flags and red, white, and blue bunting to attack the Senate Republicans for voting in favor of acquitting the President and doing so in a way that draws the most amount of attention to you. While you fawn over Adam Schiff’s weaker than Mormon Irish coffee presentation, you ignore the fact he a) didn’t present a case that resembled the alleged crimes, b) has some apparent ties to some of the particulars of the investigation that would have gotten him thrown off the case due to conflicts of interest, and c) only got his pathetic case to the Senate after a rushed and extremely flawed process that defied existing precedent, and then expected the Senate to do the job he failed to do.

The House failed the country, not the Senate, and not the Senate Republicans. And if you are being honest with yourselves, you would pin the blame for the downfall of the Republic on…well, you. By your silence when it mattered because you liked the man in power undercutting the Republic and by your hyperbolic overreaction over something that doesn’t threaten the Republic because you hate the man in power, you have become the monster you have tried to create for your own ideological purposes.

Instead of hyperventilating over what you see at the death of the Republic, take account of the fact we’ve survived people in power I wouldn’t trust to run a marathon, let alone the United States, and we will continue to do so. Why? Because we’re stronger than one President or one group of people.

And we will continue to be as long as people are willing to be honest with each other. The Left isn’t interested in this because they know they will be called on the carpet for the stuff they’ve let loose on the country, just as the Right would be. Face it, there are no white hats here, just hats that are varying shades of dark gray. If you really want to save the Republic, start with cleaning up your own house, or House of Representatives if you prefer. The fact Adam Schiff is being lauded as a hero instead of run out of Washington, DC, on a rail for pulling the crap he did isn’t a sign of honesty. It’s a sign you are willing to sell out the Republic if you can justify the cause and the Republic be damned in the process.

For all the crying you do about Republicans putting party before country, you shouldn’t have such a blind spot for doing the very thing you pin on the GOP.

5 Types of Government


There are only 5 types of governments across the whole of the Left-Right political spectrum. Every government falls under one of these categories. Of course some governments will use deceptive terms to make them appear to be something they are not.

In Left to Right order these government types are as follows:

Monarchy or Dictatorship
This is marked by the rule of one. One person hold all and absolute power and authority.

This kind of government is very rare. Even kings have at least a royal council of nobles that they must answer to as does the Dictator. He generally has a bureaucrats or a council of military officers or something else the keeps him in check.

This is the rule by a group. Generally an elite group has set themselves up as the ruling class. Many times they prop up one of their own as the Leader. Giving the appearance of a Monarchy or Dictatorship, but in truth the group still rules.

This form of government is the most common form of government in all of history. And it is the most common form of government today.

The ancient city-states of Greece created democracy. The rule of the people by majority.

All democracies eventually burn themselves out. Rule of the majority brings chaos, depravity, injustice, mob rule, and eventual collapse of society and order.

This happened in the Greek city-states and every other place where democracy has taken root.

A Republic is founded upon the rule of law. Law restricts the power and authority of government. It provides justice that is not subject to majority whim as found in a Democracy.

Republics are often mistakenly called Democracies. And some Democracies may call themselves a Republic. It is always best to see the operation of government to determine if it truly is a Republic or not.

Ancient Rome gave the world it’s first Republic. And during that era Rome flourished, grew wealthy, and was the envy of the world. But Rome forgot about the rule of law. They forgot that the essence of freedom was the proper limitation of government.

When government’s power grows the people’s freedom recedes. Power seeking politicians increased their power beyond what was granted in the Roman constitution. With it wealth and property was redistributed, subsidies for food, housing, and agriculture were enacted. And taxes increased to pay dues. Production and freedom fell and so did the Roman Republic. Replaced by mob rule and Democracy at first and finally with an Oligarchy of under the Caesars.

This is the far Right of the political spectrum and the last of the 5 types of government. It is the rule of no government. Everyone is on their own.

Anarchy arises because some think that no government might better. After all the worst crimes in history have been committed by governments. But this belief is a mistake because even the Greeks knew that without law there is no freedom.

Other times Anarchy starts because there are those who wish to fundamentally change the current government. This is what happened with the Communist Revolutions in Russia and Cuba. And it also happened with the rise of Nazism in Germany. And is happening now in other parts of the world.

Anarchists are using rioting, looting, killing, and terrorism to bring down the current government. Only to replace it with an Oligarchy where they have total power.


The United State of America is a true and free Republic. But there are elements within and outside that seek to destroy this shining city on the hill. We must not let it fall under our watch.

There is a well known quote that comes from the founding of the American Republic.

When Ben Franklin exited the Constitutional Convention he was approached by a woman who asked
     “Sir, what have you given us?”

Mr. Franklin promptly answered her with
     “A Republic, Ma’am, if you can keep it.”

Ben Franklin and the other Founding Fathers knew that it would take effort, vigilance, and determination to preserve the American Republic. And that greedy men would come along and destroy it if they could. I plan on doing my part to keep it for myself and future generations.

Keep the Electoral College


I posted this on my personal Facebook page due to the responses I got from the following picture that I shared:

The replies attacked the Republic thinking in the terrible error of our day that the US is a democracy and it is not. And that the Electoral Collage was created because of lack of technology to count the popular vote. Here is what I wrote and you can always check my personal Facebook page for the replies and other details.


The replies to this post just go to show how much the Left has taken over the education system in the country. The Electoral College had nothing to do with technology at the time or in the future from now. It all has to do with States Rights because the United States is a REPUBLIC and not a Democracy.

Even in the 18th Century there were urban centers which were far more populated that the rural areas of what would become the United States. The Electoral College was created, in part, to prevent urban centers from dictating to the rural areas of the country.

To say that the government couldn’t do a popular vote count back in the 18th century is totally false. It is a lie and one you need to stop believing. Voting is always counted at the precinct level. In my home county of Polk county Iowa we have at least 171 precincts with the current election maps. And there are 99 counties in the State of Iowa. That is a lot of precincts. The 18th century would only be counted slower than the 20th and 21st centuries. Everything else is exactly the same as it was then.

The popular votes are counted at the precincts who then give those numbers to the county who in turn give those numbers to the state talleys. And local to Federal level elections are decided by the vote count. Even after the 17th amendment removed the Senate from the various State legislatures appointment to a popular vote. I for one would like to see that amendment repealed and have that given back to the States.

Our founding fathers were perfectly capable of counting the popular vote for the presidency just as it was counted for the House and other statewide and local elections. They could probably count it better than we can today, especially if we were forced not to use computers.

For the Electoral College, each state gets several votes equal to the total number of Senators (representing the State) and Congressmen (representing the people). Remember, we have a REPUBLIC and this is how they work so it is a level playing field for everyone.

I can’t say how the Electoral College in primary only states are chosen. I don’t live in one and have never been part of that process. I live in a caucus state and generally participate in every 2 year caucus cycle. In the 2016 election I was nominated and ran to be a delegate at the Republican national convention. I also was nominated and ran to be a member of the Electoral College. I didn’t win either of those elections but I put my name out there for it. I have usually been a delegate to the county, district, and state conventions a number of times.

Most states have who ever wins the popular vote, that party gets to choose who is on the Electoral College to represent the state. Both parties (and even 3rd parties) choose their electors ahead of time at their conventions. Iowa has 6 Electoral College votes. 2 for our Senators, and 4 for the 4 Congressional districts. And since current Iowa law is that winner takes all. Donald Trump won the popular vote in Iowa so the Republican party had their Electoral College electors vote.

Here is the map of the 2016 election results, it is a clear Republican victory far more red and than blue.

Within the Electoral College there are 538 possible votes, only 270 are needed to win. Which is a very slim majority. In 2016 Trump got 306 and Clinton got 232. Clearly the winner was rightfully Donald Trump. But if we look go with the silly notion of dividing the electoral votes by the popular vote then no one would have been elected and there would have been an unprecedented 2nd election done.
As Clinton would have had 268 votes, Trump would have had 257 votes, Johnston would have gotten 12 votes, and McMullin 1 vote.

The Dying Republic


Our Republic is dying. Most of our citizens don’t know we live in a Republic. And as Ben Franklin told the woman in the town square at our nation’s founding as to what type of government was created he said. “A Republic, madam, if you can keep it.”

How can we hope to keep it when so much has been forgotten, lied about, and misrepresented. When so many think and act like we have something else entirely.

Our founding fathers would be appalled to see what has happened to their creation. And would chastise us for allowing it to happen.

So as a refresher. The United States of America is a Republic. It is NOT a democracy of any kind nor is it any other type of government. Never refer to the United States as a democracy.

We have three branches of government. The Legislative, the Executive, and the Judicial. Our founding fathers separated these powers so they would not be in the hands of just one body or one man. And contrary to the popular belief, they are all not equal.

The framers of the Constitution knew full well the dangers that Judges could become. They are not elected and hold their positions for life unless removed from office. They can become would-be kings and tyrants under the right conditions. So the framers purposely made the Judicial branch the weakest of the three. Giving it very limited powers and authority.

They also knew that if power was not limited, the other branches would seize all power for themselves. So the Constitution was also written to limit the powers of the Legislative and Executive branches as well. Giving all unnamed powers to the States or the people.

To keep things simple so even, as they say, a 5th grader can understand. Here is exactly what the three branches of government can do in the United States according to the Constitution.

The Legislative branch, made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate, writes laws.

The Executive branch, made up of the President, Vice President, and Cabinet, confirms and enforces laws.

The Judicial branch, made up of the Supreme Court and all inferior courts, applies the laws.

But today we have a Legislative branch that does not crack down on a run-a-way Judicial branch. And unfortunately this has been going on since the early 1800’s. The Judicial branch slowly eroding away the barriers put in place by our founding fathers.

No where in the Constitution does the Judicial branch have the power or the authority to interpret the law or declare any Act of Congress to be unconstitutional. The Courts have given themselves these powers in their own opinions they have written. And these are the very things that our founding fathers were worried about happening. It is why the Constitution is framed the way it is framed.

Our citizens used to know what our government was and how it worked. They used to know the importance of Liberty and true freedom. They used to know that these were things to fight for and die to protect for themselves and future generations. Our Republic is dying and we have let it happen. Apathy, ignorance, and taking it for granted have become the enemies of this great Republic. But the tide can still be changed.