Constitutional Convention Calls


There is a lot of talk about holding a Constitutional Convention, a Convention of the States, as outlined in Article V of the US Constitution. This is a dangerous notion. And one that must be opposed at every level and opportunity.

This talk isn’t new. I have seen it on past election ballots before. And I have always opposed such measures and always will. It is a great danger to our Country, our States, and our People. It is a greater danger to our Republic, our freedoms, and our Liberties.

A Constitutional Convention after the year 1808 allows the delegates to change anything and everything in the Constitution. Including scrapping our current Constitution and creating a brand new one.

This raises the question on the character of delegates to this Constitutional Convention. Are they going to protect the Republic? Are they going to defend Liberty? Do they have the Wisdom of our Founding Fathers? Unfortunately the answer to all of those is probably not. Which is why we cannot afford such a convention.

The writings of our Founding Fathers show that they were hesitant in adding Article V to the Constitution. They were afraid it would be used. That is why it had restrictions written into it until 1808. To ensure a generation of Liberty and the Republic . They never saw a time when our Liberties and the Republic would fall from within.

Oppose any attempt to call a Constitutional Convention or Convention of the States under Article V of the Constitution with every breath of life you have. The American Republic depends on preserving the Constitution. No rewriting it. Our children, our grand children, and the generations yet to be born need the Constitution written by our Founding Fathers, not one written in the 21st century.

Gun Taxation


I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Our nation’s founders knew all to well what happens when free men can no longer be armed. They loose their freedoms. And the 2nd Amendment was put in place to assure that our free republic could be kept.

But we have those that hate our freedoms. They constantly seek to redefine what our founders wrote. Making unjust claim after claim. Attempting to legislate our freedoms away one by one. And they are succeeding.

That 2nd Amendment keeps coming up. The progressive hate it the most. An armed citizenry can abolish a government, by force, if it becomes a destructive to the liberties it was ordained to protect.

So how does the progressive liberal deal with such an issue? They turn to their favored weapon. Taxation. If they cannot outlaw guns, they will tax them out of existence.

Taxation only has two functions. The first is to raise revenue. And the second is to control behavior. We see this used more and more by the liberal agenda. From taxes on candy, soda pop, tobacco. To the speed and red light cameras that are springing up everywhere in our nation.

Now there are those taking the advise that Hillary Clinton gave back in 1993. She purposed that instead of outlawing gun ownership, which violates the Constitution. That there be steep taxes placed on firearms and fees on gun dealers instead.

The Emerald City, Seattle WA, was the first to enact taxation as a means of gun control. Imposing a $25 tax on all guns in the city. And imposing a tax of 2-5 cents on every round of ammunition. This tax went into effect at the first of the year. It has already caused at least one gun dealer to leave the city.

And earlier this month the Governor of the US Territory of the Northern Marian Islands announced their new gun tax law that went into effect. It imposes a $1000 tax on guns. And the governor stated how it should be the “role model” for all states.

Lastly, we have Cook County, IL. The home of Chicago, and one of the most corrupt jurisdictions in the Union. Has also passed a taxation on guns and ammunition similar to that passed by the City of Seattle. Cook County’s tax goes into effect at the first of June.

These will may be the first to walk down this path. But they will not be the last. The liberal agenda calls for an unarmed citizenry. And since it cannot be enacted by banning guns due to the Constitution. It can be circumvented in the way of taxes. Making guns unaffordable to the general population of law abiding citizens.

Election Cycle


It’s 2015 and we are approaching the next big election cycle. Maybe I will get back into the grove of posting my thoughts as time gets closer and the candidates come to Iowa to be vetted. Every election is always given the title of the “most important election.” And the same will be for the 2016 Presidential Election.

Why is every election the “most important election” of your life time? Simply because in every election you, as the voter, reaffirms your belief in our Republic. You shape the future of our Republic.

Use your vote carefully so that future generations will still have our Republic the way it was intended to be. Even our Founding Fathers knew that the Republic they created would not be destroyed by outside forces. As no outside force would be able to take it down. It could be destroyed from the inside.