In Defense of Mike Pence


Recently, Democrat Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris made comments about Vice-President Mike Pence and his rule about not dining alone with a woman. From a Tweet by national DNC mouthpiece…I mean NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell:

@KamalaHarris on Pence: I disagree when he suggests it’s not possible to have meetings with women alone by himself. I think that’s ridiculous idea that you would deny a professional woman the opportunity to have a meeting with the VP is outrageous. #AMR

Given how Senator Harris is rumored to have risen in the ranks of Democrat politicians in California, I’m not sure I would make too many references to professional women, if you know what I mean. And if you don’t know what I mean, be glad you don’t.

My issue with Senator Harris’ comments isn’t about her background, but rather about how she distorted what Pence’s stated policy actually is. According to The Hill and as repeated in Vanity Fair, Pence doesn’t dine alone with a woman who isn’t his wife and he won’t attend events with alcohol if she isn’t present. This has been extended (though not verified to my knowledge) to mean if anyone needs to stay late with him at the office, it has to be a male aide.

And Leftists, being the serious-minded and mature people they are, have mocked Pence for this. Some say he’s old-fashioned and religiously fanatical. Others say he’s a sexual predator who can’t be trusted. Others have gone so far as to say it means he’s a closeted gay man. And all of them agree his behavior proves he can’t be trusted as Vice-President.

I disagree. If anything, it shows why Leftists can’t be trusted with pointy scissors, let alone the Vice Presidency.

Harris’ claim suggests Pence is sexist because he won’t meet with women alone. That’s a gross distortion of what he actually said, and it’s done to set up a straw man for Senator Harris to knock down with ease. There is a vast difference between not dining alone with a woman and not conducting meetings alone with women. Granted, some business can be conducted over dinner, but to conflate the two is dishonest at best. If we look at the breadth of Pence’s career in office, does he show sexist behavior?


Oh, sure, the Left says he’s anti-woman because of what they say his religious beliefs are, but that doesn’t pan out once you take a look at what he’s done. Pence has consistently treated women with respect and honor, even when they haven’t extended him the same courtesy. (I’m looking right at you, Ellen Page.) I think it’s this respect for women and how easily they can be perceived negatively by being seen alone with a powerful man that drives his thinking more than any religious doctrine.

I will admit, however, I can’t discount his faith being part of the equation. By all accounts, Pence is a devout Christian. A little more personally restrictive for my tastes, but that’s his interpretation of the Bible and I accept that. Judging from the lack of sex scandals (or any scandals for that matter) connected to Pence, I’d say he’s living right.

And rent-free in Leftists’ heads, apparently.

The thing that sticks in their craws the most is the fact Pence really can’t be slimed the way they’ve been able to do it with other Republican leaders in the past. His personal standards keep him out of the fray, so the mud being slung just doesn’t stick to him. When dirty secrets don’t work, the Left comes up with even dirtier lies, like the one Senator Harris pushed. And that, boys and girls, shows you why Pence comes out ahead against Leftists like Harris.

If anything, Pence’s personal code is a good one to follow for men and women alike. Pence says he does it to “avoid misunderstandings,” and I agree. It also prevents him from being caught up in today’s ever-changing sexual landscape, muddied by guess who…Leftists. We have women marching in the streets to “reclaim” a derogatory term for a woman and march in next to nothing while complaining about being overly sexualized and supporting a practice that kills a significant number of female babies resulting from sexual activity, and all while calling on Leftist legislators to support said right using the slogan “Keep Your Laws Out of Our”… well, you know. And on the male side, we have the idea all men are potential rapists who can’t control our urges for even one microsecond when a woman is present, unless these same men reject what is perceived to be “the Patriarchy” and do whatever women want in the vain hope a woman will see them as potential mates.

If you think that’s confusing, don’t get me started on intersectionality, folks.

To give you the Reader’s Digest condensed version, gender relations in America today are more messed up than a 200 car accident on the 405. When men and women aren’t actively hating each other for, well, acting like men and women, they have to navigate a complex series of Choose Your Own Adventure type scenarios where there is only one right answer, you don’t get to cheat by skipping ahead, and nobody tells you what the right answer is. And then when we get someone like Mike Pence who has a simple, yet effective, way of dealing with the matter (i.e. not to even appear to be playing the game), he gets mocked, attacked, and slandered by people who can’t be bothered to learn the truth.

I think Vice-President Pence is capable enough of defending himself (or at least knowing people he can count on to defend him), so my lone voice may not matter much in the grand scheme of things. Even so, with Kamala Harris’ dirty swipe at him, I felt the need to add my voice to the chorus of those defending a man whose worst sin is being too clean for politics.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


It’s been quite a week or so since Election Day. Between the press trying to explain why Donald Trump won (hint: Hillary Clinton sucked as a candidate), the Leftists deciding to make friends and influence people by calling Trump voters and third party voters racist/sexist/homophobic/stupid/fascist/Nazis/traitors/insert-insult-of-the-day-here, and a lot of millennials crying more than Tammy Fae Baker cutting onions, it seems the country might be in need of a break from politics.

That’s probably what Vice President-Elect Mike Pence thought when he attended a presentation of the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” in New York City last Friday. During the performance, not only did he get booed, but one of the actors, Brandon Dixon, delivered a monologue that included the following statement:

We, sir, we, are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us — our planet, our children, our parents — or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. But we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us. All of us.

Afterwards, President-Elect Donald Trump tweeted his disapproval of the actor’s actions and requested an apology. Mr. Dixon tweeted back saying “conversation is not harassment.”

And with that, we have our latest addition to the Leftist Lexicon.


What Leftists think it means – talking to someone about your opinions and why you’re right

What it actually means – two or more people exchanging ideas

That’s right, Leftist kiddies. Conversation is a two-way street, meaning when you stop talking, you need to let someone else talk for a while. What Dixon did, as noble as it may seem on the surface, was as much of a conversation as when I speak to my dog. Not to say my dog isn’t a great conversationalist, mind you. It’s just that I don’t speak Dog.

Now, before you get your First Amendment panties in a bunch, let me make something perfectly clear. The actor and his fellow castmembers have the right to speak their opinions without fear of censorship by the government. Even if there is a soon-to-be-Vice President in the audience, the government has no business forcing silence on a dissenting opinion.

Ah, but there’s the rub. The government wasn’t trying to shut down a dissenting opinion. It was not a conversation, but a monologue. If the cast gave Pence a chance to respond, then it would be a conversation. But as yet, we have not heard whether the cast of “Hamilton” is going to allow Pence an opportunity to respond in the same manner in which he was spoken to, but let’s just say I’m not holding my breath for that day to come.

The Left loves to operate like this. They want to dominate the discourse whenever they can because they really don’t have a good response to opposing ideas. You’re either with them, or you’re lower than a worm’s codpiece. Not exactly a good way to start a conversation.

Then again, the Left really doesn’t want a conversation because the more you question their reasoning, the more it becomes evident reason just isn’t in their wheelhouse. Just try to nail them down on any topic. Global warming, the Electoral College, what wine to serve with free range gluten free tofu patties. If you’re lucky, you’ll get out of the conversation with your sanity and a few good tofu recipes. (My favorite: throw the tofu in the garbage and order a pizza.)

If the Left really wants conversation in the era of President Trump, they are going to have to get used to the idea theirs isn’t the only opinion out there. If the “Hamilton” cast is any indication, I get the feeling it will be a while before they’re ready for an actual conversation.

Say, when a Democrat becomes President. And even then, it’s iffy.