Trump Fear


Both the right and left fear Donald Trump. Some on the right claim he is a liberal. But that isn’t why he is feared by the right.

If Donald Trump was a progressive liberal as the GOP opponents claim. Then the left should welcome him as the GOP nominee. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. But they do not. Because they know he isn’t one of them.

No both sides of the political spectrum establishment in the US fear Donald Trump simply because he cannot be bought off. There was an article recently that stated it costs about 12 million dollars to buy the heart and soul of a congressman. For The Donald, that isn’t really a large sum of money.

When you self-fund a presidential campaign, you don’t owe your heart and soul to lobbyists and special interests which dictate what you can say, do, or support.

Trump has made enemies in the political power structures. He makes waves and speaks his mind. He is not always right, but it resonates deep within the people who feel they have been left behind and are tired of “politics as usual”.

Most fear what they do not understand or what they cannot control. And Donald Trump is both of these things to the left and the right of politics.