Leftist Lexicon Word of the Week


Recently, a photo of Paul Ryan and Congressional pages made its way through the Internet. No, it’s not the same as the Anthony Weiner pictures, but on the surface it wasn’t seen nearly as positively. In the picture, many people saw a sea of white faces. The Left chided Ryan and all Republicans for a lack of diversity. But what exactly is diversity? Glad you…errr…I asked!


What the Left believes it means: celebrating and respecting all of the differences in people

What it really means: bean-counting

While the Left thinks it has a slam-dunk squawking point with the Ryan picture, it actually shows just how little they consider actual diversity beyond skin color. Granted, the GOP has been seen as whiter than a polar bear convention in a blizzard at Ice Station Zebra, but have you seen the Democrat leadership lately? I’ve seen more diversity at a twins convention.

Except when they need to show the world just how diverse they are. Then, they bring out “their” people of color to take the lead on important issues like, well…you know…calling Republicans racist! But when it’s a really important issue like, well…you know…calling Republicans evil, it’s whites only, baby!

What the Left doesn’t want you to know is they think of diversity purely in terms of political agreement. If you’re a part of a certain minority that tends to agree with the Left’s world view, they want you to show how much they care about your particular issue. Androgynous albino swordswallowers who walk with a limp and vote straight ticket Democrat? The Left will practically demand you get a month to yourself. Just be glad Tumblr isn’t in charge of the calendars of you’d be lucky to make it to your first birthday in time for your funeral.

Ah, but if you deviate one bit away from the standard Leftist viewpoint, you’re a traitor to your subdivision and must be shunned. That’s how someone like Rachel Dolezal is considered to be closer to a “true black” in the Left’s eyes than Stacey Dash, someone who doesn’t have to wear Extra Dark George Hamilton Skin Bronzer to pass for black.

But that’s where the Left gets creative. They talk a great game about the need for diversity, but when it comes time to deliver, they actually have to produce something. And that something usually doesn’t come in the colors of the diversity rainbow, but something closer to the color of money. The Left loves to buy off different groups to keep them from straying too far away from the rest of the hive. And that, ladies and gentlemen, has given us a concept of diversity that runs counter to what diversity actually is.

Back in the days when colleges actually taught something other than How to Find a Safe Space 101, intellectual discussions of various topics were the norm. Nowadays, you’re lucky if you can find anyone, student or faculty, who isn’t a member of the Microaggression of the Month Club. (This month’s microaggression is Pokemon GO being a tool of the Patriarchy.) Why is that?

Simple. The Left cannot win when their ideas get exposed to contrary opinions. Global warming/global cooling/global climate change/global Sharknado probability/whatever they’re calling it this week is a prime example. The Left built a narrative around faulty data, fudged research, and the lure of easy grant money to get scientists to say manmade global warming is a thing. Oddly enough, they used the same strategy to get Barack Obama elected, but that’s another story for another time. And for a number of years, it actually worked.

Then, the actual temperatures started coming out, and the Left lost their minds…errr mind…okay, brain cell. They couldn’t possibly be wrong! They are the true believers in science. Except when that science showed they were wrong, then it’s “junk science” paid for by Big Oil, Big Pharmaceuticals, the Koch Brothers, the Illuminati, the Bilderburgs, the Fnord Motor Company, and Hitler’s brain in a jar.

Put another way, the Left needs an echo chamber in just about everything it does, including when it comes to diversity. After all, if everyone you know tells you your Chicken Tartar is great, shouldn’t you believe them? They prop each other up to make themselves believe they’re being diverse, just like every other Leftist. And in doing so, they’ve proven they don’t get it. You cannot create diversity by checking off boxes on a list. You actually have to look outside the box and find out how people really are.

Then again, if Harvard had bothered looking outside the box, we wouldn’t have Princess Running Gag, Elizabeth Warren.