Ruling by Decree


Well our king has bypassed Congress yet again in his quest to fundamentally rebuild Amerika. This time issuing a decree to all schools in the realm to allow students to use the restroom, showers, and locker rooms associated with their gender identity. Failure to comply will result in the loss of Federal education funds to that state.

His majesty is overstepping his Constitutional authority. He continues to legislate from the Oval Office by Executive Order because Congress displeases him. I am certain he would disband Congress if he could get away with doing so and he may yet attempt it.

Nothing this man does surprises me in the least. He stated his goals at the beginning of his first term in office. Few believed it and now we are seven years deep in to his reign of destroying the Republic our founders created.

I even once remarked that President Obama could very well be the last president we as a country ever elect. If he succeeds in his quest to fundamentally rebuild Amerika. Why stop at 2 terms? That’s just that old Constitutional restriction. It doesn’t apply today of course.

King Obama has 7 more months to go on his 2nd term as President. He could find a legitimate excuse that the left and fools would believe to extend his reign beyond 2016. Ignoring the election result no matter who triumphs there. Obama would win, and the majority would follow like sheep.

Gun Control by Executive Order


An open letter to the President of the United States of America


Today President Obama issued several Executive Orders on gun control. The reason, the same one he has always used, Congress has failed to act.

Let me assure you Mr President, Congress has not failed to act. Congress is, at least in this case, doing it’s job well. Voicing the Will of the People that elected them as their representatives.

In your speech Mr President you stated that the member of Congress are more concerned with getting re-elected than they are with passing gun control laws.

This is a half-truth. Yes, members of Congress are concerned with getting re-elected and that is precisely why they have NOT passed any gun control laws. They are listening to their constituents who do not want more government intrusion in their lives.

The majority of people in this country are not who you think they are Mr President. The majority do not want more gun control laws which clearly violate the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution. And Congress does listen to them, but not to you on this matter.

Fortunately those Executive Orders you signed today can easily be undone by the next president with another stroke of the pen. They will be short lived and many may be simply ignored.

This will not deter you though Mr President. You will continue to bypass Congress and attempt to rule by decree using Executive Orders. But this is still a Republic despite your efforts in rebuilding the nation into something else. And we still stand on Liberty for all.