Really Setting the Record Straight


I don’t want my taxes to pay for your health care and poor life/health choices. Everyone’s taxes will pay for any wars or violence your government engages in. You don’t have a choice in the matter. That is just an ignorant statement.

The prices of basic needs is determined by the marketplace, not government which will always make a bigger mess of things if it gets involved. Negotiate with your employer for the wages you want and need. Have skills that are in demand and needed. If you aren’t skilled in anything your wages and opportunities will be limited.

Your vote always counts. Cast your ballot in local elections as they often get ignored. Real change begins at the local levels of government. In the presidential election, the Electoral College ensures that your vote counts. Otherwise the major population centers would elect the president and the “fly over” part of the country would be ignored and unheard. This is how a Republic works we are not a democracy for good reasons.

Businesses are ran by people. And people will be involved in the regulatory and political processes. Over regulation is a burden and harmful to smaller businesses. Without input from the business sector some smaller business would be out of business or wouldn’t be able to be created in the first place. This would then increase the costs of goods and services and be ran by monopoly giants.

What is wealthy? Where is the line, at what measurement is being used? The term is relative in the extreme. The United States has the worlds wealthiest poor. But going off income and I’m not sure who is wealthy and who isn’t. But if we eliminated the Income Tax and implemented the Fair Tax this would solve the perceived problem as most see it. Everyone would pay their fair share.

Entering a country unlawfully is a crime. Age is not a factor, it is still a crime. To enter Mexico illegally can result in up to a 2 year felony prison term and up to 5,000 peso fine. Some other countries will imprison the illegal alien and sentence them to hard labor for decades. Even if the entry was accidental.

The United States is extremely negligent in it’s current immigration policy. In some cases not even enforcing the current immigration laws already in place. This is dangerous to our sovereignty as a nation and to our national security.

There are a number of ideas for granting the “Dreamers” and other illegal aliens citizenship. But it shouldn’t be free of consequences or easy. That isn’t fair or right to those who immigrated to the United States and waited years to get all the approvals to become a naturalized citizen.

Additionally if one comes to the United States waiving the banner of one’s homeland and shouting anti American slogans. These people should be denied access. I don’t waive the banners of my ancestor’s homelands. I don’t speak the languages of my ancestor’s homelands. I raise Old Glory and speak American English and so should any immigrant.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


You may not know it yet, but we have a medical emergency in America. That’s right, people all across the fruited plain (where they don’t grow many fruits) are spending their way into bankruptcy because health care costs are too high! The elderly are having to choose between food and medicine! If only there were a solution that would make health care affordable…

Well, the Left says it has just a solution, a little something the kids like to call Medicare For All. In theory, it would cut costs, cover everyone, and be more effective and efficient than private practices. Given the Left’s fondness for big government solutions to problems they usually invent to justify their big government solutions, I’m skeptical. But, let’s give Medicare For All a fair shake.

And by “fair shake,” I mean “the mockery it so richly deserves.”

Medicare For All

What the Left thinks it means – single payer universal health care that will help people who cannot help themselves

What it really means – making health care like the DMV

The idea behind Medicare For All seems to make sense on the surface. If it works as intended, it would save people money, ensure coverage for the widest swath of the population, and be at least somewhat competitive with private health care insurance and care. Yeah, that’s a pretty big “if.” In modern history, anytime government has gotten involved in what is seen to be a public need, it usually winds up being worse off for the people it (allegedly) tries to help.

The most obvious example of this is Obamacare, which was intended to be a half-measure towards Medicare For All. Although many received better options, many others had their policies cancelled or require more money to use. And the funny thing? Actual care didn’t change, only the cost of it did.

This goes back to a common trick the Left uses when discussing health matters: conflating health care with health insurance. Although many use these terms interchangeably, they are quite different. If you cut yourself and use a bandage to stop the bleeding, that’s health care and, unless you’re the type to file a medical claim for a cut, insurance doesn’t get involved. The converse is also true. You can have health insurance without ever needing care. The insurance is there in case you do need care. Nothing like a little semantic trickery to muddy the rhetorical waters, huh?

Medicare For All uses a similar tack. This time, though, instead of paying for some of the people who can’t afford health insurance, you’ll be paying for all of the people who can’t afford health insurance. And in exchange, you get…well, that’s the sticky part. Unless you go on Medicare For All, you get nothing in return. Not a tax deduction for taking on a few million new dependents. Not an offer to chip in for household bills. Not even a thank you card. You’ll just be expected to pay for it.

But at least those greedy insurance companies won’t be able to deny claims, right? Welllll…yes and no. Medicare For All will take the insurance companies out of the equation, but there is a dirty little secret the Left doesn’t want you to know. Do you know who denies the most medical claims in the country? Which member of Big Insurance causes the most grief in this area? The big bad monster that rejects the most insurance claims is…the federal government.

Medicare, to be precise. You know, the same Medicare the Left wants everyone on?

And it gets better. Of those denials, up to 75% are overturned on appeal. So, not only does Medicare deny more claims, but they waste time and money in the process by inaccurately denying claims and then having to deal with appeals. Private insurance companies can’t get away with that because they would lose customers, but with Medicare For All, there will always be a market, no matter how many times they screw up.

As far as better care is concerned, that’s hit or miss. Look at the VA system for an example of government-run health care. Some VA facilities are great, and others leave a lot to be desired (like health care). It’s this inconsistency that should bother people. This isn’t Wheel of Diagnoses here, folks. If you need health care, you want to at least feel like your care provider has something on the ball. In private practice, if you can’t consistently do your job right, you’ll go out of business. Medicare might be one of the last things that exist after a nuclear holocaust, along with roaches, Twinkies, and what’s left of Cher’s plastic surgery.

So, are you convinced Medicare For All is a bad idea yet? If so, great. If you’re still not convinced, let me make one final appeal to your reason. For as good as you think single payer government run health care/health insurance is, the two biggest flaws it has are 1) its existence requires people to continue to pay into it, even if it’s against their will and/or knowledge, and 2) the results aren’t worth the cost.

On the first point, you are literally taking money from people through force and deceit. (Notice I am literally using literally correctly.) If you or I would do that (the force and deceit part, not the use of literally), we would rightly be charged with theft. Even if the federal government is doing it, it’s still morally wrong to force or fool people to part with their money, especially when the outcome isn’t as cut and dried as you think it is.

On the second point, as much as you think Medicare For All will drive down costs, it won’t. Without competition, there will be no need for Medicare to do things better and faster. You will get what they give you, and you will have to like it. Reminds me of the health center during my undergraduate years. Their solution was to take a green pill and, if that didn’t work, take another one. Then, there is the possibility the government will cut off your care altogether if they don’t think it will be worth it. During the Obamacare debates, there was talk of “death panels” which the Left denied were in there. Yet, even in the health care models the Left loves to use, there is managed care, which is basically death panels. If a bunch of medically untrained bureaucrats determine your life isn’t worth saving, you’re left to die.

Wait…doesn’t that run counter to your beliefs about abortion being between a mother and her doctor?

In either case, Medicare For All isn’t a good fix for what ails our country’s health care system. It’s not even a bad fix, really. Try a monumentally broken fix. If you want to lower costs, help people get health insurance, and prevent all the bad stuff the Left says is happening now, there is one way for the federal government to do it.

Get the Hell out of the way!

Pre-Existing Conditions


Pre-existing conditions are not covered by insurance. And they shouldn’t be either.

Please tell me why an insurance company would take such a risk. It’s not good business at all. And insurance companies, like all businesses, seek to make a profit. If one is always paying out, the profit goes away and the business goes out of business.

Are Leftists up in arms about other kinds of insurance no covering pre-existing conditions. We never hear of any Leftists demanding the coverage of a pre-existing condition on a home or vehicle.

“Hello All State? Yes I would like to get insurance on my vehicle. Oh I’ve had a wreck so it is totaled and needs lots of repairs. So it has a pre-existing condition. You can over that right?”

All State would not cover that vehicle with an insurance policy.

“Hello State Farm? Yes I would like to get homeowners insurance. Yes right now my house is burning so I will need to get it fixed once the fire is out or if the fire destroys it. Yes this is a pre-existing condition of being on fire.”

Here again State Farm would not cover this pre-existing condition. No insurance company would and no insurance company should be forced to do so either. It would cause the company to go bankrupted and out of business. Unless of course that is the goal.

Although these examples were on property the same applies to health conditions. With a pre-existing condition, there is always a payout. That is loss revenue and loss profits. That over time will lead to an insurance company closing its doors forever.

Insurance is to cover something that might happen, that one hopes never does. A payment to cover costs in the event of catastrophe. It is a risk that insurance companies take. They are betting that no event ever happens. But if one has to insure something that has already happened. Then the cost is either going to be very high to cover the outgoing costs. Or it will not be insured.

Additionally, in these debates the terms of health care and health insurance are used interchangeably. They are not the same thing at all. Everyone has access to health care. It is not a right however nor is health insurance.

I have already written on the topic of reform in our health care industry and health insurance industry. If you are interested in these please look up the previous posts on this subject and check the issues section menu as well. Reform in both are needed.

And there needs to be something to assist those with pre-existing conditions as well. But it’s not health insurance since that implies something that hasn’t already happened. What it is, I don’t know, but it should be available.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


I can’t believe it’s 2017 and I have to write a blog like this.

The House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act, a bill that would roll back a number of features of the Affordable Care Act, including the requirement to buy insurance from the federal insurance exchanges or face a penalty. Naturally, the Left reacted in a mature, responsible way…by screaming about people dying due to a lack of health care because of the AHCA. (Well, it’s mature for them, at least.) Writing about the Left’s hysteria isn’t the part I can’t believe. The part I can’t believe I have to explain is the difference between health care and health insurance.

So, buckle in, buckaroos. This is gonna be a long one.

health care/health insurance

What the Left believes they mean – health care, used interchangeably

What it really means – health care and health insurance, respectively

Whenever I have to explain the difference between health care and health insurance to a Leftist, I use a simple analogy. Let’s say you have a cut and you need a bandage. You go to your local store and buy some bandages, while simultaneously trying to explain to the cashier why you’re bleeding all over the 12 items or less lane. The bandage is the health care, and the money used to purchase the bandage is the health insurance. You’re on your own regarding the bleeding in the 12 items or less lane.

This isn’t a hard concept to understand, but the Left is determined to use the terms interchangeably, even when it doesn’t make sense. Then again, if Leftists made sense, it wouldn’t give me such a headache to follow their logic. And by logic, I mean whatever hysterical squawking point they want to push to get what they want, but that’s neither here nor there.

It’s easy to write off the Left’s misuse of the terms as them being dumber than a bag of hammers, although that is quite often the case, but there is a deeper reason. As with much of what the Left does, there is a political upside to their “confusion.” By making the two concepts seem to be the same, it opens the door for government to take over both under the guise of one. And with the government being able to balance its checkbook on a regular basis, I’m sure there will be no trouble whatsoever taking over health care and health insurance.

For you Leftists reading this, that was sarcasm. In truth, government involvement in heath care has been less successful than the David Duke comedy special at the Apollo. Although the Left wants us to believe every other civilized country in the world has universal health care, the fact is we do, too. The difference? We’re typically picking up the tab for those other countries’ military, so they can spend their money on health care.

And yet, America’s health care system is better than theirs. When was the last time you heard of a foreign leader going to Sweden for anything more than chocolate or watches? When people have a choice for where they have their care, they choose America. So, why mess with it?

Another political part of the health care/health insurance debate is whether it is a right. To the Left, it is. After all, it’s right there in the Constitution…oh, wait. It’s not there at all! Why, it’s almost as if the Left is trying to create rights out of thin air! And, in this case, they are. By creating the right to health care, it creates a new need for government to act as a provider, which (surprise, surprise) gives rise to more regulations and, thus, more control over people. That’s really what’s at the core of most Leftist ideas: controlling others. Oh, sure, they claim they do it because they care, but in the end, it’s always about being able to tell people what to do. But don’t you dare tell them what to do! As long as they can be driving the bus, even if it’s heading for a brick wall that’s hiding a thousand-foot ravine behind it, they’re totally cool.

But what they’re doing with health care and health insurance? Not so much.

I am directly opposed to the notion of government run health care/health insurance because it makes it easy for people to just let the government control us. Do we make mistakes? As some of my ex-girlfriends will attest, I certainly do. And so do government officials. You know, the ones Leftists want to make health care/health insurance decisions for us? And unlike us, government doesn’t learn very much from their mistakes, which makes it much less attractive for them to take over a PTA meeting, let alone the health care and insurance decisions we need.

The fact their biggest cheerleaders can’t or won’t tell the difference between care and insurance doesn’t help their case any. Now, I’m not a doctor, but I do play one in my bedroom. However, I do have a radical idea on how to solve the health care and health insurance issues simultaneously.

Pay your own way. That way you get the care you need without having to worry about whether the insurance company is going to deny the claim. Like I said, it’s pretty out there, but I think it just might work.

Or at least, it will work better than Obamacare did.

The Unaffordable Care Act


With this horrible piece of legislation coming into full force on Jan 1st. It is long past time to scrap it. This is not the answer to the health care question in the United States. This is another large grab by the Government to take our hard earned monies and to further control and influence our lives. The Founding Fathers would be appalled at our general attitude of apathy on this issue alone.

Health care in the United States needs to be reformed. The Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare is not the answer. As the health care exchanges come active, more and more people are experiencing what was said about it. The prices are HIGH and not affordable by many of the poor. And even the notion that the Federal Government demands that every citizen have health insurance is a gross violations of our freedoms.

Those in favor of this Constitutional violation, repeat the line about we are mandated to have Car Insurance. And yes we are, if we own and drive a car. But if we don’t then we are not mandated to carry car insurance. This was not the intent of the commerce clause, and this abuse can be taken further now that it’s been opened.

Here are two simple things that can be done to change health care in America.

1) Using the commerce clause, the Congress can pass legislation allowing insurance companies to operate across state lines. So that message of “not available in all states” becomes a thing of the past. This allows a bigger pool of people to draw upon and thus lowers rates.

2) Medical billing needs to be changed. Right now it is the only thing we purchase without knowing the cost of it in advance. There is no comparison shopping and no price negotiations. Bring medical costs into the free market place. It will drive the cost down or the hospitals and doctors that overcharge will simply go out of business.

Scrap “ObamaCare” and implement these 2 changes and watch health care become affordable to all without exchanges, government mandates, and higher taxes. Then we can go about getting down to real business.