Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


It’s been quite a week for former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. For those of you who haven’t been following the news lately, Schneiderman has been accused of sexually assaulting at least four women. Normally, I would avoid this type of story like I avoid watching “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” but it piqued my interest for a couple of reasons. One reason is because he is a Democrat who has built his career around fighting sexual assault, even to the point of being a proud supporter of #MeToo.

The other reason has nothing to do with Schneiderman directly. Instead, it has to do with someone on the opposite side of the political spectrum, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Recently, MSNBC host Nicole Wallace asked reporters, “How do you resist the temptation to run up and wring her [Huckabee Sanders] neck?” complete with hand gestures replicating choking a person…in a question about tensions between Huckabee Sanders and the White House Press Corps.

Two different situations that fall under one word the Left slings around like hash browns at a Waffle House: misogyny. It seems to be a complicated, nuanced word to hear the Left talk, but is it?

Not so much.


What the Left thinks it means – attacking a woman and her agency through thought, word, and deed

What it really means – attacking a Leftist woman and her agency through presumed thought, word, and deed

When the Left talks of misogyny, it’s usually in relation to existing economic or societal structures. In their minds, men run the world and do everything in their power to keep women down. Through this, Leftists weave a convincing narrative covering everything from women having to pay more for certain products like deodorant to women making less money as men for doing the same work to a lack of women in positions of power. All of this is wrapped up in a tidy bow and presented to us as fact.

Of course, it’s utter bullshit.

The Left needs women to think they’re being oppressed by The Man because that notion keeps them on the Leftist reservation with all the other people who think they’re being oppressed and the Left is the only group that can help them.  And, believe me, the Left talks a pretty good game when it comes to saying they want women to succeed. But try getting them to support a conservative or Republican woman. They abandon their identity politics faster than Bill Clinton hits on a woman at a Hooters and say “Supporting women doesn’t mean supporting women who aren’t qualified.”

In other words, Leftists support women so long as they think, speak, and act like they want. For anyone else, it’s open season.

Which brings us back to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Because she’s not a Leftist, she can never be the victim of misogyny, no matter how vile the sentiments being expressed or how serious the threats to her personally and professionally.

But that sword cuts both ways. If you are a Leftist, you can never be a misogynist because you believe the right way. Even though it appears some of Schneiderman’s sexual escapades may have been non-consensual, there are Leftists weaving conspiracy theories stating President Donald Trump was behind it all. Granted, Trump has a lot of power, but he doesn’t have the power to make a powerful man treat women like trash, allegedly. That’s all on Schneiderman.

And that’s not the whole of it, either. Leftists also find ways to make just about everything misogynistic, even when there is no logical way it could be. One popular example of this is video games. The Left thinks video games are misogynistic if they don’t have enough strong female characters…or if they have strong female characters that are attractive to young men (the main demographic of video games)…or if the female characters don’t have compelling stories…or if they conform to the same goals as the male characters…or if they are the antagonists…or because their feefees got hurt.

This is one reason I always laugh when Leftists start seeing misogyny everywhere: because they are inventing outrage to justify their beliefs. (That, and they look like rejects from “Battlefield Earth.”) Another reason is because Leftists often fail to recognize actual misogyny. Extreme Islam, which actually attacks, kills, and enslaves women? The Left can’t be bothered to discuss that. They’re too busy protesting the obvious misogyny in Superman not being female!

Or hiding it when one of theirs is guilty of it.

Or attacking a conservative woman for not being one of them.

Leftists have a major blind spot when it comes to misogyny, which makes them not that credible when it comes to spotting misogyny. Instead, let’s call out the real misogyny that’s out there. Anytime a Leftist calls a conservative woman a horrible name, take them to task for it. Heck, if you really want to make a statement, insist Leftist males give up their positions to conservative women!

After all, they wouldn’t want to be misogynists, right?

Swing and a Mis-ogyny


Recently, it was announced Hillary Clinton would be writing a memoir about the 2016 Presidential election. And, surprisingly, it’s not going to focus on the fact her campaign made Pat Paulsen look like Ronald Reagan, circa 1984. Instead, it’s going to focus on Russia, James Comey, and, get this, misogyny. Since the Russia and Comey angles have been discussed so often PETA is protesting the news coverage after the dead horse has been beaten, I’m going to focus on the misogyny claim for a bit.

Mrs. Clinton, maybe you weren’t watching the same campaign I was, but you were tossed so many softballs the stock price for Nerf skyrocketed when you talked to the press. And by “press” I mean your lapdog reporters hanging on your every word and deflecting any bad news away from you. I swear Andrea Mitchell was a few drinks away from going all Brokeback Mountain on you.

If anything, Mrs. Clinton has it pretty easy. Take the homebrew email server scandal, for example. When the press weren’t ignoring the implications of a Presidential candidate eliminating emails requested by
Congress to determine whether she broke the law, they were making excuses that would make a five year old look mature. Yes, I know previous Secretaries of State used private emails for State Department business, but it wasn’t illegal until 2009. Now, tell me when you became Secretary of State again…

Regardless, it’s hard for me to believe misogyny played a role in the Clinton campaign’s failure to capture the White House last year. When you look at all the females who supported her, ranging from celebrities to average folks, the fact women came out in droves for Hillary cannot be discounted. If the campaign was the victim of misogyny, female celebrities would be scared to come forward in support of Hillary out of fear of retribution. Since that doesn’t happen (except to Hollywood conservatives), blaming the 2016 Presidential loss on misogyny is laughable.

What isn’t so laughable is how quickly Hillary is playing the woman card again after it failed to work in 2016. Look, you weren’t entitled to be President because you’re a woman. In fact, you weren’t even entitled to it because you lived there for 8 years as First Lady. You have to earn the position, and you can’t do that when you’re looking for misogyny under every polling number. If you want to see real misogyny, ask your husband for some examples. I’m sure his little black filing cabinet is full of them, among other sundry items not suitable for public knowledge.

Granted, Donald Trump has a bit of a history with mistreating women, either directly or by not treating them as well as they could be. Even so, that doesn’t mean the press and campaign swung to his side. If anything, Trump was taken to task for every misstep, every vaguely insulting comment, every ill-advised Tweet that could be turned into an attack on women. When you look at the media coverage of Trump’s comments about some women and compare it to the homebrew server story, the former used more ink than an octopus family reunion. And which one actually mattered more? The email server story by a country mile. What Trump said (or at least what he was said to have said) was vulgar. What Hillary did was illegal.

So, you’ll excuse me if I don’t buy into the notion The Man kept you down, Hillary, and I won’t buy your book. However, in the spirit of bipartisanship and no hard feelings, let me offer you a title for your book.

How does I Got Beat By a Reality TV Show Host and All I Got Was This Lousy Book Deal grab you?