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In case you missed it, this past Wednesday was International Pronouns Day. Yes, from the ideology that brought you Kwanzaa, we just had a holiday to celebrate our pronouns. Of course, the US Postal Service didn’t take it off, so I’m not sure we can officially consider it a holiday.

And what exactly are our pronouns? That depends. The Left has created the idea that the masculine and feminine pronouns are just too darn restrictive. After all, if there are 3,568,108,125,156,038 genders (as of this minute, but by the end of this sentence that number may have gone higher than Michael Moore’s blood pressure), there needs to be more pronouns. Now, thanks to those bastions of higher-level thought the ACLU, Dictionary.com, and the Human Rights Campaign, we have a day to try to figure out what in the hell Leftists want to be called.

In celebration of International Pronouns Day, let’s make fun of preferred pronouns and have cake! And I’m all out of cake.

preferred pronouns

What the Left thinks it means –  a way for people to be called what they prefer to be called in the name of diversity and inclusion

What it really means – Leftists mucking up the language with garbage

Leftists will do almost anything to appear diverse, including creating a list of pronouns that look like an alphabet soup factory exploded. And they’re even willing to punish you for not using them! Earlier this year, the University of Minnesota considered making it an offense worthy of expulsion or firing if someone didn’t use a person’s preferred pronouns after he or she made said pronouns known. Think about that for a moment. Not calling someone by preferred pronouns could get you thrown off campus in one fashion or another.

And what’s the likelihood that student or faculty member would wind up on an informal blacklist preventing him or her from future endeavors? I’d say about as likely as Snoop Dogg getting high on a day ending in, well, day.

This reminds me a lot of the political correctness movement of the early 1990s because it too focused on language and control. If you didn’t use the right hyphenated and overwrought term on any given week, you were ostracized and shamed, even if you were more PC than IBM the week before. Now, we’re dealing with people who apply the same draconian logic to pronouns.

At least the Left is committed to recycling, even if it’s bad ideas.

There are a number of problems with the whole preferred pronouns idea. First and foremost, it defies biology. A vast majority of people fall into one of two genders, male or female. No matter how you self-identify, chances are you’re one or the other. In those rare occasions when there is a question as to what gender a person is, then we should extend our courtesy and ask how he or she would like to be referred. (Personally, I prefer using his or her name as a means to circumvent the entire issue, but I’m just a weirdo.)

If you’re a rainbow-hued college coed who thinks she is a lesbian dragonkin who self-identifies as Rob Lowe…not so much.

This brings me to my second problem with preferred pronouns: it’s based on solely one person’s feelings. If a man or woman wants me to use the preferred pronoun zer (which is real, by the way), I think of two things. First, I want to add “and the Kodan Armada” after saying zyr because I happen to love “The Last Starfighter.” And second, what about my wants? What if I don’t want to call you zyr or zee or any other pronouns you could get by overturning a box of Scrabble tiles? To comply with the wishes of those who use preferred pronouns, the submission of other people’s wills becomes a necessity.

Ah, there’s the core of the issue for me: forced or coerced compliance. When the Left cannot persuade society to change by coming up with an actual argument, they resort to force, whether it be physical (I’m looking at you Antifa), metaphorical, peer pressure, or emotional manipulation. It’s these last two that are particularly nasty because of our psychological needs to be part of a group and to be seen as good people. By preying on these needs, the Left has created a no-win game. Either you accept the preferred pronouns, or you get called a racist/bigot/homophobe/misogynist/Trump Support/conservative hatemonger/the “other” name popular this week for people who disagree with a Leftist.

The best way to avoid the no-win game…is not to play. Treat everyone with the respect you would like to receive, and if it doesn’t come back to you, so be it. Look at it this way. There are people convinced they are something they aren’t. Succumbing to their demands makes you an enabler of their delusions and makes it harder for them to find their way back to reality. As with drug abusers, eventually there is a “coming to Jesus” moment when the preferred pronoun crowd needs to decide between the life they’re living and a life without the perceived safety of their current lives. Most may continue their zyring ways because Leftist ideology is a powerful drug, but some may turn away and find the world loves them more than they realize.

That is the central questions the preferred pronoun crowd needs to answer for themselves: do I want to be known by my pronouns or by me? The former may give you a temporary boost, but it will ultimately leave you feeling empty. The latter is the harder road, but it is the more fulfilling journey because you get to find out what you’re made of. Show me a pronoun that can change the world like a strong human being can. You can’t because pronouns are just words made up of letters that mean nothing in the grand scheme of the cosmos. It’s people who give words power, not the other way around.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


Leftists are known for supporting recycling (in word, not in act), and political correctness is proof of this. What started out in the late 80s to early 90s as a way for Leftists to shame people into using certain terminology that made no sense has become a way for Leftists to shame people into using different terminology that makes no sense. Oh, and everybody is bigoted unless you believe what the Left does.

As someone who has seen both incarnations, I figured I’d take you down the rabbit hole of political correctness this week.

political correctness

What the Left believes it means: a movement that seeks to make the world better by recognizing, acknowledging, and respecting the differences in people

What it really means: Leftists being word and thought police

As I’ve brought up before, Leftists love to play with language for their own purposes. Take the term “illegal immigrant.” The Left has done a masterful job in changing the concept to “undocumented worker” to diminish the fact they’re in this country illegally and make it seem more like an oversight. (Oddly enough, if you’re an “undocumented worker” in Mexico, members of the government don’t try to get you registered to vote or give you government aid. They tend to put you in jail.)

The Left plays with the language to control the language and, in doing so, control the culture. Political correctness is the main way the Left does this. If they can make enough people change their wording, they can change their mindsets. With enough “enlightened” people, the Left can change the course of the country. Pretty tidy way to gain control if you really think about it.

Of course, with all things Leftist, it doesn’t always work out the way they think it will. Within the past year or so, professional comedians have stopped going to college campuses for shows because so many students have come out and called their performances harmful and hateful. Granted, the egos of college students these days seem to be more fragile than a balsa wood Faberge Egg, but the point is still valid. I’ve actually read and heard college students say comedy should be “instructive” and “punch up” at power structures.

Wait. How does something be both instructive and punch up at power structures? Are jokes supposed to be a schematic? And would they still be, yanno, funny? That might be the reason I don’t try out my comedy chops. I can see it now.

“Good evening, Slapnuts University! I’m going to tell a few jokes here. Knock knock!”

“I’m offended!”

And then I’d get lead off the stage by campus security and burned in effigy. Or as I call it, Tuesday.

Although political correctness is couched in the idea of respect, it really doesn’t show much respect at all for opinions that don’t coincide with the self-professed opinion makers. I saw this a lot in the 90s when people were being ostracized as not being politically correct merely for using an outdated term…that was once politically correct. Now, not using approved language not only gets you ostracized, but it can get you in trouble in life, thanks to the wonderful world of YouTube. The wrong word, the wrong clothing (yes, you read that right), even the wrong perception of a common word can go viral and create a negative impression that can impact a person’s livelihood.

But if you apply the same “logic” to them, the Left screams “harassment.” Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

But therein lies the ultimate downfall of political correctness. At some point, it eats their own. With the constantly shifting social narrative, it’s impossible to be politically correct 24/7, which means more and more people are going to be marginalized and turned into monsters when they’re only trying to be good in the opinion of others.

That’s right, kids. Political correctness isn’t determined by what you do. It’s determined by what other people’s opinions say you do. So, the easiest way to fight political correctness is to completely ignore the opinions of the politically correct.

Well, we can’t completely ignore them, especially if you’re a free speech advocate. Political correctness undercuts the rights we have to express ourselves because it puts expression up to a public debate with people who don’t want a debate. Even if you decide to self-censor to appease the PC crowd, you are giving up your ability to stand up for yourself when the crowd turns on you. And believe me it will.

Political correctness is a misnomer. It it completely political, but it isn’t correct.