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It’s been a bad stretch for CNN over the past couple of years. Once they were the beacon of news reporting, able to get the hottest stories before anyone else and bring it to their audience with solid facts and analysis. Today they are getting beaten in the ratings by The Food Network. How did CNN go from the #1 news source in the world to making The Weekly Reader look like they have gravitas by comparison?

Do what Leftists do: blame Donald Trump.

Although Trump’s use of “fake news” to describe CNN has a lot to do with it, there are several other factors that play just as important a role. I hope you brought your hazmat suits because this one’s gonna be toxic!


What the Left thinks it means – a news network targeted by conservatives and Trump supporters for telling the truth about Donald Trump

What it really means – a news network that has lost its way in the pursuit of being liked by Leftists

Although CNN has been around for a couple of decades, people really took notice of it during the first Gulf War in the early 1990s. They had reporters on the ground (including one Wolf Blitzer whom we’ll be talking about here in a bit) giving up-to-date reports on the fighting in Kuwait and how our military forces fared against Iraq’s military. That impressed a lot of viewers, myself included, and it made me proud to be learning the journalism trade at the time.

Shortly after the Gulf War ended, CNN went back to reporting the news, and giving airtime to a certain Democrat President who wowed audiences, ate Big Macs while being seen jogging almost every day, and seemed to echo what the media wanted to hear. Yes, CNN had a serious man-crush on Bill Clinton, and that crush grew into another arm of the White House Press Office. Slick Willie could do no wrong in their eyes.

After Clinton left office, CNN remembered “Hey, aren’t we supposed to be watchdogs against the government?” and went back to reporting hard news. When Barack Obama was elected, those watchdogs went back to being lapdogs and had a new man-crush to impress. Now, we’re back to CNN being watchdogs, albeit deaf, dumb, and blind ones. Although I do hear they sure play a mean pinball.

Today’s CNN bears little resemblance to the CNN of the early 1990s. Here are a few of the current “stars” on CNN.

Wolf Blitzer – a reporter who cut his teeth in Iraq, but got stomped like a new kid in a rough school during an episode of Celebrity Jeopardy where the questions were dumbed down

Jim Acosta – a Sam Donaldson clone washed in hot water, always shouts questions at the President even when told not to, gets threatened by people chanting “CNN sucks” and flipping him the bird

Brian Stelter – host of a program “Reliable Sources” but gets so many facts wrong people are thinking his show is ironically named

April Ryan – a White House correspondent whose questions rival those of Jim Acosta at asking ideological “gotcha” questions based more on fee-fees than facts

Chris Cillizza – a political editor who is concerned about the incivility against the media in this country while unwittingly contributing to it

And there are many, many more. Right now the only passible journalist at CNN is Jake Tapper, and he’s 50-50 at best. Still he has a higher batting average than the bulk of CNN reporters and newsreaders.

Put simply, if CNN were a theatrical production, it would definitely be a Greek tragedy because they keep harming themselves unintentionally while in the pursuit of looking like they’re on top of their reporting game. And they have their enablers…I mean fans who will defend them against any insults slung their way by Trump supporters and other people who don’t think CNN’s doing a good job.

Guess which group I’m in.

And before the Left goes to their default excuse, my disdain for CNN has nothing to do with Trump. It does, however, have everything to do with what I consider to be professional malpractice. I studied journalism in college, so I know how the way reporters are supposed to do their jobs. What we’re seeing out of CNN in 2018 is The Resistance with press passes. Oh, they’ll claim to be doing their jobs and wrap themselves in the First Amendment, but they don’t realize when people tell them CNN sucks or flips them the bird, those people are exercising their First Amendment rights. The same Amendment that gives CNN the right to report on the news of the day gives people the right to react to that reporting, or in many cases the lack thereof.

Just look at how Jim Acosta and his cohorts have reacted to a recent Trump rally in Florida where people were very expressive with their disdain for CNN. They and many others painted those Trump supporters as a hate mob fueled by the President saying CNN was the enemy of the people. Well, here’s a thought: maybe you’ve earned that designation by playing favorites instead of playing fair. There are limits to this, though. The minute you physically attack a CNN reporter, you have taken this disdain too far. Flipping the bird to Jim Acosta isn’t nice, but it’s not violence, nor does it provoke violence (except possibly for the target).

Let me give CNN a piece of free advice. Get back into the reporting business. It’s Journalism 101: the reporter should never be the story. Remember Dan Rather? Although he’s a darling of the Left now, he let himself become the story when he tried to make George W. Bush look like a draft dodger who went AWOL. The problem? The facts didn’t match up with the reporting and Rather had to resign and be forever tainted as a liar. Apparently, lying about a Republican is a resume enhancer to the Left.

Instead of learning from Rather’s mistake, CNN is doubling down and making themselves look foolish in the process. (Which I’m perfectly fine with, by the way.) But if CNN wants to be taken seriously as a news network in the future, it needs to dump the Rather reporting method and go back to what got them to being a respected news organization in the first place.

If not, expect reruns of infomercials to beat CNN in the ratings.

Stop Whining and Start Thinking


The mainstream media in the United States is biased. They are the propaganda arm of the liberal left Democratic Party. Even now they continue to expand on the made-up story that was debunked by General McMaster who is an eye witness to the facts.

The Leftists in this country are so upset that their candidate lost the Presidential election in November 2016 that they will do anything to discredit the legitimate and lawfully elected President Donald Trump. Including writing pure fiction and calling it news. And doing so without sources and ignoring those sources that contradict the narrative they wish to tell.

This is not news. This is fiction. And it is damaging fiction as well. It damages the US reputation abroad. It damages the reputation of journalists and journalism. Which is already on a downhill slide. Which is my there are so many bloggers like myself. We the People are taking journalism out of the hands of false storytellers and reporting the facts since they are not capable of doing so any longer.

If you are a journalist and you are continuing to report on the false narrative of the President giving secret intelligence to Russian diplomats at a White House meeting. Please use some intelligence and think about the situation first before opening your mouth and inserting your foot deeper. Or writing something equally as ignorant.

And if you are some anti Trump Democrat, Leftist, or even Republican. Please also use some intelligence before going off the deep end thinking that what the mainstream media is reporting as news is actual events or facts. They didn’t report any of that in past Republican Administrations what makes you think they have become honest journalists now?

President Trump is nearly 71 years old. He is worth billions of dollars as a businessman before getting into politics. We have a true citizen President again. This is a good thing. If we was this Russian mole that has spent 7 decades worming his way to the highest office in the land. Why would he blow that cover just a few months into his Administration? It doesn’t make any sense if what the liberal biased media is reporting as true. Donald Trump isn’t a bumbling idiot. He would not have created his business empire being one at all. And he isn’t in collusion with the Russians or any other foreign power.

More Real News


As I surf around the available channels on TV. Both over the air and those on cable. I see a lot of networks advertising their news programs.

Now this isn’t unusual of course. Every network wants you to watch their programming over others. Including the news shows. More viewers means higher ratings which in turn means higher revenue from advertising spots. That is how it works in the free market of commercial television.

What I find interesting about these particular commercials is how all the mainstream media networks are now boasting about how much of their news is real news. If you have to advertise that your news is “real”. It probably isn’t real at all. And its just a marketing catch phrase to get new viewers.

Rachel and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


There are times when the jokes write themselves, folks. And after this past week, there are a lot of jokes being written about Rachel Maddow’s hour-long reveal of Donald Trump’s 2005 tax returns…that turned out to be a bigger let down than Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell tandem bungee jumping off the Sears Tower. And that’s even more of a let down than I was with most of my ex-girlfriends.

Whether the Trump Administration set up Maddow or if she and her crack staff (or staff that’s on crack) just dropped the ball is irrelevant. What is relevant today and for some time to come is how Maddow looked like an utter fool teasing an anti-climax more disappointing than the box office draw from the “Ghostbusters” reboot. How bad was it? When both the Left and the Right are mocking you for your blunder, it’s bad.

Now, many on the Left are telling us to watch the entire show and watch as Maddow connected the dots before passing judgment. That may be true, but that would require us to watch her spend an hour doing a modern interpretation of Geraldo Rivera’s trip to Al Capone’s vault. Or, more accurately, Weird Al Yankovic’s uncovering of what was in Al Capone’s glove compartment from the movie “UHF.” (For those of you who haven’t seen it, it was rooooooaaaad maps!)

As bad as it looks for Maddow now, it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Her network, MSNBC, has set itself up as the Anti-Trump, All-The-Time Network, and it works for a sliver of the population demanding this sort of commentary in lieu of journalism. Therein lies the problem. By feeding into the demand, MSNBC has taken itself from being a somewhat respectable channel that occasionally reports the news to a channel that cannot be taken seriously. (Of course, I would argue them hiring Al Sharpton cemented that, but I digress.) The hype Maddow whipped up for the not-so-big-reveal only made the Icarusian fall from grace that much brighter.

Sure, the ratings may have taken a bump, but at what cost. Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that Jerry Springer ruled the daytime airwaves with segments so shocking and sensational it gained him the ire of people across all segments of the population. Hype only works if the payoff justifies it. Even if at the 11th hour Maddow realized she had a Triple Nothing-Burger With Cheese, she went ahead with the non-story as though it were significant and real.

Here’s a pro tip for you, Rach. Next time, do your research before you hype your story. That way, you don’t wind up with more egg on your face than a hatchery farmer at ground zero of a henhouse explosion. And if the story doesn’t justify it, don’t hype it.

Although much of the scorn being heaped upon Maddow’s shoulders is justified, I can’t say that I don’t feel sorry for her. She let hubris overrule her reporter’s instincts and ran with a story that played into a Leftist narrative. That can happen to anyone. Just ask the New York Times editorial staff about Jayson Blair. Since the show aired, Maddow has doubled down on the hubris by blaming…get this…the people who bought into her hype.

If I shook my head any more after this turn of events, my skull could double as a paint mixer.

For Maddow to regain her stride and be credible again, she has to do a major mea culpa. Admit the folly of her actions and stay away from sensationalism for a while. Like, say, the rest of her career. If Donald Trump is hiding something in his tax returns, that information will come out sooner or later, but playing to the crowd wanting it to be true will only blunt the impact if it is true. That’s why real journalists don’t play partisan games. They look at the facts, report them as impartially as they can, and leave the opinions to the editorial page and to the readers/viewers.

Until that time, Rach, you will hear a lot of people discounting your reporting.

And a lot of people laughing at you. Primarily me, though.

Provda Is More Truthful


The Liberals should read their own news reports in full before commenting on them. And they also need to read the US Constitution as well.

Yes they are at it again. The fake news, aka the Liberal mainstream media and propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. Are spreading editorials as news about Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential elections.

This is of course to undermine our lawfully and legitimately elected President Donald J. Trump. Simply because the Liberals don’t want the rule of law or a Republican in office ever again. And they still don’t understand why Hillary Clinton lost the election. So it has to be massive fraud committed by the Republicans and the Trump Administration with the help and backing of Russia.

But this whole idea and notion is absurd. Even the very Liberal media in their very reports state there is no evidence to back up their statements. That makes the reports pure fiction.

The rank and file Liberal repeats the headlines without reading the details. Shouting out, stopping traffic, raising lawlessness, and igniting various flame wars across the internet.

If they actually read the details they would see there is no evidence to the allegations. And if they were to read the Constitution and laws of the United States they would also know that to be charged and found guilty of a crime, evidence is required.

Like it or not, Donald Trump is the President. Try again in four years with a better candidate that actually resonates with the voters. Our laws are clear. Stop with the false accusations simply because your chosen candidate lost the election. It happens. We lost 2 elections in a row. Our laws are clear, when you have some hard evidence against the President for some real wrong doing. Bring it forward.

Otherwise please stop writing fiction against the President.

The Death of Journalism


There has been a lot of talk in media circles lately about President Donald Trump’s comments about the mainstream media. To put it mildly, he ripped them a new asshole. As a result, the media have responded by saying journalism is being threatened.

Yeah. As someone who has studied journalism for decades, I call bullshit. Donald Trump isn’t a threat to journalism; so-called journalists have been.

At one time, journalists could be counted on to report the facts without personal biases. Now, the journalism profession is filled with political hacks advocating for a cause or an ideology with little regard for facts. They may not know or want to admit it, but there is a reason Trump called out “fake news” so many times during the campaign. And I’ll give you media types a hint.

It’s because you’ve engaged in pushing false narratives, knowingly or unknowingly.

For the past 8 years, you were more concerned about kissing up to Barack Obama than you were pursuing a litany of stories that could have and should have been reported. And I’m not just talking about high profile ones like Benghazi or Fast and Furious, either. I’m talking about the little deeds that deserved attention, like the illegal firing of an Inspector General without Congressional consultation, let alone approval. Don’t remember that? Let me tell you who does: former Inspector General Gerald Walpin, the guy Obama fired.

The IRS targeting conservative groups? Another story that you guys missed and/or misreported.

The targeting of James Rosen and Sharyl Attiksson, two people in your profession? Ignored.

The sexual assault of Lara Logan, another colleague of yours, by radical Muslim males? Little to no reporting done.

But you’ll devote column inches and airtime to investigating Sarah Palin’s daughter’s ex-fiance’s cousin’s uncle’s college roommate’s pet groomer’s neighbor’s lawn care guy just to dig up a little dirt?

With journalistic standards based solely on ideological grounds, the heart and soul of the profession have been ripped out, stomped on, pissed on, burnt, pissed on again, and used for compost. And that’s if the profession is into organic farming.

Journalists have the power to shape opinion with how stories are presented. A turn of a phrase, the use of a particular descriptor, how people are presented, all of these and other tricks of the trade can turn a renowned professor of history into a woman-hating monster who would rape a woman at the drop of a hat. And believe me, it’s happened.

But to blame Donald Trump for the well-deserved assault on journalists is disingenuous at best, delusional at worst. The journalism profession is dying the death of a thousand paper cuts, and the journalists worrying about the way Trump is treating them still aren’t getting how they are responsible. Trump may be an easy target for their ire, but a little self-reflection is long overdue for them to see why they’re less trusted than a used car salesman working straight commission.

Shaking it Up


The coming Trump Administration is already shaking things up in the political world. We the People were tired of the politics as usual method that has defined our political landscape for the past 75-100 years. No matter which party was in the majority.

The good old boys stroked one another’s egos and watched each others back with a wink and a nod during the campaign season promising one thing, yet delivering on another.

That time has now come to an end. Even in the transition period the Trump Administration is shaking things up.

Demanding accountability on run-a-way spending on a new Air Force One and on a new fighter jet. This is the start of draining the swamp. This is the end of $1,000 hammers being purchased by the government’s rubber stamp and our tax dollars.

The liberals and those neverTrump fools are just going crazy over the President-Elect’s decision not to attend daily security briefings. But of course the mainstream liberal media leaves out the detail that these briefings contain no new information. When there is something new to learn, then the President-Elect will be there to listen.

I wouldn’t want to attend a meeting every day that says the same thing again and again. It is a waste of time. And like the President-Elect, I’m smarter than that and so are you.

Even the choices that President-Elect Trump has made for his Cabinet and other positions have been top notch. It has the Liberals panicking and the neverTrump fools still acting the fool. So in my book, those have got to be the right ones.

As for the “Russian” fake news impacting our elections. I’m sure fake news did. After all people did vote for Hillary by the millions. The only way that could have happened is by brainwashing mind control lasers. Or fake news sites portraying Donald Trump as a power hungry, narcissistic, woman-hating, racist thug. But Donald Trump is none of those things. And only fools drinking the kool-aid believe such nonsense.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


As I am writing this, Democrats are still finding reasons why Hillary Clinton lost (and none of them involve Hillary Clinton being a horrible candidate). One of the latest excuses is the rise of what the Left is calling “fake news.” If you believe them (and, really, why would you), fake news is so prevalent, so pervasive, and so destructive to our democracy that we need to recognize it and stamp it out. We might even need the federal government to get involved!

And there we have the real reason the Left is against fake news. But we should take a look at the term to understand the kerfluffle.

fake news

What the Left believes it means – news stories from partisan sources, usually from right-leaning media, designed to confuse the average media consumer

What it really means – any news not vetted through the Leftist media echo chamber

Amazing how the Left discovered how bad fake news was after Donald Trump won the Presidency, isn’t it? Up until then, the media were just reporting the facts about how horrible Donald Trump was and how wonderful Hillary Clinton was. You know, standard operating procedure. But once it was clear Hillary was going down like a prostitute on the Titanic working on a volume basis, the media “realized” there were fake news stories being spread and believed.

You know, like Hillary being wonderful.

Where the “fake news” controversy comes apart is when you look at how blissfully unaware the people making the claims are. This election cycle was full of news stories based on partisan fancy, ignoring inconvenient facts, or general laziness in following up on hard leads.

Let’s take a look at two news stories from 2016: the Wikileaks hack of DNC emails, and Trump’s “grab them by the”…well, you know, comment. With the latter, there was wall-to-wall coverage (and commentary) about it. You could swing a cat and hit a reporter with some new story. The column inches were awash with ink. You would have thought Trump killed Lady Gaga from what we were hearing.

With the former? Not so much. The only media outlets covering the Wikileaks story were…the outlets the Left are calling “fake news.”

Let that sink in for a moment. The people who we’ve trusted for decades to tell us the news were guilty of spreading fake news while ignoring actual news. And now these same people are worried about fake news.

And the media wonder why reporters are seen as less trustworthy than a pathological liar car salesman?

For the purposes of full disclosure, I studied journalism in college and learned how to write a news story. In learning that, I learned how the media can frame stories with something as simple as a turn of a phrase. Republican ideas are called “wacky”, Republicans are considered “hard conservative”, and anything to the right of Lenin is considered bad. Republicans in trouble are always named as Republicans.

Democrats, on the other hand, get pass after pass. When a Democrat gets in trouble, his or her political affiliation is buried in the story. Democrats are never referred to as “hard liberal” or have their ideas maligned. Nope, media coverage of Democrats are almost to the point of being laudatory and deferential.

The reason I mention this dichotomy is to put the “fake news” idea into a fuller context. Media have the ability to shape how we see the world, but the Left has started losing its grip on the reins of power in the media. Talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, websites like Breitbart and Hot Air, and people like those of you reading this are starting to loosen the Left’s grip on the narrative. So, what the Left can’t control, they will malign or destroy.

Hence, the creation of the “fake news” narrative. The coverage of an actual Clinton scandal ran in direct contrast to the coverage of the shocking, but ultimately minor, Trump scandal. (As it turns out, the Left attempted to create a false narrative by taking the offensive quotation out of context. Surprised?) Since the Left couldn’t control Wikileaks, it sought to malign it and anyone who did further legwork to flesh out the story.

In a related story, the Left is now pushing a narrative seeking to connect Wikileaks to Russia to Donald Trump as a means of delegitimizing the election results. The problem? It’s still speculation at this point. In other words, the media complaining about fake news…are putting out fake news.

Nobody said Leftists were self-aware.