In Defense of the Iowa Caucuses…Or At Least Some of Them


Well, it happened, pretty much as I predicted. The Iowa Caucuses are over, the candidates have moved on, and the Hawkeye State is the center of some controversy because we don’t know who actually won the caucuses on the Democrat side. As a result, the country is looking down at Iowa for being disorganized and incapable of counting beyond ten without taking off our shoes.

But here’s the thing. There were two sets of caucuses going on, not just the one for Democrats. The Republicans had one, too, which was more of a formality than anything else. President Donald Trump won the Iowa Caucuses for the GOP with 97% of the vote. How do I know?

Because the Iowa Republican Party has its shit together.

I’ve participated in the Republican caucuses and observed the Democrat caucuses, so I have an idea of what the internal processes are. The Republicans take their time, but not in excess because they’re there to complete the tasks before them and get out. Democrats, on the other hand, play a game of Red Rover where they try to attract/bully other potential voters to abandon their first choices if they’re not considered viable and add them to the roles of those supporting viable candidates. This process can be quick, and other times it’s more painful than watching the Socialist Socialite trying to explain how gum works.

Last night was the latter on steroids.

And it was made worse thanks to an app developed by the totally non-scary-sounding Shadow Inc. with a website listing none of its board members or leadership and made up of people who worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Then again, given how her campaign turned out, I’m not sure I’d want my name out there on anything. Maybe there’s a Witness Relocation Program for failed Presidential campaign staffers, especially ones that couldn’t even win a rigged election….

Adding to the intrigue is the fact Shadow Inc. is associated with Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who just happens to be one of the Democrats running for President. Let’s not forget what the DNC did to Bernie Sanders in 2016, too, in understanding the magnitude of fuckitude we’re dealing with here. If the DNC were trying to exorcize the demons of 2016, they didn’t do a very good job of it here because these little niggling issues make it look like there is someone or something pulling the strings. I’m not usually one to indulge in conspiracy theories, but let’s just say I’ve made a tidy profit after investing heavily in tinfoil.

So many moving parts, and so many fingers being pointed at the wrong people, namely President Trump, Russia, and Iowa in general. The Iowa Caucuses are run by the Democrats and Republicans, and the President and Russia have nothing to do with the chaos that occurred with the Democrats. Iowa as a whole isn’t to blame, either. Remember, the Republicans didn’t seem to have trouble reporting the outcome, only the Democrats did. (Maybe the non-Democrats in Iowa need a hashtag, #NotAllIowans?) As such, the slings and arrows of outrageous commenters should be pointed not at the entire state, but at the Iowa Democratic Party.

But that can’t and won’t happen, thanks to the Leftist mindset. The Left hates Iowa and Iowans (but, surprisingly, not their votes and money). They consider us to be ignorant hicks lacking in the sophistication that can only come from living on either coast. They see us as a roadblock to progressive success and want us to take a back seat to what they want and what they feel we need. The caucus debacle only helps to make their case.

Or so they think.

When you dig a little bit deeper, you see this was a self-fulfilling fuck-up. The Left needed the Iowa Caucuses to fail so they could better make the argument why Iowa shouldn’t take such a prominent role in determining who gets to be the Democrats’ nominee. Just like with Obamacare (with a healthy hat tip to Tammy Bruce for making and inspiriting this same point), the solution to the problem was meant to fail so a larger objective could be achieved. In this case, the Iowa Caucuses served many purposes, including a continuation of the “Russia hacked our elections” narrative that has become gospel to the Left since Hillary Clinton lost. If the Left can repeat the notion our elections aren’t secure, they will cast doubt on whomever wins in 2020 (except, of course, if it’s a Leftist who wins because that only proves we were able to overcome Russian interference). Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Yet, the failures of the Iowa Caucuses only point in one direction, and it points to the party that claims to be smarter and more moral than we are. Oh, and who want us to adopt Medicare For All as a solution to what they think is a health care crisis. If they can’t run a caucus that they control, that makes the best argument for why they shouldn’t be allowed to run anything come November.

The Americans are Coming


The Left was outraged when Donald Trump stated during his presidential campaign that he might not accept the results of the election if he didn’t win. Hillary Clinton and her supporters all claimed that such action was unpatriotic, unAmerican, shameful and wrong.

Yet here we are just 4 months after the election where Donald Trump won the election and is President. Hillary Clinton and her supporters, including the mainstream Liberal media, have not accepted the results. And for them it is patriotic, American as apple pie, and the right thing to do.

Proving once again that the Left has two sets of rules. One for them and one for everyone else. They are the leaders of the double standard.

So I’ll say it again. Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States of America. He was legitimately and lawfully elected by the People of the several States according to the US Constitution.

The Russian’s did not influence the election and steal the victory from Hillary Clinton in any way, shape, or form.

Hillary Clinton lost the election on her own for a number of reasons. Chief among them were her proposed policies which did not coincide with the values of the American people as a whole. And unlike her husband, Hillary Clinton lacks people skills and is just a very unlikable person.

Had the DNC actually allowed their members to nominate a candidate of their choice instead of handing it to Hillary Clinton. The election results would have been different. We might still have President Trump but it would have been a hard fought victory.



Leftists, we need to talk.

Since Election Day, you guys have gotten really unhinged. I’m not talking your normal level of unhingedness. I’m talking Nick Nolte on a Red Bull and cocaine bender unhinged.

In the past week, Rosie O’Donnell tweeted she wanted martial law to be enacted until Donald Trump could be cleared of all charges. Of course, she doesn’t say what charges exactly, but given how Russian hacking is in the news and living rent free in your heads, I’m guessing that’s the charges in question. Now, I’ve come to expect this from Rosie, so it didn’t shock me. What shocked me was the number of people who agreed with her.

Let’s take a step back away from the abyss here for a moment. We have people thinking martial law is the way to stop Trump from being President, and they don’t see anything wrong with that. As someone who happens to like freedom, I have to object. Not only is it a stupid short-term solution to a minor problem, but it’s not one you can just take back once you’re satisfied. Yeah, once you give government that much power, they tend not to give it back so quickly.

Then, there are the celebrities holding an anti-inaugural concert to compete with Inauguration Day. I’m sure it will be well-attended and will make a lot of news, but think about this for a second. You guys did stuff like this before Trump won the Presidency, and how did that work out for you? No matter how many concerts you hold, no matter how many celebrities give their opinions on our future, no matter how much you stomp your feet in anger and disgust, it’s not going to work. Donald Trump is going to be President, and it’s going to be for a while.

Consider this to be an intervention because you Leftists are addicted to stupid.

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, and you have a lot of problems starting with the soon-to-be-former President, Barack Obama. He helped you win the White House in 2008 and since then has done nothing to help you advance. If anything, he has caused your ideology to take several steps back by living up to your current standards. Obama could have ensured a progressive future if he (and you) had been more willing to find ways to compromise. Instead, once he won, he (and you) decided to use a chainsaw where a scalpel was needed.

Then, came Hillary Clinton, who was the ideological heir to Obama’s kingdom, but didn’t have the same charisma to pull off the argument. Let’s not forget this is the same Hillary Clinton who got trounced by Obama in 2008, but 8 years later she’s supposed to be unbeatable? Well, when you have a DNC chair willing to rig the primaries for her, maybe she thought she was unbeatable. And it doesn’t hurt to have a temporary DNC chair feed debate questions to her campaign.

Yet, with all of that rigging, Hillary Clinton lost. And, no, her winning the popular vote doesn’t give your side any more credibility because the Presidency is not always awarded to the candidate who wins the most votes. This may help you in making a case to do away with the Electoral College, but it doesn’t reverse the 2016 election.

Maybe if you hadn’t mocked Trump’s claims of a rigged election when you thought you were winning, you might have a leg to stand on. As it stands, you’re the ideological equivalent of Lt. Dan from “Forrest Gump.”

While you’re trying to find your way out of the wilderness, you will need people to step up as leaders. Given the fact Nancy Pelosi is still House Minority Leader, you folks are sticking with some of the morons that got you President Trump. I understand loyalty, but loyalty towards someone who has literally been an anchor to your political power is insanity. It’s time for you to find new leaders, people who can actually represent what you believe and be effective voices in articulating your vision. And, no, “we’re not Trump” isn’t effective. It didn’t work for Hillary, and it won’t work going forward. When you define yourself in terms of your opposition, you not only fail to make your argument, but you also bring attention to your opponent.

Also, you need to ratchet the negativity down a lot. With your current train of thought, you are guaranteeing more people will be willing to give Trump a chance because you are being ugly, authoritarian asshats. Remember how you went after the “alt-right”? Well, contrary to what you think, there are a lot of people you lumped in with the alt-right that do not agree with conservative causes. In short, you created monsters from people who agree with you, but because they don’t agree with you 100% of the time, you treated them like garbage.

By the way, Donald Trump thanks you for the votes and support, and I say this as someone who isn’t thrilled with the prospect of a Trump Presidency.

And you know why Trump won a majority of the country? He wasn’t an arrogant snob like you have become. You may think you’re the smartest people in the room, but you don’t have to tell us you are. Words don’t mean anything unless there are actions to back them up. Talking down to people you disagree with or who don’t live on the coasts is a clear turn-off. And calling us racists, sexists, homophobes, etc., because Hillary lost isn’t the way to win elections and influence voters. But I’m sure it will totally work for you in 2018.

By the way, that was sarcasm.

As a recovering Leftist myself, I see the patterns you have fallen into and need to overcome for your continued survival. Take the first step and get weaned off the stupid.

Voter Fraud


Recent undercover videos have given evidence of wide-spread voter fraud being committed by the Democratic Party. And since this is the party that currently controls the White House and the Department of Justice, nothing will be done about it.

President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will do nothing about the evidence of voter fraud. Even though back in 2008 Hillary claimed Obama won by busing in voters illegally. It is her turn now to do the same so she can win the general election in November.

Both of these people are criminals. Both of them have committed voter fraud. Both should be in jail. Neither one of them should be President of the United States. And the Democratic Party needs to be investigated for additional evidence and crimes of voter fraud.

We need to have some major changes in the election laws to prevent this wide spread fraud from ever being committed again by any party. We need to have a national registered voter database that the states update. This will help prevent voters from being registered in multiple states. As of now there are millions of voters who are registered in more than one state. We also have to end same day voter registration, it’s not enough time to find someone that is committing fraud.

And we need to have voter ID laws in place. You have to show a photo ID to drive, board an airplane, travel overseas, cash a check, write a check, open an account, and get a job. So everyone already has an ID. It’s not hard to show it when you go to the polls.

And On the Other Side…


The Democratic National Convention is over, and I can officially say they surpassed the Republican National Convention…in the amount of clusterfuckery on display. Between the Wikileaks DNC email scandal breaking just as the convention was about to start, the silencing of Bernie Sanders supporters, and the fake, forced unity shoved down our throats, the DNC made the RNC look like a house cleaned by people with OCD.

Looking at both conventions, I saw a lot of unforced errors (which doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence in either major party candidate). Having said that, the unforced errors at the DNC were more along the lines of having time to fix them, but deciding not to. It’s not like Wikileaks waited until the last day of the convention to spring the email scandal on the world. The DNC knew about it, and still managed to screw up.

Case in point, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Once the email scandal struck, she stepped down as DNC Chair…and was granted an honorary position with the Hillary Clinton campaign. The fact it’s honorary doesn’t change the fact a scandal-ridden politician gave a spot to another scandal-ridden politician who just happens to have been exposed as greasing the wheels for the first scandal-ridden politician.

That’s a lot of scandal being ridden there, kids.

Oh, but it gets better! The DNC decided to replace Wasserman Schultz in the short term with Martha Fudge…who was also exposed in the Wikileaks release. Then, Donna Brazille was called in to head up the DNC until January 2017. Having watched Ms. Brazille on television for a number of years, that’s like replacing a rusted out Yugo with a rusted out Pinto with really touchy bumpers. In either case, it’s not going to end well.

From there, the convention turned the clusterfuckery to 11 (because it’s one higher) and did as much as they could to pretend everything was fine. But once you get past the false front the Democrats tried to put up, you see a lot of problems. I’m not a Bernie Sanders fan by any stretch of the imagination, but the way the DNC treated these potential voters was nothing short of authoritarian. Not only were Sanders delegates harassed and forced to hold their tongues in opposition to Hillary Clinton, they watched their candidate being hamstrung by the DNC during the nomination process and utterly humiliated by speaker after speaker. The whole “Don’t Boo, Vote” phrase? Utter backhand to the Sanders supporters. Having vocal Sanders supporter Sarah Silverman lambasting the Sanders supporters by saying, “You’re being ridiculous”? Another backhand.

But the ultimate knife twist? Having Sanders be the one to move that Hillary be the Democrat nominee. It was a stunning visual, but given what happened prior to that, it was a punch in the gut to see him be humiliated like that. I can’t say whether he was forced, coerced, bribed, or did it of his own free will, but given what Wikileaks released, it would be hard for me to believe it was anything but a means to embarrass Sanders for daring to be a possible Presidential option.

And remember, folks, the Democrats are the ones who believe in diversity, as long as it’s the diversity they want.

And, it only gets worse from here. Attempts to humanize Hillary Clinton were unconvincing because, well, they were trying to humanize Hillary. Bill Clinton’s speech, in particular, was a long trip down memory lane, and it focused a lot on what (but not so much who) Bill did in his political career. Then, there was Barack Obama’s speech. The speech had more “I” references than a narcissistic needle maker.

Then…there was Hillary’s speech. Put simply, she let Donald Trump dominate her speech. Although she did try to put out a more optimistic view, it was obvious Trump bought up property in her head and built a luxury hotel.

But even that wasn’t the worst part.

The key to the sheer ineptitude of the DNC lies with their attempts to appear patriotic. First, there was a distinct lack of flags on the DNC stage. Although some hearty conventioneers broke out Old Glory (which, I;m sure, was completely spontaneous), the lack of flags didn’t go unnoticed. Also, thanks to some members of Twitter, it came out the DNC handed out sheets with chants to drown out Sanders supporters still in attendance.

But the cherry on top of the shitstorm sundae was the fact the DNC needed to put the Pledge of Allegiance…on a TelePrompter.

Congratulations, Democrats. You’ve managed to make the RNC look good.



There is a noticeable and stark contrast between the two major party national conventions. One had abundant energy while the other completely lacks it.

At both, in between speakers and major events, there is a live band playing music. During the Republican convention the delegates were up in the aisles and out of their seats. They were dancing and singing along with the music.

However during the Democratic convention. Most of the delegates are just sitting in their seats looking annoyed. A few here and there are singing and dancing but no one is out in the aisles.

What’s even more surprising about this is that the music is better at the Democratic convention. There should be more joy and happiness because of it. After all their party controls the White House currently as well.

This lack of celebration is very telling. It seems that most Democrats don’t have a sense of humor or fun. This is especially true the higher one moves up the leadership ladder in the party. They can’t laugh at themselves at all. And some will be upset that I even wrote this statement.

They all need to take a break and have some fun without being so serious about everything all of the time. Life is too short for that. And it might improve their mood.

A Unified Front


This week, Democrats have a chance to show the world how well they could avoid looking like the Republicans did at their national convention last week. And going on 3 days later, they accomplished the exact opposite. As much of a clusterfuck the RNC was, the DNC managed to surpass them.

And it starts with unity.

Going into the DNC this week, it was assumed they would try to portray the Democrats as a unified party. And until the doors opened on Monday, it worked. Once the Democrats tried to do something, though, the unity went out the window, thus ruining the chances of actual unity.

Of course, the DNC being exposed as a bunch of Hillary panty-sniffers by Wikileaks didn’t help matters any. I don’t often agree with Bernie Sanders, but I agree with the fact he got a raw deal from the people who allegedly lead the Democrat Party. And they would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for that pesky Wikileaks!

Actually, a Scooby Doo villain of the week would have been a lot smarter than the DNC. In the current era of computer usage, nothing is ever completely private. But the Democrats apparently used the same IT people Hillary did because their emails were just as vulnerable and just as damning.

And remember, kids, the Democrats say they’re the smart ones.

But let’s go back to Bernie Sanders for a moment. Like him or not, he represented a lot of people, people who were delegates at the DNC and deserved to be heard. What happened? The DNC did everything they could to silence the Sanders supporters. To the Hillary supporters, the Sanders supporters were subhuman and should just fall in behind Hillary like good little drones in spite of being told their opinions didn’t matter.

And these folks think Donald Trump’s followers are cult-like?

The Democrats’ allies in the media are doing everything they can to try to shape the narrative that the DNC is the epicenter of unity. But it’s all a front to hide the fact the DNC isn’t unified by any reasonable stretch of the imagination. There are clear divisions that won’t be healed by forcing Sanders supporters to heel to a fundamentally flawed candidate who changes positions on topics like Cher changes costumes during concerts, or like Cher changes body parts.

And that discord is reflected outside of the DNC. The cameras may not be on the protesters, but they’re there, and they’re not happy.

Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


After a relatively quiet Republican National Convention, the Democrats have their national convention this week, and with it comes a plague: protesters. I think it’s one of the Biblical plagues, right after locusts and Amway salesmen. This gives us a good chance to look at protesting through the Leftist lens.

What the Left believes it means: an expression of outrage protected under the First Amendment designed to raise awareness of social and political issues many people don’t know exist

What it really means: an excuse for Leftists to act like assholes

When Leftists get really upset about something, they often take to the streets with signs, chants, and passion. I don’t mind that so much. What I mind is what they often leave in their wake: a lot of trash. Especially on Earth Day! But at least it’s biodegradable trash…kinda.

The key to understanding Leftist protests is remembering they operate emotionally. They don’t worry about details like making sense or having a cohesive and sustainable message. You just need to feel passionately about the cause.

Take Astroturf Wall Street, for example. When they burst onto the scene, it caught the attention of a lot of people, mainly on the Left. What did they stand for? Initially, it was to hold Wall Street accountable for alleged crimes that lead to the financial crisis, but it grew into other ideas including demands for free college, getting rid of capitalism, and any number of other ideas that had nothing to do with Wall Street. And now years later, Astroturf Wall Street has morphed into…Bernie Sanders voters.

Well, at least they’re still recycling, even if it’s bad ideas.

The way Leftist protests grow is through absorption of other Leftist groups to give the illusion of size. You may have a group that wants to preserve the habitat of the rare Speckled Gecko With an Overbite, but that group would probably fit in the closet of my first apartment and still have room for my comic book collection. Then, that group might know someone in a Socialists For Free Ice Cream group, who mobilizes its members to join with the Speckled Gecko With an Overbite crowd. Before you know it, the original group grows and grows with the inclusion of groups like Luddites for Nuclear Energy, the Gay and Lesbian Dog Walkers Association for the Advancement of Professional Wrestling, and, if you really want to be silly, the Clinton Foundation.

Once you get that many people together, it’s going to raise attention. Large crowds typically do that. That is another way the Left judges the success of its protests: how much media coverage they can get. Then, they figure out a spokesperson to represent the original group’s mission and give the illusion the entire protest is made up of people who agree with the cause. This, in turn, may make others believe the cause is valid and popular, so they join in.

In short, it’s based on a series of carefully crafted lies.

But if you’ve noticed, there’s one thing missing in each step of the Leftist protest process: people actually trying to make an argument in favor of the cause. That’s one of the little details the Left doesn’t bother itself with that I mentioned earlier. Oh, they have slogans they’re willing to repeat, but slogans do not an argument make. And that’s the Bottom Line. (Wait…wrong outro, wrong blog.)

Look. It’s great to be passionate about a cause, but if that’s all you invest in it, it’s not going to go very far. The truly lasting causes are the ones with passion and intellectual heft. Like finding Waldo.