Should I stay or should I go?


That is the big question I have floating around right now. At both the state and national levels of government I helped to elect Republicans to every office in 2016.

At the state level they control the Iowa House, the House Senate, and we even have a sitting Republican governor as well. This is after a long period of Democratic control of our state senate.

At the national level we have a Republican majority in the House and Senate. And after 8 years a Republican President in the White House.

Yet at both of these levels the Republicans have failed time and time again on their campaign promises. They have failed to move forward on the agenda that got them elected. They have failed to pass legislation that was symbolically passed or even have voting repressed under the previous terms.

The Republican party is the dominate party currently. Placed by the Will of the People to act on our behalf. And they have failed us. They have failed We the People that elected them to office.

Was all the gesturing in the past 8 years just for show? Both the US House and US Senate passed a total repeal of Obamacare just a couple of years ago. Knowing it wouldn’t be signed by President Obama. But now they cannot pass the same legislation and get it to President Trump’s desk?

Of course they could if they really wanted to do so. But they are part of that swamp that needs drained. The Republican Party is to blame as much as the Democratic Party. The Republicans wont pass the same bills they passed before because they know President Trump will sign it. And that might impact their power, wealth, and prestige.

Even in my own state the Republican party fails to pass legislation they said would pass if they had a majority. Well the people of Iowa gave you that majority. And you have failed us again.

So as a Republican that has been betrayed by the party at every level. Why should I stay a part of it? I am certainly not suggesting joining the Democrats, as that party is far worse at betrayal than the GOP. And they are no where near or compatible with my worldview.

There are some 3rd parties that I could join. But they lack funding and aren’t taken very seriously by most. They are at best a fringe group and at worst a near cult.

I could just become an independent in name and party. Even joining a 3rd party in Iowa, I would be considered an independent on my voter registration. I would also not be part of the mainstream caucus process and be shunned by those party elitists. Not truly a bad thing really though.

These are just things to think about. I need to decide if I should stay with the GOP and hope and pray for the future of the party. Or jump from the sinking ship.



The Republican National Convention in Cleveland is over, and people are still talking about it, but not in a good way. From the coverage and commentary throughout the week, the Republican Party has made an already seemingly bad situation into a metaphysical certainty of bad decisions that make Kanye West look like Ben Franklin.

Okay, I’m kidding. It really wasn’t that bad. I mean, the Democrats have their chance to match the pure suckitude of the RNC soon when they will have to push a Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine candidate down the throats of the delegates, all while pandering to Black Lives Matter and the Bernie Sanders supporters. Oh, and field questions stemming from Wikileaks finding out the DNC actively tried to undercut Sanders’ campaign. And as Bill Clinton can tell you, Democrats suck best.

That’s not to say the RNC is out of the woods. Donald Trump’s campaign or the Republican National Committee or both made a number of high-profile mistakes that could come back to bite them. Ranging from Melania Trump’s alleged plagiarism from a 2008 Michelle Obama speech to the prime time Ted Cruz speech where he failed to publicly endorse Trump (depending on who you talk to in the Trump campaign) to Donald Trump’s acceptance speech that was darker than George Hamilton at the heart of a black hole while listening to a Sylvia Plath book on CD read by Crispin Glover, it was not the best way to put the GOP’s best foot forward.

At this point, it’s too late to hit the reset button and start the 2016 RNC over because, unfortunately, it’s not like an old school Nintendo. What can be done going forward, however, may erase the memories of how bad the visuals were. Here is a short list of suggestions I have.

1) Do some serious vetting of the campaign staff from top to bottom. Believe me, the Democrats have already started, so the GOP needs to find a way to respond to the worst of what the Dems have planned. Saying “you’re a loser” isn’t going to work.

2) Start figuring out how to strike Hillary where it hurts. Although the email scandal and Benghazi are red meat to voters like me, most people don’t care. What they do care about is easy-to-understand soundbites. Oh, and celebrities.

3) Figure out a way to bring back people turned off by the candidate. Hillary Clinton is beatable, but it’s not good to take a victory in November for granted. Like it or not, Trump has been shedding conservative voters like Julius Caesar shed blood on the steps of the Roman Senate. But it’s not too late to find a way to put Band Aids on the wounds, and the first step is to call a truce and stick to it.

Oh, and to any Democrats reading this, this should also be a concern for you. My best advice for helping Hillary in 2016 is simple: stop being Hillary.

4) Play up Trump’s “fuzzy side.” It’s hard to characterize a man as the second coming of Adolf Hitler (believe me, this is actually a thing right now) if the visuals coming from the campaign counteract it. Visual stimulation in today’s society is hard to overcome, and Trump’s campaign need him to start kissing babies and shaking hands. And you don’t want to get those mixed up, kids.

5) Ignore the fringe players on the Left. Trump’s Twitter war with Elizabeth Warren is entertaining to watch, but it’s counterproductive. Warren isn’t going to stop being the turd in the punch bowl. After so many times of seeing her pop up, maybe it’s time to stop entertaining her online rants and move on to other topics.

The other option would be to hire someone to respond to her with more scathing retorts than “Pocahontas” or “Loser Warren.” As someone with a track record of making scathing retorts, I’d be willing to do it. Call me, maybe?

I’m sure there are more, but these should be good for now.

Elitism in Politics


Political Elitism is what pushes people away from politics. But it attracts those who seek to gain power or prestige. This is not what our nation’s Founders intended.

Our nation’s Founders were bold men. They were God-fearing and well educated. And they succeeded in creating a nation and government like no other. The world had never had such a system before and it hasn’t been duplicated anywhere else since the United States was born. The United States is the exception and we are in danger of loosing it forever.

Our political structure was designed by and for a God-fearing and well educated people. This is the only way to have a government by the people, for the people, and of the people. Otherwise it will become a government of the elite and power seekers.

Every time I get elected to the county central committee, it is the same people. I try to rotate myself out so I do not fall and become one of them. And only step back up when there are no others willing to step forward.

But to see the same faces for 2-3 decades on the central committee is a bit disenchanting. And the Party Leadership wonders why it cannot attract new voters to their banner.

We are all disenfranchised. We have record numbers of voters participating in this election cycle. Yet we send the same people to the National Convention that we sent in previous election cycles. The same power brokers. The same losers that gave the GOP McCain and Romney as presidential nominees. And they scratch their heads wondering why we loose time and time again.

Well when you do the same thing over and over again and expect different results it’s called insanity. Unfortunately it runs high in political organizations. Because they are infected by the elitists and the power hungry.

We need to send new blood to our offices. From the county central committees to the state central committees and other standing offices. And more importantly to the National Convention as well.

The elitists and power hungry must be pushed out of the leadership positions within the GOP. The leadership needs to be made up of people that are called to serve, not called to power as a moth to the flame.

Maybe there should be term limits enacted at the local party leadership level. To remove the power hungry and elitists from their thrones. And to allow those that are truly called to serve their communities to these offices of leadership.