They are not the same


This is not only false it is blasphemous. The God of the Bible is not and has never been the god worshiped by Moslems. They are distinctively different beings with different characteristics and decidedly different character.

The cause of fighting isn’t based on the messenger. It is the message.

This whole lie needs to be stopped as it is anti-Christian and anti-Israel as well.

Soleimani, a Dead Terrorist


The Iranian Moslem Terrorist Soleimani is dead. He was killed in an air strike retaliation due to his part in organizing the recent attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad.

This should come as no surprise as Soleimani was a general in Iran’s Elite Guard. The organization that was founded by those terrorists who 41 years ago stormed the US Embassy in Tehran, murdering and taking hostages along the way.

Soleimani was a terrorist. His death is being celebrated across the Middle East by those brave enough to risk their very lives in showing support and solidarity with the United States and liberty. Including many in the Leftist totalitarian Moslem Terrorist State of Iran. Brave souls that are being ignored by the American anti-Trump Leftist media.

Here in the United States this Leftist Moslem Terrorist is being hailed as a hero and as a good man by the Left and the media. This is a disgrace and dishonor to all people who have lost their lives to Moslem Terrorism. You should be ashamed of yourself if you support or defend this monster of evil.

Enemy Mine


We need to dispel the myth that the Kurds are our friends. They are not. They are a radical Iranian sect of Moslims.

They were not our friends when the Shaw ruled Iran. The Kurds assisted in the over through of the Shaw during the Iranian Revolution. The Kurds have been murdering Middle Eastern Christians and Jews for centuries as well and this practice continues to this day.

And like all sects of Islam, they fight and kill one another as well.

The enemy of my enemy is not my friend. Yes, we armed them because they were fighting a common enemy in Syria. But that does not make them an ally or a friend of ours. Once the common enemy is routed they will turn on their older enemies which includes the United States and it’s allies.

President Trump is right to remove ourselves from that region.