Lack of Unity


It’s been a few days and I’ve been thinking about what Governor Kim Reynolds said earlier this week. If you haven’t been keeping up the Governor suggested that Iowa’s only Republican Congressman should consider leaving politics. This was not a good idea.

Iowa’s only Republican Congressman is the 4th district representative, Steve King. He is hated by the Left and RINO’s alike. I personally do not like him. It’s not his politics or the lies the Left tells about him. It’s his personality.

Also I am not in the 4th district. But if I was, I would have voted for Steve King.

Governor Reynolds needs to learn she cannot attack other Republicans. Calling out the RINO’s is perfectly acceptable but not attacks on other Republicans who are patriots and defenders of the Republic.

This action is a bad mark against the Governor. It may very well lead to a Primary vote leading up to the 2022 election cycle. This could be her only true term as the Governor of Iowa.

Iowa a Mixed Bag


At the state level here in Iowa we have a mixed bag of results. Fortunately we are keeping a Republican majority in both houses of the Iowa Assembly and in the Governorship with Kim Reynolds.

We also keep Paul Pate as the Secretary of State who will keep our elections purer without Leftist attempts to have fraudulent votes. We also have the Secretary of Agriculture as well.

We loss the State Auditor position. This is a bad loss because the Leftist who won is not a CPA and cannot conduct audits. Thus all auditing will now need to be outsourced and paid for by the tax payers of Iowa. A needless expense when we had a CPA as the State Auditor. Additionally this Leftist is only using this position to get name recognition and as a stepping stone to other political offices.

The Treasurer and Attorney General are still in the hands of Leftists. We really need someone to go against Tom Miller, he has been the Leftist Attorney General for 10 terms. And he does not represent the views of Iowa or Iowa’s people.

End of an Era in Iowa


With a vote in the US Senate the term of America’s longest serving governor comes to an end. The US Senate confirmed Monday afternoon that Terry Branstad would be the US Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China. This ends his role as the Governor of the State of Iowa and his record as the longest serving governor in American history.

Today Govenor Branstad resigns from the Govenorship of Iowa and will be sworn in as the Ambassador to China. In his place Lieutenant Govenor Kim Reynolds will be sworn in as the 43rd Govenor of the State of Iowa.

Governor Reynolds will be Iowa’s first female Governor and she will serve out the remainder of Terry Branstad’s term which ends in 2018. She will most likely run for re-election as the Republican nominee at that time.