The Church Speaks Out Against Governor Cuomo


On the anniversary of Roe v Wade, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York signed into the law the most liberal abortion bill in the world. Legalizing abortion from conception until birth in the state of New York. This wicked and most evil act has not gone unnoticed by the Holy Church.

Governor Cuomo claims he is a practicing Catholic. And the Church has responded with a couple of statements. The New York State Catholic Conference calls the legislation a “tragic chapter in the state’s history.”

While the Bishop of Albany, The Most Reverend Edward B. Scharfenberger has taken it a step further. He has called into question the validity and commitment of Governor Cuomo’s faith. And has stated that this legislation cannot be reconciled with the values of the Catholic faith.

I applaud these statements that have been issued. As the spiritual leaders of Governor Cuomo’s professed faith, they have authority and the duty to do so. However more needs to be done.

His Eminence, Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan, the Archbishop of New York’s Archdiocese, needs to make a statement about this grievous error in judgement by Governor Cuomo. And then follow through by action and excommunicate Governor Andrew Cuomo.

With the penance to be reinstated as a member of the Catholic faith to do all in his power to end this stain on his faith and on the people of New York by having this evil and wicked legislation repealed.

Now if Governor Cuomo refuses or doesn’t care and just dismisses the Archbishop’s concerns. Then the Archbishop should issue an Interdict on the state of New York.

For those no familiar with Interdict, it is an important tool used by the Church in the Middle Ages. Commonly when a wayward noble went against the teachings of the Church.

What Interdict does is it closes the doors of the Church. This means no sacraments are performed during the Interdict. No baptisms, no marriages, no funerals, and no Masses are performed in a region under Interdict.

The purpose was to have the people pressure the noble into compliance with the Church.

Used in today’s modern times this puts pressure on a politician. He will either have to comply with the Church or resign from office in order for the Holy Church to lift the Interdict.