The 3rd Party Question


The anti-Trump Republicans and Independents are looking for a 3rd Party alternative in the November election. Their goal is to force the election into the hands of the Republican controlled US House of Representatives by preventing any nominee from getting 270 electoral votes. This is a lofty goal, but possible in this election cycle.

Those leading this movement have singled out 3 top contenders for the 3rd Party nomination. Senator Ben Sasse, former Senator Tom Coburn, and former Governor Mitt Romney.

Former Senator Tom Coburn has already stated he is not interested in running as a 3rd Party candidate. This leaves the movement with the other 2 potentials.

It is important to note that Senator Ted Cruz is not in this list. This leads to many questions. Is Ted Cruz going to support Donald Trump as the nominee? Is Ted Cruz going to attempt to change the rules at the convention to win the nomination himself? Or is Ted Cruz going to start his own 3rd Party bid for the presidency? These and other questions remain unanswered for now.

The remaining 2 top picks for the 3rd Party run are very different men, not only from each other but also from the presumptive nominees of the Republican and Democrat parties.

First is the junior Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska. The very thing that was used to attack both Obama’s presidency and Marco Rubio’s campaign seems not to matter for Senator Sasse (or Cruz for that matter.) Another untested freshman junior senator is hardly what the country needs again at it’s helm.

Of course when it’s “your guy” his faults are overlooked. Even if they are exactly the same reason you opposed another candidate as in the case of Marco Rubio and President Obama.

And the last potential 3rd Party runner up is former Governor Mitt Romney. He was the GOP nominee just 4 years ago and lost to Obama’s reelection bid. So already he doesn’t have a good track record.

Mitt Romney lost in 2012 for 2 reasons. The first strike against him was his connection to “ObamaCare”. It was Governor Mitt Romney that created it’s forerunner “RomneyCare” while he was at the helm of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The other is Mitt Romney is not an evangelical Christian. He is a member of the Mormon Church, seen by many evangelicals as a false teaching and a cult. Thus many evangelicals stayed home in 2012 which caused Mitt Romney to loose the election.

But now the evangelicals who rejected Romney just 4 years ago are welcoming him with open arms as their 3rd Party nominee choice. These 3rd Party pushers are nothing but hypocrites. They are not voting for their moral convictions. They are not voting for the Constitution or the principles of Liberty. No, they are voting to keep their own power, wealth, and influence on American politics and public policy.

They are evil and corrupt. No better than Hillary Clinton or any other wolf in sheep’s clothing. The need to be excised from the political landscape. They are responsible for turning our political process into the cesspool most see it as today.

3rd Parties don’t work in our 2 party system. You can always change which 2 parties are in control by changing how they do business. But that change always has come from within the parties and not from outside of the parties.

Dr. Strangetax (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bernie Sanders)


Earlier this week, Bernie Sanders released his 2014 tax returns and it turns out he has a net worth of $205,000 and paid $27,653, creating an effective tax rate of…13.5%. Damn the 1%!

For the progressive populist who rails against the rich not paying their fair share to pay an effective tax rate that low, it’s going to cost his some street cred with his followers. Oh, who am I kidding? That fact won’t matter a bit to them. He could fleece a rich person on 5th Avenue and his supporters would still support him. But before those of us to the right of him start yelling “hypocrisy,” let me offer an alternative viewpoint.

I say it’s good for Sanders to pay such a low tax rate because he’s using the current system to his advantage. He’s no different than the “evil rich” who pay around that same effective tax rate, like Mitt Romney. That’s not cheating the system; that’s playing by the rules as written. Good for him! We should not begrudge Sanders for that.

Where we can begrudge him is in thinking people like Romney aren’t paying their fair share. When you break down the percentages, the top 10% pay over 90% of the tax burden. Meanwhile, the bottom 50% pay less than 5% of the tax burden. Some of this has to do with the amount of income they make, but the larger part of this is the current tax system, the same one Sanders is both using and lambasting.

Now, here’s the funny part. Sanders is making a great case for a flat tax without even knowing it. Imagine a system where the rich pay more in taxes from a monetary standpoint while paying the same percentage as the lower and middle classes. That’s what a flat tax will accomplish in short order. That way both the Left and the Right can get what they want without advancing the notion the rich or poor are gaming the system.

Of course, that’s not going to satisfy the Left because, well, they’re always pissed off about something. But it’s the most logical approach to the problems Sanders says are out there. Until we get a President with the guts to insist upon a flat tax, we should all be free to use the system we have without fear or guilt.

So, thank you, Bernie Sanders, for giving us the best case for a flat tax!