Above the Law


The Clinton’s sit like Kings of old. They are the law and they above it. This has been seen in the past. And we see it again with Hillary Clinton now.

The FBI has stated the facts of the case. She did send 110 emails that contained classified information. She willingly admitted to deleting emails. This is obstruction of justice and destroying evidence. The accused doesn’t get to decide what evidence is relevant or not in any investigation. Her private email servers could have been hacked by unknown 3rd parties. And many more emails have been retroactively declared classified.

Yet the FBI states they will not press charges against Hillary Clinton. Why not? Because she and her staff, although extremely careless, they did not act intentionally to break the law.

The very idea infuriates me. If I were to destroy potential evidence because I personally thought it wasn’t relative to the investigation. I would be charged for that crime. If I were to inadvertently leak classified information in an insecure email. I would loose security clearance, and be facing criminal charges. Even if I were to inadvertently speed while driving carelessly. I would have a ticket, be getting fined, and having all kinds of repercussions.

But not a Clinton. Not the Queen of the Democratic Party. She is untouchable. The laws of our nation simply do not apply to Hillary Clinton. Besides what difference does it make?

Ignorance of the law and one’s intent have never been excuses or justifications for violating the law. If a Republican presidential candidate had done this, charges would be filed. But Hillary Clinton gets out of jail free.

Breakin’ the Law


It’s official. The State Department has released a report showing that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton violated Federal rules and regulations while using her private email server for government business. And those rules and regulations carry the full force of Federal Law.

Hillary Clinton has broken Federal Law. If it was you, good reader, you would be arrested and in jail awaiting trial in a Federal Court. But a Clinton doesn’t go to jail. They run for President of the United States.

We are now at the “wait and see” period. Does the Department of Justice and the FBI press charges and arrest Hillary Clinton as they should or do they just let her go free?

If charges are pressed and she is arrested, it would be the end of her political career. The White House bid would be over. Leaving Bernie Sanders to be the nominee unless this is what causes Joe Biden to enter the race. He is more popular among the Democrats.

If no charges are pressed and she is not arrested. Then Hillary will walk away from being guilty of a Federal Crime. Proving once again that the Clinton’s are above the law. She could end up being pardoned by Obama before he leaves office, thus preventing a Republican President from having those files charged and having Hillary arrested and tried.