President Trump not a Racist


President Trump’s remarks over Twitter toward 4 freshman Congresswomen were not racist. They were cultural in nature.

The 4 members of Congress have been on record stating hateful things about the Republic, about the Exceptionalism of the United States, about the Flag and history. They go out of their way to attack the only true ally the United States has in the middle east.

So President Trump is right when he remarked over Twitter to leave the country. If you hate this country so much please leave it. Do us all the favor. Go to a country that has the form of government you prefer. One that is more in agreement to your own thinking.

There was nothing in that statement that was racist. It applies equally to everyone. And there is only one race of people on this Earth. Humans. And both the President and those 4 members of the freshman class of Congress are of that race.

Hard science has disproven any past claims of “race” based on skin pigmentation or other physical features. That is the truth of the science of genetics.

But the Democratic Party doesn’t believe in real hard science. Only bunk science that agrees with their chosen ideology. And thus the charges of racism against the President.

Congressman King


I have no love for Rep Steve King. As the national co-chair for the Cruz presidential campaign in 2016 his actions against candidate Donald Trump and the other candidates during the Iowa Caucus has earned Mr. King permanent scorn. Thankfully he did not remain in the Leftist neverTrump camp after the election was won. And he has became a strong outspoken supporter of the Trump Administration. But I do not like Rep King.

Rep King has a lot of faults but being a racist isn’t one of them. This is part of the ongoing witch hunt against the President, his allies, and his supporters and base. Rep King’s remarks were taken out of context and skewed to fit a narrative of lies by the Left.

Unfortunately many otherwise good Republicans have fallen for this deadly trap. And the Left is salivating at the proverbial blood in the water.

Rep Steve King was speaking about how the Left labels its opponents as racists which makes things very difficult to defend. And in many cases the label is unfounded and unjust.

Rep King continued his talk and wondered how the term “Western Civilization” became an offensive term. After all he, and many others myself included, have sat through hours of classroom lectures on the merits of Western Civilization and all that it achieved.

These lines when taken out of context and the emphasis removed from the verbal speech can sound damning indeed. And the comment about taking a class is overlooked and glossed over. No one takes ore teaches a class on merits of racism. That is absurd.

This entire scandal is a fraud. The Governor of Iowa and our two Senators need to issue an immediate apology to Rep Steve King. And the rest of Congress needs to follow. Rep King’s positions on committees should be reinstated at once and any disciplinary actions should be dropped.

The longer this continues the worse it will backfire on the Left that started it and on any Republican that goes along with it.

Have Dumb Will Travel


We have a lot on our collective plates right now. A looming possibility of war with North Korea. Unrest on college campuses and in our economy. A new Nickelback CD coming out soon. But all of those pale in comparison to the greatest issue facing this great nation right now.

Colin Kaepernick has yet to be signed with an NFL team.

This is what is keeping Leftists up at night these days (aside from looking for Russians within every connection to Donald Trump, of course). And just like Paris Hilton doing color commentary for a Cleveland Browns game, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

The Left wants us to believe the only reason Kaepernick isn’t signed is because of racism. After all, he stood up for Black Lives Matter while taking a knee for the National Anthem, so obviously NFL owners are all racists! (Which is why these owners keep hiring black players to play on said teams….) But maybe, just maybe, there might be another reason: Kaepernick sucks.

Remember Johnny Manzel? Coming out of the NFL draft, he was going to be a great quarterback, but his skills didn’t match the hype. Combine that with this off-field antics, and Johnny Football became Johnny Would You Like Fries With That. You see, once your negatives outweigh your positives, you run the risk of being fired or, in Kaepernick’s case, not being hired.

There’s another issue at hand that is hurting Kaepernick’s chances. Although his skills aren’t what they used to be, he is still asking for a sizable contract. He has already rejected contracts for the league minimum, which would be a step down for him, but it would be a step in the right direction if he wanted to play on a team. It’s so bad, former Bears interception machine…I mean quarterback Jay Cutler came out of retirement and got hired. Shouldn’t that be a wake-up call for Kaepernick that maybe he needs to adjust his expectations a bit? And by a bit, I mean a lot.

No matter how many stats Leftists bring up about Kaepernick’s performance over the past 2 years, it shows they haven’t watched too many of his games. There is a reason he was riding the pine more than a witch with particular tastes in broomsticks. He sucked. His game hasn’t changed much since he came into the league, and defenses started figuring out how to beat his game. And let’s not forget the fact the San Francisco 49ers had horrible offenses during the past 2 years. Good quarterbacks find ways to work with the players he has to succeed. Great quarterbacks find ways to win with the players he has.

And Kaepernick? He found a way to be mediocre and radioactive at the same time.

Maybe he would be better served by either dropping his expectations or finding a job with Johnny Manzel. But I do have a solution, and it involves an NFL team.

Have the Washington Redskins offer him a contract. If he accepts, Leftists heads will explode!

Donald Trump is Right


Our leftist media is still spinning lies about Donald Trump. Yet another sign that he is the genuine article and not one of their progressive club members.

I am of course referring to the comments made by Donald Trump about the judge being biased that is hearing the Trump University case.

The media and Trump naysayers are shouting that Trump is racist. However nothing could be further from the truth.

The judge in question is a member of the Hispanic National Bar Association. This organization called for a boycott of all of Donald Trump’s business interests and operations in a press release in July of 2015.

The judge did not object to this press release. He did not resign from the organization. And he did not recuse himself from hearing the case against Trump University.

The facts show that this judge does have a clear and present biased against Donald Trump. Who rightly pointed this out to the world. This judge should be removed from this case immediately.