So let’s be clear here


Okay so you are a #neverTrump voter. And there are absolutely no conditions that would cause you to vote for Donald Trump in the November election. Which means you are either not voting at all, doing a 3rd party candidate or write-in, or voting for Hillary Clinton.

I do admire you sticking to your convictions. That is an admirable trait and one that is normally lacking in most people.

It’s a fact that our culture has drifted far from that of our founders. As a people we are unprincipled, liberal, and almost anti-Christian. These facts have been admitted by a number of those who started the #neverTrump hashtag.

We, as a society, didn’t get to this point overnight. We didn’t get to this point in the last 2 elections. This has been a slow decline over decades if not longer.

Given the state of our society why does it seem to surprise you that the more conservative, principled, and Christian candidates lost the nomination? Our society is against these God honoring men. Even if they could be nominated, it would be almost impossible to win the general election in November.

Our state of affairs happened slowly over generations. It can be stopped and reversed. But it will take time to accomplish. Not a single presidential election or 4 year term.

It has been said by those in the #neverTrump leadership that the conservative equivalent of the RINO “we can’t shut the government down” is “we can’t let the Democrat win”. They are in no way an equivalent statement.

If we do “let the Democrat win” in November. It will be a greater evil than electing Donald Trump as President. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Like staying home and not voting or splitting the GOP vote.

When Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders are in the White House. Liberty will be further eroded. Christian values will become fully outlawed. And conservatives will be openly targeted for persecution by the government at all levels and in the work place.

And the Supreme Court and lower courts will be filled with lawmaking progressive justices. And this will cause lasting harm for decades and generations to come in our nation.

With Donald Trump in the White House. Things are cloudy to be sure given his past. But Donald Trump does listen to the advice of others. An evangelical pastor, Gov Mike Huckabee is a good friend of his. Donald Trump is open to conservative ideas. Someone just needs to take him under their wing and guide and nurture that openness. As a Christian you are required to preach the Gospel to every creature. That includes Donald Trump. But you instead pass judgement on him. You sit on your high horse and talk of your righteousness as the Pharisees of old did in Jesus’s day.

So get off your high horse. Pray for Donald Trump. Bring the Word to Donald Trump. And vote for Donald Trump in November.

#neverTrump is the new Occupy Wallstreet


#NeverTrump is not a grass roots movement. It was started by political insiders that have a lot to loose during an anti-establishment administration. Like the fraudulent “Occupy Wall street” crusade before it. These insiders have duped a number of otherwise good Republicans into following their narrative like sheep.

We are just a few weeks away from the Republican State Convention in Iowa. And if you are a follower of this so-called movement. Then I have the following to say to you.

Wake the <blank> up.
Donald Trump is going to be the GOP nominee. He is now running unopposed in the remaining primaries. It was stated at the beginning of this presidential contest that ANY of the 1 potential nominees would be better than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. And that ANY included Donald Trump.

Many of the insiders that started the #neverTrump insanity are changing their voter registrations to “No Party”. If you feel the same way then please by all means get of the GOP.

If you are a #neverTrump follower and a delegate to the state or National Convention. Please resign now. Turn in your credentials so we may replace you with someone who will support the party nominee.

Donald Trump has his faults. I have no illusions on this fact. But he is better than what we have had in the last two terms of Obama. And he is better than having Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the White House for the next 4 years.

I know that Donald Trump doesn’t have the best conservative record and isn’t the best conservative candidate. But we cannot win on that ticket right now. Our society has drifted too far from the principles. We need to shift it back, but it will take time. Donald Trump is just the first stage of that plan.

He has had my vote since the Iowa Caucus. And he will have my vote in November. Will he have yours?

Mathematically Out


When it reached the point that it became mathematically impossible for John Kasich to win the GOP nomination he was told such by Ted Cruz. Senator Cruz advised Kasich to drop out and he could find a place for him in the Cruz Administration.

If Ted Cruz was, as he claims, a man of honor and principles. That he can be “TrusTed”. Then Senator Cruz, who is now mathematically unable to win the GOP nomination should take the high road and drop out.

Despite Ted’s failings Donald Trump will forgive him. And will have a place for him in the Trump Administration. There is a spot or two where he would do very well.

But you cannot really trust Ted. He will not do the right thing. He will not do what he asks of others to do, because Ted Cruz covets the presidency.

And following the advise of his father, Ted Cruz will do anything to get the presidency. For him the ends DO justify the means.

It seems the rules only apply to those who stand in the way of Ted Cruz.

Time to Coalesce


The evangelical insiders are calling for a third party alternative to run against the 2 potential nominees of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. According to reports it’s an 80% majority who would support such a move.

This is wrong. At the very beginning of this political campaign season the evangelicals were calling for a coalescing of GOP supporters to their favored candidate before a single vote was cast.

Now a good majority of the primary/caucus votes have been cast. Now is the time to coalesce. But not around the candidate who is constantly coming in 3rd or 4th place in these votes. It is time to coalesce around Donald Trump.

Love him or hate him. He is the only chance the GOP has of defeating Hillary Clinton in November.

If an evangelical third party were to get on the ballot who would be it’s nominee? It can’t be Ted Cruz. He made a promise to support the GOP nominee even if it was Donald Trump. He would be a liar if he were to be a 3rd party candidate.

No third party candidate has ever won the White House. In our system it is a wasted vote. And usually one that favors the liberal progressive Democrat who is running for President.

All a third party candidate has ever done is to take votes away from the primary parties. And in this case it would be taking votes away from Donald Trump. And allowing Hillary Clinton to win the White House.

And staying home and not voting has the same result of voting third party. Four years of Hillary Clinton. Four years of more failed progressive socialist doctrine. Four years of more pushing the country further left. Four years of more assaults on liberty and Christian beliefs.

It has been rumored that if Hillary Clinton is elected President. She will nominate Obama to the Supreme Court. Do you REALLY want that to happen?

So now is the time to coalesce unless your goal is to see Hillary Clinton elected as President of the United States. And if that happens it will be even harder four or eight years down the road to elect a conservative to any office again.