Pre-Existing Conditions


Pre-existing conditions are not covered by insurance. And they shouldn’t be either.

Please tell me why an insurance company would take such a risk. It’s not good business at all. And insurance companies, like all businesses, seek to make a profit. If one is always paying out, the profit goes away and the business goes out of business.

Are Leftists up in arms about other kinds of insurance no covering pre-existing conditions. We never hear of any Leftists demanding the coverage of a pre-existing condition on a home or vehicle.

“Hello All State? Yes I would like to get insurance on my vehicle. Oh I’ve had a wreck so it is totaled and needs lots of repairs. So it has a pre-existing condition. You can over that right?”

All State would not cover that vehicle with an insurance policy.

“Hello State Farm? Yes I would like to get homeowners insurance. Yes right now my house is burning so I will need to get it fixed once the fire is out or if the fire destroys it. Yes this is a pre-existing condition of being on fire.”

Here again State Farm would not cover this pre-existing condition. No insurance company would and no insurance company should be forced to do so either. It would cause the company to go bankrupted and out of business. Unless of course that is the goal.

Although these examples were on property the same applies to health conditions. With a pre-existing condition, there is always a payout. That is loss revenue and loss profits. That over time will lead to an insurance company closing its doors forever.

Insurance is to cover something that might happen, that one hopes never does. A payment to cover costs in the event of catastrophe. It is a risk that insurance companies take. They are betting that no event ever happens. But if one has to insure something that has already happened. Then the cost is either going to be very high to cover the outgoing costs. Or it will not be insured.

Additionally, in these debates the terms of health care and health insurance are used interchangeably. They are not the same thing at all. Everyone has access to health care. It is not a right however nor is health insurance.

I have already written on the topic of reform in our health care industry and health insurance industry. If you are interested in these please look up the previous posts on this subject and check the issues section menu as well. Reform in both are needed.

And there needs to be something to assist those with pre-existing conditions as well. But it’s not health insurance since that implies something that hasn’t already happened. What it is, I don’t know, but it should be available.