We can, but let’s not


Leftist memes all have one thing in common. A deliberate noted false premise or conclusion. So in this article we will examine another one from Social Media and expose the fraud within it.

This particular one has a lot of incorrect language usages. This is a tactic of the Left. They change the meanings of words to control the thoughts and minds of the common people. We will correct some of these first before diving into the meme as a whole.

Healthcare is not the same thing as health insurance. Unfortunately these two terms are used interchangeably due to the manipulation by the Left. Healthcare is receiving medical attention when required due to illness or injury. While health insurance is the usual method used for payment of the healthcare that was received.

So with that correction to the language lets expose the Leftist fraud presented in the meme.

Other countries, places that don’t have the same values or culture, have socialist and non-socialist aspects. Among these aspects are universal health insurance, this is taxpayer funded without the private sector. Instead of a board of directors determining the payouts to medical professionals the legislature determines what the payouts will be to them. And even who gets care as its not worth the taxpayer’s money to fund a transplant to an elderly patient. This has happened in these other countries that have universal health insurance.

I am opposed because I don’t want my taxes used to fund the poor health and lifestyle choices of someone else. It was their choices that lead to events of poor health or injury. They need to pay it themselves.

Higher education, aka “college”, which isn’t always necessary in some industries is again paid through taxation in the “free college” of other countries. This means that little Jimmy down the road gets to go to whatever college he wants to attend and my tax money pays for it. Even if I don’t have children. Why am I paying for his education?

The other 3 points on this meme are misleading. In the United States we have paid vacations, paid maternity leave, and multiple political parties. Why are they here? To mislead the reader in thinking that they don’t exist and the Left is always out to divide and conquer.

The amount of time and qualifications for paid vacations and maternity leave are determined by your employer. This is based on a ton of different factors that generally are unknown to the average person who doesn’t run a business. And if you don’t like what your employer is offering then you can do something about that. You can attempt to negotiate to a more desired outcome, you can get another employer that offers the desired benefits, or even go into business yourself and set your own terms.

As to the multiple political parties. We have those already. Now the United States has what some call a 2 party system but that is misleading. We have, by tradition, only 2 major parties. And we have had them since the beginning but we aren’t limited to those parties

They have come and gone and that can be an article of its own at a future date. But multiple parties exist. If you favor one over the majors by all means support it. Run for office under it. Get it out there so it can grow. Maybe it will become more mainstream that way. It takes work, time, and people to grow a political party. Create the momentum and see what you can do with it.

And lastly we aren’t propagandized or convinced that we can’t have socialist aspects here. We already have many of them and just don’t want any more. Socialism doesn’t work. History is the best teacher of this fact. Every other country that has embraced socialism has caused the death of its own people. Lowered the standard of living and created poverty on wide scale. It crushed individual freedoms and liberty.

There is a reason why the United States is the richest and most powerful nation on Earth. We have avoided most aspects of socialism instead of embracing them. Let’s keep it that way.

Running the Numbers


Today the US is over 19 trillion dollars in debit and this number grows by the thousands every day. If this trend is not reversed it will one day cause our economy to collapse.

We have Bernie Sanders running for President as a Democrat. But he isn’t a Democrat, he is a socialist. Socialism is a failed economic system. Every nation that has tried it has failed its economy or became communist. Bernie Sanders will not be the one who gets it “right”.

I like to call Bernie Sanders the “angry Santa Claus”. He always seems to be angry and upset at something. And he wants to give everyone something for free, just like Santa Claus does.

But free isn’t free. Everything costs money and time. So let’s focus on the 2 big ones. Free health care and free college tuition.

To receive free health care a patient needs to go to a doctor’s office or a hospital. There are administrative staff, the nurses, lab staff, and the doctor(s) themselves. All of them need paid. There is equipment, electrical power, and the building itself. Also all have a cost associated with them. All of these are factors in the cost of health care.

I looked at my health care costs from the previous year. Not the out of pocket amount but the total amount that was billed to my insurance provider. It is a staggering amount of money. Last year isn’t my normal health care costs but it will make a good average.

There are some 323 million people in the United States. If just 10% have a health care cost similar to what mine was last year, we would double the national debit in about 6 years. That is 38 trillion dollars.

With college we have the same issues. There are professors, the college campus and upkeep of buildings and grounds. Electricity, gas, food for the staff and students. These things do not pay themselves, it’s paid from the tuition of the students.

The average cost of a year at college in the US is about $17,000 and after 4 years the student has spent $68,000 for his education. About 20 million students are enrolled every year in universities across the nation.

Paying for 4 years of college tuition for 20 million students and paying the total cost of health care for 323 million people will cause the doubling of our national debit within a Bernie Sanders first term. That’s just 4 years.

To pay for this plus the regular expenses of government, taxes will have to be raised. In most European nations that already provide such services their tax rate is around 50% or even higher. But these countries do not have our population. In order for the US tax payer to pay these costs will require a much higher tax rate and it will end up bankrupting our people and nation.

The math doesn’t lie. This kind of reckless spending is not sustainable. Providing all these services to the citizenry is a disservice. And is not the method to fix what is wrong with our current systems.