Republican National Convention


As we move into the last primary of May, Donald Trump is just 68 delegates short of the 1237 needed to have the nomination all wrapped up before the convention in July. It includes today’s (May 24th) primary and the last primaries on June 7th. There are 347 delegates available. It should be an easy win for The Donald.

But as the saying goes, ‘the opera isn’t over until the fat lady sings.’ In this case that “opera” is the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. And the “fat lady” is the first round voting where the delegates are bound to vote according to their state’s popular vote.

One would think it would be a formality. Donald Trump will have the delegates and therefore should have the nomination. But other forces are at work in this election cycle that would like to change that outcome.

The “establishment” doesn’t want a nominee or President that cannot be bought or controlled by the party’s string pullers. And Donald Trump is the only candidate out of the 17 that holds that distinction. Not being able to pull those strings leads to a questionable future for these establishment insiders. They would be in danger of loosing their jobs and power.

Then there is the #CruzCrew faction of the GOP that believes in the Holy Cruzade of their cult leader Ted Cruz. And Ted Cruz has stated since the beginning that he would do anything to win. For the #CruzCrew, the ends do justify the means.

We saw him lie his way to a victory in the First-in-the-Nation Iowa Caucuses. By spreading a false rumor against Dr. Ben Carson’s campaign. He attempted to cheat John Kasich in Indiana by having Kasich supporters vote for Cruz instead. This backfired on the Senator causing him to “suspend” his campaign. And in lawyer-speak that will be used to reassert his candidacy at the convention.

Ted Cruz has courted the delegates in many states, even before his campaign was suspended. He has not endorsed Mr Trump. He is keeping alive his own bid still for the White House. Silently waiting until the convention.

I have not attended a GOP convention or meeting where someone has not attempted to change the rules. And the National Convention will not be an exception.

I firmly believe and predict that the Cruz faction will attempt to change the rules at this year’s convention. They will attempt to remove the bound delegates so they can freely vote against the will of the people in the first round. Thus changing the nominee from Donald Trump to Ted Cruz.

Those in the Cruz camp will do this because they mistakenly believe that this action will unify the party behind Ted Cruz. And it will lead to a victory for the Republican Party in November. Both of these thoughts are out of touch with the voters. It will lead to the death of the Republican Party and a Democrat victory if allowed to happen.

Surprise, Surpise


The results of the Indiana Primary took us by surprise. On the Democrat side Bernie Sanders, a socialist, beat out Hillary Clinton. Everyone thought she would take the state without any trouble. She has felt the Bern.

The Republican winner was Donald Trump. This is not really surprising as he was polling well there ahead of the primary. Ted Cruz did get nearly 40% of the popular vote after all. I guessed it would be close like that. I just wasn’t sure who would take it. But of course I wanted it to be Trump.

The surprising factor was Ted Cruz announcing the end of his presidential campaign. Up to that moment I didn’t believe he would every do such a thing. And I’m still in a bit of shock by it.

Ted Cruz, as I have stated before, is a man who seeks earthly power. He wanted to be President of the United States, more than anything. So he has either grown in wisdom or he has been offered a deal that he cannot refuse.

If he has grown in wisdom and addresses the mistakes made by himself and his campaign staff, it’s all for the better. His next step is to help unify the Republican Party. To bring an end to the #neverTrump movement and actually endorse Donald Trump for President.

If on the other hand he has been offered a deal. Then I hope it was offered by the Trump Campaign and by The Donald himself. And not some kind of 3rd party option for and by the #neverTrump crowd. All they really want is a Hillary Clinton victory to further their agenda.

Over all it was a good night. We are closer to a Republican nominee before the National Convention. And closer to having a split vote on by the progressive liberals with Bernie Sanders going strong in Indiana.

November is approaching fast and we need to be ready for it. The GOP must win the White House, keep the House of Representatives, and gain the majority of the Senate. Additionally Republicans need to win in the States as well. There is a lot of work ahead of us.

Running Mate


To announce a running mate before securing the nomination is generally a bad move. This holds true in both major parties. History will repeat itself. On Wednesday Ted Cruz announced that Carly Fiorina would be his vice president. This is of course if he wins the nomination and the election. Both are unlikely at this point.

Almost immediately after Carly Fiorina dropped out of the presidential race herself she endorsed Ted Cruz. I always wondered why she did that. During her campaign she never had anything nice to say about Ted Cruz. It was a bit of a surprise when the endorsement came. But now we can see why. She gets the VP spot should they win.

Does Carly know or even care that Ted Cruz is just using her? Ted Cruz is a political pimp and Carly is now his girl. To be used as he sees fit. And discarded when no longer useful. Does she even care? Or is she, just like her master Cruz, a seeker of power for powers sake?

As for Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina is but a tool. One that he has now in desperation plugged into his failing campaign. She is to be used in the Indiana effort to block Donald Trump’s coming victory in that state. She is to be used as his token woman. The flip side of the Hillary Clinton coin to garner support of women. And since she is a native Californian, Ted hopes to gain delegates from her connection in the Golden State’s primary. But that’s just California dreamin’.

In truth, Carly Fiorina will do little to help Ted Cruz’s campaign. Her views on a number of subjects makes my skin crawl. She is hardly one in support of Liberty. If she were VP or even President. She would have further forced the issue between Apple and the FBI. Siding with the FBI. She made it very clear during her own campaign that our 4th Amendment Rights were revocable for the security of the nation. Her campaign failed against Donald Trump. Ted Cruz’s campaign is failing against Donald Trump. Tag teaming The Donald isn’t a winning move.