Mob Injustice


The Leftist Democratic party thugs in Antifa are doing exactly what former Secretary Hillary Clinton and Congresswoman Maxine Waters have told them to do. This is bullying, harassment, and inciting a riot. And this is illegal.

Not only should the assailants go to jail for their individual actions but so should the Democratic party leadership that encourages these actions. Inciting a riot is a crime and those responsible need to be held accountable. Congresswoman Maxine Waters and former Secretary Hillary Clinton need to be arrested, charged, and prosecuted for inciting a riot after each incident that takes place.

If this is not stopped it will only get worse. And someone will eventually be murdered by the angry Democratic party mobs.

157 years ago the Democratic party caused a war between the states. And it looks like they are on track to do it again.

Mad Maxine


Congresswoman Maxine Waters is on a mission: to impeach President Donald Trump. (Well, depending on the day, that’s her mission. After all, she did say she never called for Trump’s impeachment…after clearly calling for it…multiple times.) The grounds for impeachment are still fuzzier than a lycanthrope peach with a 5 o’clock shadow, but darn it, she’s serious. As are the multitudes of people who are following her on this self-righteous crusade.

As someone who was in Congress at the time a previous President was impeached, I would hope Ms. Waters would know a bit about the impeachment process. Unfortunately for her, it’s not clear she’s learned anything.

Before we dive into this subject, let’s review the terminology. Impeachment is a political process outlined in the Constitution which allows for the removal of elected officials if it can be proven they broke the law. The Left focuses on the political element of the process, mainly because they can paint any efforts to impeach one of their own as a partisan witch hunt that puts Salem to shame. However, we need to focus on the part where there are actual crimes committed, since that’s the crux of the actual definition.

The Constitution states impeachment can be initiated when the House determines a political figure has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Fortunately for elected officials in Colorado, high crimes don’t involve drug use, but rather the status of the official committing the crime. So, you’re free to bogart that j if you want. Put another way, if a President has a parking ticket, he or she could be up for impeachment if there is enough sentiment for the House to act on it. And you should see what they do to politicians who have overdue library books!

As of the date of this writing, no credible evidence has been presented showing Donald Trump broke the law. Normally, that would be enough for sensible politicians to hold off on the impeachment talk, but Congresswoman Waters is anything but sensible (much to the delight of people like me who get to make fun of self-important politicians on a regular basis). There are suggested crimes, if you could call them that, but nothing concrete that would stand up in a court of law. Granted, impeachment is a political process, so the rule of law can get thrown out faster than Bill Clinton’s pants at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch and the rule of politics is put in its place. That makes any charge, no matter how politically motivated it is, easier to make stick.

And that’s where we are with the movement to impeach Trump. The impeachment calls are based on alleged collusion with Russia to “hack” our 2016 election and the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. Now, last time I checked, it wasn’t illegal to do business with or in Russia. After all, wasn’t it Hillary Clinton who “reset” our relationship with Russia? She even gave them a button! That makes them…an ally. Are Leftists really going to push for impeachment for a legal action?

Yes, yes, they are.

And they’re supposed to be the smart ones?

If that wasn’t enough to throw a wet blanket on Impeach-A-Palooza 2017, here’s another inconvenient truth, not courtesy of Al Gore. Remember when I talked about high crimes and misdemeanors referring to the position of the elected official, not the severity of the crime? Well, if Trump did collude with Russia to impact the 2016 election, he did so as a private citizen, not as President. Remember, Donald Trump didn’t officially become President until the Electoral College vote was certified and he took the Oath of Office. Even if the criminal ran for President, until he or she is President, impeachment isn’t on the table. What would the punishment be for a private citizen? Removal from an office he or she didn’t even have until after the crime was alleged to have been committed? Censure from Congress, a body so corrupt it makes Mos Eisley looks like Branson, Missouri?

Face it, Congresswoman. Your quest to impeach Donald Trump is fundamentally flawed. You, madam, are Donna Quixote, and nobody else is stepping up to be your Sancho Panza. Listen to reason and drop the impeachment talk. Lieutenant Dan had more legs to stand on than you do.