Yesterday afternoon millions of voters were betrayed. Bernie Sanders, the advocate for Democratic Socialism, showed his true colors. He endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, unifying the Democratic Party.

Bernie Sanders was never for the average man. He was never for removing corporate control of political parties and candidates. If he was truly for these things he would have never endorsed Clinton. She stands at the apex of everything Bernie Sanders claimed he was against.

No Bernie Sanders is a true loyal rank and file Democrat. And when the party bosses told him to end his campaign and support Hillary Clinton. That is exactly what he did. And at that moment millions of young and old minds alike were shattered. The illusion of Social Democracy came crashing down snuffing out the Bern and leaving nothing but cold ashes.

Now there are millions of voters who liked what Bernie Sanders was saying. And there was some truth to his message. Politics as usual is not what “We the People” want any more. That is why non-traditional candidates have gained such a following in recent years. Even on the other side of the Atlantic, we saw it in the Brexit vote.

For the Sanders supporters who were betrayed yesterday. There are aspects of his message with Donald Trump. Not sugar coated in the lies of Socialism. But honest changes to bring our government back to the people where it belongs.

Hillary Clinton is not the answer. We all know where a Clinton White House leads and she is not her husband. She caters to special interests attempting to please everyone all of the time. And she thinks you are not smart enough to know that cannot be done. She is bought and payed for by Wall Street and international interests. She has violated so many laws. Voting for her would be a betrayal of the worst kind.

Come on over to Donald Trump. He’s rough on the edges like a thorny rose bush. But without the thorns we wouldn’t have the roses. You wont get everything that Bernie Sanders was preaching. Donald Trump isn’t supporting the Socialist message. But he is supporting a better future for America. And he does want politics to return to the hands of “We the people.”

Tweedledee and Tweedledum


I see people and groups on various social media sites with the dual hashtags of #neverHillary #neverTrump. In a two-party political system like we have in the United States this is just plainly ignorant.

The two hashtags are mutually exclusive. In the United States we have only two parties with any chance of winning a presidential election. The Republican Party and the Democratic Party, all other 3rd parties will never see the Oval Office.

If someone is #neverTrump, then they are against the (presumptive) Republican nominee Donald Trump for President. Which means they are either voting for the Democrat nominee, throwing away their vote on a 3rd party protest candidate, or simply not voting at all.

In any of the above voting actions, not supporting the Republican nominee leads to a Democrat victory in the presidential general election. It’s just plain factual history. The Republican’s would have won in 2012 if the Evangelical faction didn’t stay away from the polls. But that faction didn’t want to vote for a Mormon nominee for President.

Likewise, if someone is #neverHillary, then they are against the (presumptive) Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. Again this means they are either voting for the Republican nominee, throwing away their vote on a 3rd party protest candidate, or simply not voting at all.

Just as the last example, the only option that helps the Republicans win the White House is if the #neverHillary voter does vote for the Republican nominee. All other possibilities do not help that cause. And rarely has a registered Democrat ever gone against the party nominee. It just doesn’t happen. So most of those voters supporting the #neverHillary tag are either Republican’s or Independent voters.

If you are both #neverHillary and #neverTrump then you are ignorant of our political system and history. You need to get off the fence and choose one or the other to support. We have a binary system here, there isn’t a 3rd option that is viable.

Against Hillary is to be Pro Trump. Against Trump is to be Pro Hillary. All other perceived options are false. They are illusions and shadows. They are not real. But they will lead to a real victory of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton in the White House come November if believed.