Government 101


It seems that the people who post items like this are ignorant on how government works. They must have failed their high school government class and payed no attention to the Schoolhouse Rock spot for “I’m Just a Bill”.

First of all President Trump, or any President for that matter, has absolutely no control what-so-ever as to what passes in the House or Senate. None. But let’s look at facts instead of hate mongering on the President.

H.R. 299 The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act, is a bill that originated in the House of Representatives. That is why it has the name that begins with H.R. That stands for House Resolution. This particular bill was introduced by a Republican Representative from California in January of 2017. This fact of course gets over looked by the Left.

It takes a while for a bill to go through committee, hearings, debate and committee vote before it gets released out to the general House for a full vote. In the case of this bill this didn’t happen until June of 2018, a year and a half since it was introduced. And this bill passed the House with support from Republican and Democratic Party members by 382 to 0.

At that point the bill went over to the Senate Veteran Affairs committee for hearings, debate, and committee vote before it will go to the full Senate. This bill didn’t fail in the Senate yet. It is still in committee awaiting a committee vote which was just recently proposed by both Democratic and Republican members of the committee.

If this bill dies in committee, it will be the fault of the Senate Veteran Affairs committee members, not that of President Trump. If the committee passes the bill, it will go for a full Senate debate and vote. They could tack on additional amendments which would delay the process as it would then have to go back to the House again. If no such changes are made to it and it passes the full Senate vote when it comes. Then President Trump actually becomes involved.

The President has 10 days to sign the bill making it law. If he does not it will become law anyway if Congress is in session. If Congress is not in session during that 10 day period and the President doesn’t sign it then the bill will die.

The President could veto the bill if something was tacked on to it by either house of Congress that the President disagrees with and send it back to Congress to deal with it. If both houses pass it again, without modification, it would override the President’s veto and it would become law that way. Our President needs line item veto to be able to pass good legislation while trimming the fat from it.

So at this point the President doesn’t have anything to do with this bill until it really reaches his desk. If this bill fails it is due to the legislature, not the president. Stop hating on the President for things he has no control over what so ever.

When the shoe is on the other foot


Here in the United States we only have 2 political parties that have ever gained control of our Legislature and the White House.

Both parties use similar tactics when competing for votes in elections. Both parties use similar methods when they find themselves in strong opposition to the other party.

Yet one political party, the Democrats, seem to think that it’s OK for them to use such tactics and methods. But it’s not OK for the other political party, the Republicans, to use the same.

When the Democrats controlled the Senate Judicial Committee, they would stall and prevent Republican appointed judges from being confirmed. But now that the Republican’s control that gate. It’s not fair and it’s wrong to do the same thing.

When the Democrats didn’t like what the House Republicans wanted to vote on and the Republican’s had a sit-in. The Democrats took the House into recess, turned off the cameras, and microphones. And even turned the lights out in the chamber. And now we have the Republican’s calling the House into recess with the Democrats having a sit-in and it’s not fair and wrong to do what they did.

These are just the 2 most recent examples of course and there are many more when you go looking. It’s OK for the Democrats to do anything they want. But when the shoe is on the other foot. They cry foul. And they are hypocrites.