Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


It wasn’t that long ago that your humble correspondent was applying to college for the first time. Although I didn’t get accepted everywhere I wanted to go (who knew women’s colleges had such strict enrollment guidelines), I did manage to get into a college I liked.

Such was the case for Second Amendment fan and Stoneman High School shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv. He applied to Harvard, got accepted, and then had that acceptance taken away from him after it came out he used racist language in a social media post. Kashuv and his supporters questioned the decision while Leftists mocked him, all the while saying “actions have consequences.”

Which brings up an interesting question: what are consequences to Leftists? I’m glad I asked! Oh, and I’m glad you asked, too.


What Leftists think it means – when bad people, usually Republicans and conservatives, get their comeuppance for bad behavior

What it really means – Karma giving you a Shiva-style bitchslap

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. Kashuv exercised poor judgment and a lack of maturity. Racism, even in jest, isn’t cool. It doesn’t matter if you’re 5, 50, or 500, you just don’t throw around racial slurs, especially not on social media. I won’t defend him for what he said.

Yet, our fiends…I mean friends on the Left don’t have the same set of standards. If a Leftist says something stupid and racist, they are allowed to apologize in a fashion, the matter is dropped, and anyone who brings it up in the future, even if the Leftist in question makes the same or similar statements after the apology, is considered a meanie-head. A great example of this is the late Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat from West Virginia. For those of you unfamiliar with the Senator’s history, he was an actual member of the Ku Klux Klan and used racist language every so often (a certain interview where he talked about “white n-words” comes to mind). Yet, Leftists a) don’t see the problem with their side being literally linked to the Klan, and b) say it’s water under the bridge because he apologized, essentially saying it was a youthful indiscretion that he felt bad to be a part of.

If only Kashuv had apologi…I see here he did, and shortly after his racist posts came to light. As a result, the Left should forgive him and drop the issue, right?

Nope. When it comes to Kashuv and other Republicans/conservatives, once you’re a racist, you’re always a racist.

The Leftist double standard on consequences hits at the core of its ideology. They truly believe they are morally and intellectually superior to everyone who isn’t them. That’s why they look the other way when someone with the moral instincts of an alley cat in heat while supporting the Leftist agenda gets caught acting true to his or her nature. To them, Leftists can’t be held accountable by anyone but themselves because anyone else isn’t a peer.

Not only that, but Leftists are allowed to “evolve” on an issue, no matter what. It wasn’t that long ago President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were vocal supporters of traditional marriage, while during that same time President Donald Trump was a vocal supporter of same sex marriages and gay rights in general. Yet, the former two can flip-flop like John Kerry working the griddle at IHOP without so much as a sideways glance while painting the latter as a homophobic bigot who secretly wants to kill or convert all gays.

That’s not to say the Left doesn’t believe in no consequences. If you are a Leftist or a recovering Leftist like yours truly, the greatest sin you can commit is to walk away with no intention of returning to the fold. Once you do that, the consequences of your betrayal are you become a non-person, which opens you up to all the hatred, vitriol, and scorn the Left can heap upon you. But, if you are a Republican/conservative who embraces Leftist ideology, any past sins against the Left are wiped clean. Think of it as Social Justice Warrior Jesus (and, believe me, there are plenty of Leftists who think Jesus was one of them).

The problem with this approach is it doesn’t remove the hypocrisy. Just because you choose not to acknowledge the double standard doesn’t mean there aren’t two standards right in front of your face. If you think your ideology gives you the moral authority to pick and choose what consequences for bad behavior are allowed, you are missing the point about consequences. They aren’t handed out like pieces of candy to good girls and boys; they affect everyone. Oddly enough, the Church used to have a similar approach to salvation called indulgences, where people who wanted to make sure their departed loved ones got into Heaven by filling the Church’s coffers.

Actually, I take that back. Indulgences were far less scummy than the Left’s hypocrisy here.

No matter how much the Left wants to ignore bad behavior on their side and hype bad behavior on the other side, it is up to us to call out the double standard. And it is also up to us to call out bad behavior on our side. If a Trump supporter does something reprehensible, it is our responsibility to hold him or her accountable and not rely on the Left’s hypocrisy as justification. That way, we can claim the moral high ground while at the same time exposing the Left’s double standard. Hold them up to the standards they want to hold us to and watch them squirm.

Then again, any side that had a literal Klan member in their midst who they ignore and/or justify might not have a leg to stand on when it comes to Kyle Kashuv.

Hypocrisy Much?


With Loretta Lynch accepting the FBI’s report on Hillary Clinton’s email server, the whitewash…I mean investigation is over. And now the Left says we should all let it go. After all, if the FBI didn’t choose to pursue charges against Hillary, doesn’t that mean we should drop it?

Yeah, about that. There was a recent case where another legal authority gave another guilty party a serious break, and the Left lost their mind. (I would use the plural here, but that would create a logical paradox.) In that case, the system was fundamentally flawed and it was outrageous that a guilty party could get off with such a light reprimand for such a horrible crime.

Are the cobwebs clearing yet, Leftists? Maybe this name will jog your memory.

Brock Turner.

That’s right, kids. Brock Turner, the Stanford Swimmer who was sentenced to a six month jail sentence and three years of probation. Granted, it was a whole month ago, so you might have forgotten the squawking points by now.

Here’s the thing. Hillary Clinton broke federal law. Regardless of whether the FBI decided to press charges, the crimes still happened. And, no, relying on the incompetence defense doesn’t help you here. It would be like…oh I don’t know…having your father complain about how you stopped eating as a result of your trial. It only makes you look worse than if you had just decided not to defend the indefensible.

Am I implying Brock Turner and Hillary Clinton are the same? Nope. I’m stating it. Hillary Clinton and Brock Turner are the same. Full stop. No equivocation. No caveats. They are the same. They are both criminals who have been allowed far more leniency than they deserve given the crimes committed, far more leniency than an average American would.

And only one of them is running for President.