All the Colors of the Rainbow…Except Red


The scuttlebutt in Washington, DC, right now involves Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Leftists have been circulating the idea Graham is being blackmailed by President Donald Trump to say and act in a different manner than he did prior to the death of Senator John McCain, suggesting Trump knows a dirty little secret about Graham’s presumed sexual preference. You see, Graham is believed to be gay and, although he’s never come out one way or the other, it’s a “known secret” like Valerie Plame being in the CIA was.

Before I go any further, let me just say there is nothing wrong with being gay. If you get your jollies with a member of your own gender, great! All I ask is you don’t force me to sanction it, and I won’t force you to sanction my heterosexual relationship with my wife. And it’s been my experience that most gay people are okay with that.

This is where things get tricky. From an ideological standpoint, gay Leftists demand loyalty to “The Cause.” And if you deviate one micron from their ideology, you’re “not really gay” or an enemy to “The Cause” or both. It’s amazing that the same ideology that gave us 5,376,891,239,134,148 genders (as of the writing of this blog) can be so binary in their ideology.

This dichotomy/hypocrisy of Leftist ideology leaves a lot of homosexuals with a Faustian deal: conform, or be cast out. (Subdivisions.) Some gays have even said it was easier to come out as gay than it was to come out as conservative (and, yes, there are conservative and libertarian gays out there). If you really think about it, and I have, it seems counterintuitive to preach diversity on the one hand because a person is homosexual and deny it on the other if that same person digs Ayn Rand. It would be like…oh, I don’t know…having a group of black Congresspeople deny inclusion to their group on the basis of race and ideology. Good thing such an organization doesn’t exist or else the Left might be seen as bigots!

There’s also a privacy issue at work here. Gays, by and large, don’t want their sex lives to become public fodder, which I can respect. Yet, there are some gays (who just happen to swing Left) who think it’s a duty for them to “out” gay conservatives. Regardless of your stance on homosexuality, purposely outing someone because of political difference is a bridge too far. Unless you’re going to allow them to open up your closet (so to speak) and drag out all your skeletons, you’re delving into an area you shouldn’t want to be seen in because it can easily boomerang on you.

So what if Lindsey Graham is gay? Doesn’t affect anyone in the grand scheme of things, so leave it alone. What matters are the policies he supports and the actions he takes in accordance with those policies. That’s it. Even if all the cool gay kids are snickering at him because they think he’s gay, it’s not an open invitation to make it a focal point of your derision, and it’s certainly not carte blanc to suggest he’s being blackmailed by Donald Trump because of it. Blackmail is still a crime in this country, and if you accuse anyone, let alone Trump, of engaging in it, you had better be ready to produce evidence or else you risk legal, personal, and image problems up the ying-yang. (Of course, if you’re into that kind of thing, you may enjoy that, but it’s not my place to judge.) In the meantime, cool it with the blackmail crap and focus on a long-term vision for the gay community, one that embraces ideological diversity as easily as it embraces racial and cultural diversity.

Or is that too radical a thought to consider?

Obama Family Revelations


I recently ran across a snippet of a CNN street interview of the late Joan Rivers. She was of course known for comedic style from the Tonight Show.

Joan was very outspoken in her Liberal Leftist political agenda, a huge backer of Obama’s bid to become President. And a friend of the LGBT communities.

In case there are any doubts to the content. I have linked the video below. And in case the Leftist controlled social media sites ever take it down. I have it downloaded and preserved.

Joan Rivers had become a minister in the Universal Life Church. She had recently conducted a same-sex “marriage” at a Barnes and Noble while promoting her last book. This is when the CNN reporter caught up with her and began to ask her questions.

One was if Ms Rivers was going to become a celebrity wedding minister as a carrier move. To which she replied that she doesn’t charge to do weddings. Another question was if Ms Rivers ever thought that the country would have a gay president.

Joan Rivers promptly answered that we already had a gay president in Obama. And further stated that his wife, Michelle, was actually a transgender. Born a man, but reassigned to be a female.

The media and other places that talk about this at all state that it’s just Joan Rivers comedic style to say something outlandish. But there are other sites and sources that state the same thing if one goes digging around for them. Especially during the height of 2012 re-election bid.

At the time they were dismissed as right-wing conspiracy theory nut jobs. But they should be revisited. And Michelle Obama should submit to an independent blood test.

A simple chromosomal pairing will prove or disprove the theory in an instant. She will either have an XX pair and be female or she wont.

Of course if this is true and if it was known, Barack Obama would have never been elected president in 2008 to begin with and never would have had a re-election in 2012.

The Nature of Homosexuality


This is a brief post on the nature of homosexuality. This is not a post on the morality of homosexuality or any other aspect. Maybe another post will reflect more on these items and/or on additional aspects.

Homosexuality is not found in nature. There are no homosexual animals in the animal kingdom. Any act that resembles homosexual behavior in animals is unrelated to homosexuality among humans. Generally with animals, such behavior is a show of dominance over others of the same gender. Or a means of having a passive-aggressive contest between members of the same gender. And lastly, it is just confusion. The scent of a female who was in heat on the male that just mated can cause other males to attempt to mount each other. None of these issues are the pleasure stimulation gained by humans who engage in homosexual activities. Animals do not have sex for pleasure. And humans are not animals at all.

Homosexuality is a choice. Now there are many who will read that last sentence and just scream at me for stating it. And justify themselves or their loved ones with such comments like, “I didn’t choose to be a heterosexual. So it can’t be a choice to be gay.” But I say you did choose to be heterosexual. This choice was made at a subconscious level. We make these choices by the 1000’s every single day. Just by doing something. Our subconscious makes choices based on our life experiences and knowledge.

No one is born being homosexual. Now there are people born who have a higher degree of engaging in homosexual behavior than others. Just as everyone has traits stronger or lesser than someone else. But the choice is still made at some point, to cross that bridge or that line. However one wishes to envision it. The “first time” was a conscious choice.

What causes someone to choose a homosexual path? There we are dealing with the age old combination of nature vs nurture. Even if someone is more inclined to be homosexual, they don’t do to their nurture. While another identical person and circumstances may take that path. Just the same for the majority who are heterosexual leaning, may encounter something that causes them to choose to become homosexual later on.

These are debates for psychologists to discuss. I am sure there are hundreds of possibilities and they do not apply to everyone. Even many of those who experiment in homosexuality go on to be heterosexual. While others who have their first homosexual encounter become homosexual or even bisexual. The human mind is a very complex thing as is human sexuality.

But the true nature of homosexuality is that, although complex, it is a behavior and a choice. One that is made every day by everyone. And after a while like many of our choices it becomes automatic. A habit. And then it is hard to break.


The M Word


Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have been blissfully unaware of what has been going on in Washington, DC, recently, you’ve heard about the shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando committed by a gay Muslim who swore allegiance to ISIS/ISIL before the shooting. And if you’ve been following the media coverage of the shooting, you’ve probably heard the following people, organizations, and ideas blamed for the shooting.

– The NRA
– Donald Trump
– Christians
– House Republicans
– The gun lobby
– Gun manufacturers
– Homophobia
– North Carolina’s bathroom law

Notice the one person who isn’t being blamed for the shooting? The actual shooter himself. You know, the presumed gay, but most definitely Muslim extremist who committed the crime? Yeah, that guy.

The silence regarding the obvious criminal’s actual motivations behind the Orlando shooting is breathtakingly deafening. It’s almost as if people are scared to mention the shooter’s religious affiliation, even though it’s the most likely explanation for his actions.

Now, let me be clear here. I am not saying all Muslims are terrorists. In fact, I believe most Muslims are peaceful and want to be left alone to worship in peace. No, Muslims are not all sleeper cells awaiting for a secret code in a package of Eggo waffles.

But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned at the number of Muslims who either vocally or silently support their extremist brethren.

While the media and the Left try to find their scapegoat du jour, I did a little digging on various killings committed by Muslims, and boy did I find a bunch! According to, there have been 74 instances of Muslims taking American lives since 1972. That’s close to 2 a year. Granted, when compared to the alleged number of mass shootings in America, it’s not as impressive.

Ah, but this is where things get interesting. After a bit more digging, I found of those 74 instances, 3 directly involved Muslims killing homosexuals. Now, 3 in 44 years isn’t bad.

One tiny problem. Those 3 have occurred…since 2014.

And they’re not just happening in right-leaning cities. One of these killings happened in Seattle, Washington, home of the Seahawks, Starbucks, and the sucky $15 per hour minimum wage. Even in the Leftist version of Utopia, Islamic extremism has taken lives.

But tell us again how strengthening gun control laws will help.

The Left, as usual, is looking in the wrong direction when it comes to the Orlando shooting. They’re looking for excuses when they need to be looking at a clear trend that has started to spike in recent years. Until America gets over its fears of being called Islamophobic, we are going to see more attacks on its citizens, gay or straight.

And if you’re gay, bi, lesbian, trans, etc., you should be at the forefront of this matter. Nearly 50 people lost their lives as a direct result of a Muslim extremist. I see groups about gays against Islamophobia cropping up, but not nearly enough wanting to take on Muslim extremism with the same vigor you take on Christians. And before you tell me Christians and Muslims aren’t that different with regards to homosexuality, let me point out something.

Christians may disagree with your lifestyle, but most aren’t going to try to kill you over it. With Muslims, it’s a little less certain. Put another way, some Christians will try to “pray the gay away,” while some Muslims will try to stone the gay to death. There is a big, big difference between the two.

Nightclub Terror


My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, survivors, families, and the community of Orlando in the wake of the terrorist attack on Sunday.

We must keep this in focus. This was a terrorist attack by a pro-ISIS supporting Muslim. And that the Quran’s statements against homosexuality are very well documented and confirmed. This was a crime motivated by pure hatred.

The Left always ignores all other factors and starts pointing the fingers at the gun used. And starts calling for a ban on “assault weapons”.

An “assault weapon” is a misnomer. An assault is a verb, it’s an action that a person does. It is also a crime. While a weapon is any tool used to make any violent action easier. And a weapon can be anything. A gun, a knife, a rock, a screwdriver, and even a spork. So an “assault weapon” is any weapon used in an assault. It is NOT a class or type of firearm.

The 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution is quite clear. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The gun, be it a pistol or a semi-automatic rifle is not the problem.

The problem is Muslim terrorists, home-grown or otherwise. The problem is the person pulling the trigger. Omar Mateen in this case. And since he is also among the dead we may never know all of the details in this case.

From the news articles coming out it is speculated that he was bipolar, but not diagnosed. And he was known to the FBI but not deemed a threat or under investigation, or prohibited from acquiring arms at the time of this crime.

These point to problems with our mental health system and with our vetting of potential home-grown terrorist threats. Not a problem with guns.

In fact, by state law, the nightclub was a gun-free zone. Like places of most mass shootings where law abiding citizens will be unarmed. So adding more anti-gun (gun control) laws isn’t going to help. Terrorists and criminals do not follow the law anyway. One more isn’t going to change that.

If the nightclub wasn’t part of a gun-free zone, there could have been a chance that a patron was armed. And that armed patron could have prevented this crime from from reaching the level it did.

This attack touches me deeply on several levels. For those that aren’t aware, this last weekend was a “gay pride” weekend across the country. And the Orlando nightclub was Orlando’s best gay bar.

I am a strong advocate for the 2nd Amendment. So when it is unjustly attacked I do stand to defend it.

We need to see and acknowledge the dangers that Islam presents to humanity and freedom. It is not a religion like all the others, it is not a religion of peace or love. But not all Muslims practice all of its tenets.

And most importantly there are two people that I care about that could have been among the victims at the nightclub. My transgender child Jen who lives in Florida and is a strong advocate for LGBTQ rights. And my gay cousin Todd who visits Florida frequently. They are the two most important reasons this cowardly attack affects me on a personal level.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


This past weekend many cities across the country hosted Pride parades. Putting a damper on the festivities was a mass shooting at a gay bar in Orlando. Yet, one subject can be found at the center of the discussion of both events: homophobia.

It’s a term that gets thrown about more than a deflated football in Tom Brady’s hands. And it just so happens to be this week’s entry in the Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week.


What the Left believes it means: Any negative response to homosexuality

What it really means: Not agreeing with the radical gay agenda

You can support a cause while calling out some of the people ruining the cause. Unless, of course, you’re calling out members of the LGQBTABCDEFGRESPECTFINDOUTWHATITMEANSTOME movement. Then, the Left will say you hate gays, even if you’re carrying a rainbow flag and marching to “Macho Man” by The Village People while you do it.

How do I know this? I’ve actually had it happen to me and seen it happen to others. Even a slight disagreement over practice can tar you as a homophobe in some circles. In other circles, you could be called a homophone, which makes no sense. That’s why I try not to travel in those circles very much.

Seriously, though, allegations of homophobia are becoming more common as the gay rights movement makes strides in being treated like everyone else…just with more rights and considerations than if you’re a straight white heterosexual. Yes, you read that right. The gay rights movement wants to have its cake baked by Christian bakers under fear of legal and fiscal backlash and eat it, too, and you can’t say anything about it.

But here’s the thing. You can disagree with the gay rights movement without hating gays. The two are mutually exclusive, but the Left wants to make it an all-or-nothing affair. (Which, oddly enough, is the same approach some talk show hosts on the Right use. I’m looking right at you, Sean Hannity!) This has made it hard to have a serious discussion on the merits of and the areas of opportunity for the gay rights movement. After all, who wants to try to discuss a subject when the person on the other side of the table does nothing but throws hateful rhetoric at you? It’s almost like being married. (Just kidding, dear! Love ya!)

Then again, as we’ve seen with other subjects they champion, the Left may not want a serious discussion. That might lead to…a civil exchange! One that could…result in actual solutions and…understanding! The Left can’t have that! How else would they bilk…I mean help gays?

Maybe I’ve said too much…

This is not to say there aren’t people out there who legitimately hate gays and, thus, are actual homophobes. The Orlando shooter certainly fits that description better than a suit designed by Tim Gunn. But there are more people who get called homophobes who don’t. If you want to stomp out homophobia, first you have to make sure of who the homophobes are. Here’s a handy dandy checklist for my gay friends out there.

1) Do you agree with the Westboro Baptist Church? If your answer is yes, you are a homophobe. And a backwards asshat. If your answer is no, you aren’t a homophobe, but you may still be a backwards asshat.

2) Do you support ISIS/ISIL? If your answer is yes, the Westboro Baptist Church may want to talk to you. You know, exchange recipes, maybe get together for a few laughs, blow up a Pride parade or two. (Note to ISIS/ISIL and the Westboro Baptist Church: This is not an actual suggestion.)

3) Do you hate the sin, but love the sinner? If your answer is yes, you aren’t a homophobe. If your answer is no, you have bigger problems than what gays are doing right now.

End of the list, kids. I hope this helps.

Indiana and Religious Freedom


All over the news are the reports of the militant LGBT community boycotting the state of Indiana for the recent Religious Freedom statute passed by the state legislature and signed by the governor. What we don’t really hear about is the 18 other states that have similar statutes already on the books. We also don’t hear that it is a fundamental business owners right to refuse service to anyone they don’t want to do business with on any grounds.

In addition to Indiana, the states of Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Florida, and Virginia all have similar statues. Are any of these states being boycotted by the militant LGBT community?

What about the 13 additional states that are proposing similar legislation, are they being boycotted as well?

The answer to both of those questions is already known. The answer of course is no they are not boycotting any of these other states. The fact remains that the militant LGBT community carefully chooses its targets. And Indiana, being a midwest state, like my native Iowa, has the crosshairs on it. This will enter the courts to be decided who may or may not strike the statute down. But that is the risk the militant LGBT community is going to take.

Once it is struck down in Indiana, they will use this as leverage to have it struck down in all other states at the US Supreme Court level. And also take on the Federal Statute that also exists with similar wording. Again no boycotting of the United States going on here.

The New Boy Scouts


The Boy Scouts of America have elected to allow homosexual members into their ranks. I’m sure the founder of the scouting movement would be appalled by this recent development. But I guess it’s time for scouting to become something different. No longer will this be a movement of young men learning how to be stewards of the natural world. Now “Boy Scouts” takes on a new meaning entirely.

I pray that the Churches who fund and sponsor local BSA councils and troops follow through with their past threats. And defund and revoke any sponsorship of the BSA. This will send a very clear message to the BSA’s governing body if they must find new places to take the scouts for their monthly meetings and overnight camping trips.

We will see homosexual scout leaders very soon if nothing changes. Maybe even “transgendered” Boy Scouts. Since the Girl Scouts already allow such members themselves. This insanity must stop. The line must be drawn and if crossed, action must be taken.