Heartbeat Failure, the failure of the Iowa Assembly


In Iowa the Heartbeat Law that protects unborn children from being murdered in the womb was declared unconstitutional by an unelected black-robed tyrant Leftist activist county judge.

This is wrong for a number of reasons. First of all that all Life is sacred and constitutionally protected. Secondly, this law was passed by Iowa’s legislative body, the Iowa Assembly, and signed into law by the Governor.

The third reason is that the county judge who issued this erroneous opinion doesn’t have the authority to declare an act of the legislature as unconstitutional. Judicial review was not granted to any court because of the overreaching power it would give to judges.

Both of these so-called powers were granted to the courts by the courts in their own opinions. A clear power grab and usurpation of the rights of the people.

Someone in the appropriate house of the Iowa Assembly needs to introduce Articles of Impeachment against this county judge, Mr. Michael Huppert since he has clearly overstepped his authority and has decided to enact legislation from the bench.

Unfortunately though I doubt anyone will raise a finger in the Iowa Assembly against activist judges. They all lack the backbone required to do their own jobs.

Celebrate but it’s a Dud


Fireworks are now legal for the first time in Iowa since 1937. That means they were outlawed before my dad was 5 years old. I am now 50 and they are once again legal. Well sort of anyway.

The Iowa Assembly and the Governor legalized fireworks in the State of Iowa this spring. Unfortunately they allowed cities and municipalities to set their own regulations on fireworks. Enabling them to opt-out of the law. So they might be legal in one neighborhood but not legal on the next street over if you cross any official city limits.

Also the local fire marshals are the ones in charge of issuing permits to sell fireworks. And they have no accountability. They can deny a permit if they don’t like you. Or if they don’t like fireworks even if they are legal in the jurisdiction.

This kind of nonsense is why the Iowa Assembly passed a state-wide minimum wage law this spring. To avoid the patchwork of minimum wage laws by local jurisdictions. How quickly they forget.

And this is also why the Iowa Assembly passed the “shall issue” legislation several years ago on gun permits. Eliminating the problem of local sherrifs issuing permits only to people they liked or shared a political affiliation with them.

The Iowa Assembly needs to go back and amend the fireworks law to end the patchwork of local jurisdictions and prejudices of local fire marshals across the State.

Otherwise the fireworks stores on Interstate 35 south of the Iowa border will continue to get tax revenue from Iowans buying fireworks. Legal or not.