Fake 100 Days


The first 100 days of the Trump Administration is almost here and the President doesn’t yet have his full Cabinet confirmed by the Senate. Liberal Democrats are dragging their feet when it comes to confirming this President’s Cabinet picks.

They are still suffering in disbelief that Hillary Clinton did not get elected in the landslide predicted by all of their peers. And they are doing everything that they can to harm President Trump’s Administration and legitimate election. If we had the kind of government these Leftists want us to have. They would be committing Treason.

So when the 100 day review comes in from the Leftist controlled media. It will be reported as a terrible 100 days. Accomplishing nothing, having his Executive Orders challenged in Court. But they will neglect to include that they are the cause of these bad marks in the first 100 day period.

And the Left will continue to be obstructionists against President Trump every day of his Presidency. We can only hope that during the mid-term elections we send a high number of these Leftists back home.

The First 10 Days


We are just 10 days into the 1st Trump Administration. And the President is hard at work. There is no ongoing inaugural party or post parties. The President even cut short some events during the inauguration weekend so he could get to work on making America great again.

President Trump is not only a man of words. He is a man of action. He is rarely idle, sleeps very little, and is a workaholic.

The Liberals have been shocked and outraged in these first 10 days. President Trump has been keeping his campaign promises. And the Liberals are mad about it. And it also confuses them as well.

Their politicians make campaign promises as well. But they rarely keep any of them. Liberals make them to appease voter blocks to get votes. Telling them exactly what they want to hear. And once elected the Liberal politician does whatever they like instead. Full of empty promises.

But Donald Trump doesn’t fit the typical politician mode. He is unconventional. And it is a welcome change to the way we view our government. Finally someone that listens to the people again.

President Trump is already in the process of renegotiating trade deals, securing our sovereign borders, building the wall, providing new jobs, and moving our country towards energy independence. All of this in just the first 10 days.

We are only one-tenth of the way through the first 100 days and the future is looking very bright and hopeful. There is a lot of work yet to be done in th next 90 days and the coming 4 years.

President Trump is the right man for the job. His work ethic is top notch. And he is well on his way to becoming the greatest President of the 21st century.