Conservative or Liberal


Although the basic definition of Liberal and Conservative doesn’t change over the years, what they stand for does change.

Liberals are quick to point out that because of Liberals the slaves were freed. But of course they don’t mention that it was the Republican Party that championed that cause.

In the mid 1800’s the newly formed Republican Party was the Liberal party of the day. And the slave owning southern Democratic Party was the Conservative party then.

Likewise the vote to bring about women suffrage was a Liberal idea. One that was opposed by the Democratic Party in Congress but favored by the Republican Party. House records clearly show this to be the case in 1915.

There are numerous other examples of where Liberal causes of the past where championed by the Republican Party and opposed by the Democratic Party. But then a shift happened in the Democratic Party. And it moved towards the Left of the political spectrum.

What is Liberal or Conservative must be viewed with eyes of their time. Just because it is Liberal doesn’t mean it is bad and Conservative is not always good as history clearly shows. What is at stake and what is championed makes either side good or bad.

These terms are relative to the times. And not accurate descriptors of political thought and beliefs.

Left and Right are better, but they too have been misused.